Blockport Bounty program

In this article we explain exactly how you can earn Blockport tokens by helping us to ‘spread the word’.

Blockport is the first social crypto exchange, based on a hybrid-decentralized architecture. We focus on user-friendliness and building a knowledge-sharing community. Members can use the Blockport token (BPT) to follow or copy high performing traders.

Blockport token

An approximate of 1.000.000 of offered BPT tokens are assigned to our bounty program. 1 BPT is worth around 0.21 EUR and 0.25 USD.

That means, when the community performs well as a collective, every one participating in the bounty program will earn more BPT in absolute terms.


The Blockport Bounty program will be held in weekly periods. Once the weekly period is over, we will review your bounty claims based on your content quality and social media engagement.

Once your claim is reviewed we will add the BPT tokens to your account balance accordingly. Please note that the content you claim the bounty for must be published and accessible till the end of Blockport token sale.

First period: January 7–14, 2018
Second period: January 15–22, 2018
Third period: January 23–31, 2018

The Blockport bounty program runs until the total allocated amount of BPT is exhausted. Contributers will receive their BPT tokens once the complete Blockport token sale has finished.

Please note that if you comment or share Blockport content, you should publish your honest and sincere opinions.

The use of automated bots or similar tools to fake engagement are not allowed and will not result in BPT bounty rewards.

Note: Blockport has the right to stop the bounty program at all times, depending on the response and feedback from the community.


5 BPT for every person you invite to the bounty campaign. Once you register for the campaign you receive a personal referral link.

Note: Your invitation has to be accepted before the bounty is distributed.

You will receive 10 BPT if you leave a reply on the Blockport bounty community page.

Note: Only your first comment on the community page counts.

Social Media Channels

We have setup a set of list of channels where you can help us to spread the word. Besides these channels you can always approach us with creative ideas to share Blockport related content.


Total available: 150.000 BPT (15% of the total)

Profile picture & Signature

Hero/Legendary: 350 BPT tokens/week 
Senior Member: 200 BPT tokens/week
Full Member: 120 BPT tokens/week
Member: 80 BPT tokens/week
Junior Member: 30 BPT tokens/week

Full member and above can earn additional 80 BPT Wearing Avatar

Translate ANN Thread

You can earn BPT tokens to translate the official Blockport Bitcoin Talk thread in a foreign language.

50 BPT for the main post in the Blockport Official ANN Thread.

10 BPT for every new post, announcement or update in the local (translated) thread.

NOTE: To become a Local Community Manager in any other language than English, please contact us in English at


Total available: 225 000 BPT (22.50% of total)

Do you have a blog about cryptocurrencies, trading or blockchain? Write an article about Blockport and earn Blockport tokens.

30 BPT: if you write an article about Blockport.
150 BPT: if more than 25 people clap for your Blockport article.
360 BPT: if more than 100 people clap for your Blockport article.
900 BPT: if more than 200 people clap for your Blockport article.


Your blog article must be accessible on the web till the end of the token sale. Your blog article must contain a link to the Blockport website ( Your article must be at least 500 words.

The e-mail you used for registering in our Blockport bounty app must be visible on the website of your blog so we can verify you are the author of the article in order to pay you your bounty.

Video on YouTube

Total available: 150 000 BPT (15% of total)

300 to 1500 BPT depending on the quality and reach of your video post


Your video should be at least 2 minutes long. Channel must be at least 3 months old. It must be informative and objectively describe the Blockport project. Videos that do not have a human voice-over will only receive 50% of the total bounty. Your video must be published and accessible till the end of Blockport token sale. Link to Blockport landing page ( must be added to the video description.

The e-mail you used for registering in our Blockport bounty app must be the one which is mentioned in about section on your YouTube channel so we can verify you are the author of the video in order to pay you your bounty.

If you are a successful Youtube vlogger you can contact to discuss a custom deal.


Total available: 120 000 BPT (12.5% of total)

Posts or comments

1 BPT: For a post/comment with Karma greater than 0
5 BPT: For a post/comment with Karma greater than 10
10 BPT: For a post/comment with Karma greater than 30
30 BPT: For a post/comment with Karma greater than 50
70 BPT: For a post/comment with Karma greater than 100
150 BPT: For a post/comment with Karma greater than 200


Your Reddit account should be at least 20 days old and have 10 posts or 20 comment karma. For a post to be counted, it must be posted in one of the following subreddits related to cryptocurrency, trading or blockchain. Posts and comments with negative Karma will not be accepted. Your reddit post has to contain link to Spam will not be accepted.

You will receive bonus BPT for comments/posts that get at least 5 upvotes. To earn even more, please answer any questions or concerns from the community to the best of your ability or link to proper content.


Total available: 75 000 BPT (7.5% of total)

Share a Linkedin post about Blockport.

10 BPT: if your post receives 10 likes/comments/shares
20 BPT: if your post receives 20 likes/comments/shares
40 BPT: if your post receives 40 likes/comments/shares
100 BPT: if your post receives 100 likes/comments/shares
500 BPT: if your post receives 500 likes/comments/shares

NOTE: You can only share a Blockport post on LinkedIn once.

Suggestions for a cool idea?

If you have a thrilling idea to promote Blockport, please let us know at:

Excited about what we do at Blockport?

We are happy to hear your thoughts!

You can read more about our future plans in the whitepaper on our website, or directly ask us a question in the Blockport Community at Telegram.

If you wish to participate in our Crowdsale starting 24th of January 2018, you can sign-up here for our whitelisting.

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