Who are Blockpool?

Blockpool are a UK-based enterprise delivering blockchain solutions for real world business applications. We are experienced professionals, coders and entrepreneurs helping organisations of all sizes with blockchain. Our custom technology integrates blockchain technology with legacy systems negating the need for large-scale investments.

Where is blockchain now?

Based on the Bitcoin protocol, Blockchain technology is full of promise but has so far delivered little. Businesses are experimenting with it, but too often it requires the dismantling or wholescale replacement of existing systems. Of course, getting businesses to replace functioning systems that are delivering most of what they want for still theoretical benefits is going to be rare.

With so many blockchain companies appearing on the scene, it can be difficult to differentiate them. What does Blockpool deliver?

What makes Blockpool different?

Several of the team have already delivered a blockchain solution that operates in the real world. Based around the Audiocoin cryptocurrency, our experience from building our own platform and the challenges that came with it, led us to develop the first stages of our Blockchain Integration Technology (BIT).

The BIT is a set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that will allow us to connect the blockchain with the most common legacy systems. We have designed the BIT in a modular fashion that will allow us to adapt them for each company and any bespoke software that is already in use by organisations. Keep an eye on our blog where we will be talking more about the BIT in the coming weeks.

We have looked at the bloat and inefficiency involved in earlier blockchain solutions and are delivering a streamlined version with what is called a Delegated Proof of Stake system. This reduces the workload on the blockchain participants.

We are basing our system around modular forks of a master chain. This allows us to develop new public and private blockchains meeting the needs of businesses that want to retain control of their data. Combined with our BIT this will reduce the time to develop solutions and allows companies to purchase a one-stop solution.

We will also be integrating smart contracts. These will dramatically reduce the cost and time involved in making agreements and make it so much easier to trade with businesses across the world. With our first real-world solution now up and running with a Listen/Reward/Share system at Aurovine, the lessons from this will inform our final development phase on the smart contracts.

How are we funded?

During our development phase, we have been self-funding — we have launched the first of our real-world solutions during this phase. Now as we move to bring the BIT and Smart Contract technologies to their main development phase we are undertaking an Initial Coin Offering. With a 5% net profit share to those who hold our crypto-currency coins, by investing and holding our coins you will share in our success. We will deliver this through our master blockchain once a year.

Our Coin Offering is operating through a Token Exchange Campaign which allows you to exchange existing crypto currencies or use traditional currency. Our price discovery mechanism ensure that the total number of Tokens distributed will be at a market-based discovery price. By using a fixed number of cryptocurrency coins, the value for each one is set based on the amount of money we receive and then divided into the number of coins.

To find out more about the Token Exchange Campaign which closes on 30th June 2017, please see https://blockpool.io/tec.html. Our full prospectus is available at: https://blockpool.io/docs/BP_ICO_A.pdf.

Keep in touch…

We have put together a series of brief articles further explaining Blockchain and our technologies. Follow us at @Blockpoolio on Twitter, on Facebook and LinkedIn. Do not forget to visit our website at https://blockpool.io/.