Blockport annoucement #1

In this article we would like to provide some feedback on the results of our pre-sale that was launched last wednesday, 3rd of January. Additionally, we have an exciting announcement to make at the end of this article!

Pre-sale sold out under three minutes!

In the past weeks over thousands of people signed up for our pre-sale whitelisting, and around 2000+ were eventually successfully whitelisted.

With great excitement we can disclose that within two minutes and thirty seconds after our launch we reached our maximum pre-sale cap of 1666 Ether!

For everyone that wanted to participate in the pre-sale, but could not get in on time, we have a small surprise for you... Successfully whitelisted pre-sale participants will be whitelisted automatically for the Crowdsale!

Pre-sale results

Based on the results that Etherscan show us, we can see that the top 100 holders collectively own 98.16% (6,278,933.68 Tokens) of all issued Blockport tokens in the pre-sale.

The total BPT token supply that was sold in the pre-sale was: 6,396,437.68 tokens which were sold to 118 participants.



In the past weeks we have been working hard to push our timelines and managed to pull the launch of our Crowdsale forward, starting on the 24th of January 2018 at 15:00 CET.

We will implement a maximum individual cap of 50 ETH for all Crowdsale participants to ensure that everybody has a fair chance to participate.

Additionally, we will also require everybody to successfully whitelist themselves before the 24th of January for the Crowdsale.

All pre-sale applicants are automatically whitelisted for the Crowdsale. You will receive a confirmation email in the coming week.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can Sign-up here for the Crowdsale whitelisting.

For more details about the Crowdsale please check out our token sale page and join our Telegram channel to stay up-to-date.

First release: Alpha Prototype 🍒

And as a cherry on the cake, we offer our community members the chance to take a look at our Alpha stage prototype!

Please be aware that we offer this prototype only to enable you to evaluate Blockport’s upcoming product for form, fit or function. It is important for you to understand that this prototype is not intended for qualification or use in production.

We are working on our backend, which will enable loading times that are greatly reduced as they will be customized for this application.

Please take into account that this is not the final product and it does not reflect the final quality of the product with which we will go to market, but is intended to provide an indication of our plans.

We’d love to hear your feedback, check it our here:! 🎉

Partnership ARK

In the past weeks we have gained tremendous response from the community about our strategic partnership with ARK. Their unique blockchain technology could provide us with a promising foundation for our platform. In the coming weeks we will announce more details. Stay tuned!