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Why Crypto Anime?


Yesterday, we launched the world’s first ever branded Anime collectibles on blockchain with our site

We’ve had a fantastic reaction from fans of Tohoku Zunko and Zunda Horizon, the wonderful anime we partnered with to offer unique digital character designs for sale.

As Twitter user fulabo77 says: “I woke up this morning to find that somebody else had bought my Tohoku Kiritan character off me! However, turns out I’m making money from blockchain in the process. The more transactions there are, the more money is generated which is a good scheme I think. Creators and fans can connect directly. I’m looking forward to where this leads.”

In case you missed it, below is the official press release, but let me provide some more context.

Why are we doing this?

For the past 12 years I have wrestled with the concept of digital ownership. In other words, how do you provide enough value for somebody to want to own a film or TV show in a digital format?

In the DVD era, ownership was a common behaviour. In the digital streaming era, it is not. In general, we’d rather subscribe for a fixed monthly fee to stream as much as we want or watch for free with ads.

People still want to own unique, collectible physical merchandise however such as figures and posters. Gamers also spend a lot of money owning virtual items.

What if you could combine the utility of a virtual game item with the collectability of physical merchandise ?

With blockchain technology, we are seeing the signs of a new era of digital ownership based on immutable proof of provenance and proof of ownership. In other words, we can create a permanent, unhackable record of who originally created an item and who currently owns the item. This record provides value to the owner and allows us to create unique, scarce assets ie. crypto-collectibles.

Our hypothesis is that crypto-collectibles will be attractive to fans as extensions of the films and tv they love. We also believe that the utility of the crypto-collectible is important. Some open questions we have:

What do fans feel about crypto-collectibles ?
What kind of utility will have most value ?
Can creators build a meaningful business ?
Can creators build a stronger community with fans ?

We hope you’ll join us on the journey to find out. Please check out and give us any and all feedback at

Cheers, Julian







過去12年間、私はデジタル・コンテンツの所有権の概念についてずっと悩んできました。 具体的には、デジタル形式での映画やテレビ・シリーズに充分な価値をもたらし、どうすればユーザーが買い切り型で買おうとするのか?ということです。これは、Electronic Sell-Through(EST)、いわゆるダウンロード動画販売の課題とも言えます。

DVDが一般的であった時代、所有権は買い切り型が一般的でした。しかしストリーミング配信が広がった今、そうはいきません。 通常、月額制の見放題ストリーミング配信、もしくは広告付き無料配信がユーザーにとっては好ましい形です。












我々は、分散型のビジネス・モデルを活用し、クリエイターとファンの皆様とともにより良い関係を築き、クリプト・コレクタブルの可能性を広げたいと思っています。をご覧いただき、 までご意見やフィードバックをお待ちしております。


World’s first ever Anime Blockchain Crypto-collectibles! launches sale of unique CryptoArt based on popular Japanese anime Zunda Horizon. All platform revenues to be donated to Tohoku Tsunami Relief

TOKYO, SINGAPORE 4th April 2018

CryptoAnime, today announced the world’s first ever sale of digital CryptoArt collectibles based on Japanese anime and powered by blockchain technology. In a unique partnership with Zunda World Partners, rare artwork from the Japanese anime Zunda Horizon is being made available for sale on

Zunda Horizon was recently voted Japan’s 4th most popular anime at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2018 and is set in the Tohoku region of Japan.

For the first time ever, anime fans and cryptocurrency holders around the world can buy and sell unique digital anime artwork in ether, the digital currency of the Blockchain powered by Ethereum. All CryptoAnime platform revenues will be donated to Tohoku Tsunami relief charities.

CryptoArt are unique digital artworks recorded on the blockchain that can be sold and traded like physical goods. Each artwork is stamped with the proof it came from the artist or creator and a record of who owns it. Owners will have the option to list their names on the Studio’s official website and be officially recognised as a CryptoArt owner. Fans can invest in anime artwork for its beauty or long-term value appreciation.

“We are on a mission to bring the benefits of decentralization to the anime industry and filmmakers everywhere.” said Julian Lai-Hung, CEO and Co-founder of BlockPunk the studio behind CryptoAnime. “Crypto Collectibles are a great way to get started as studios can instantly sell digital artwork globally without the need for complex retail deals as in the physical world. We are entering a new era of digital ownership thanks to the scarcity that crypto assets bring. We are thrilled to launch with the beautiful Zunda Horizon and raise as much as we can for Tohoku charities in Japan”

“Zunda Horizon is a combination of Tohoku culture, the finest Japanese animation craft and innovative technology. When we learnt about Blockchain from CryptoAnime there was complete alignment on this ground-breaking concept. We are very excited to bring a new global audience to Tohoku Zunko!” commented Hiroaki Takeuchi, Executive Producer of Zunda Horizon.

About Zunda Horizon and Tohoku:

Zunda Horizon is a 30 minutes Japanese anime story based on the main character, a girl called Tohoku Zunko. Tohoku Zunko was created during the year of the Great East Japan earthquake that happened in the Tohoku region on March 11th, 2011. Companies in the Tohoku region can use the character images commercial license free to help promote their products and services. The key concept is to support Tohoku by using the latest technologies. At CryptoAnime we want to continue this tradition in the Crypto Blockchain world. All platform revenues that CryptoAnime receives will be donated 100% to the Tohoku region through the Japan Platform NGO.

About BlockPunk

CryptoAnime is operated by BlockPunk, a Blockchain entertainment studio incubated at EF and SGinnovate in Singapore. BlockPunk was co-founded by Julian Lai-Hung (CEO, former head of anime at Netflix, ex-VP International Digital Distribution at Warner Bros. Serial entrepreneur and Wharton MBA) and Jatin Shah (CTO, expert in distributed systems with a PhD in Computer Science from Yale. Former product lead at Linkedin pre-IPO. Product leadership positions at Yahoo, Inmobi, Quikr)

Zunda Horizon Team

Zunda World Partners, participating studios: SSS LLC, Studio Live, WAO World, Take-Y

Key Creative Staff:

Director: Hiroshi Takeuchi

Blade & Soul (Director), Bodacious Space Pirates (Character Design, Chief Animation Director)

Idolmaster: Xenoglossia (Character Design), Machine Robo Rescue (Character Design, Chief Animation Director), TIGER & BUNNY (Storyboards, Technical Director, Key Animation Director)

Script: Michiko Yokote

Cowboy Bebop, Valkyria on the battlefield, NARUTO, BLEACH, Ranma 1/2

Producer: Shoji Murahama

HELLSING, The LAST EXILE, Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise, SPEED GRAPHER, SAMURAI 7

Key Advisor: Hiroshi Koujina

HUNTER x HUNTER (Director), KIBA (Director), Area 88 (Character Design, Chief Animation Director), Hajime no Ippo (Chief Animation Director), Pluster World (Character Design)

What is Blockchain ?

A blockchain, originally block chain, is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography. Each block typically contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp and transaction data. By design, a blockchain is inherently resistant to modification of the data. It is “an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way”. For use as a distributed ledger, a blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network collectively adhering to a protocol for inter-node communication and validating new blocks. Once recorded, the data in any given block cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks, which requires collusion of the network majority. Blockchains are secure by design and exemplify a distributed computing system with high Byzantine fault tolerance. Decentralized consensus has therefore been achieved with a blockchain.This makes blockchains potentially suitable for the recording of events, medical records, and other records management activities, such as identity management, transaction processing, documenting provenance, traceability or voting. (Source: Wikipedia)

Media Contacts:

Zunda Horizon:




東京, シンガポール 2018年4月4日

「クリプト・アニメ」 は本日、日本のアニメを使用し、最新のブロックチェーン技術を使用した「デジタルクリプト・アート」を世界で初めて販売することを発表します。今回「ずんだワールドパートナーズ」との画期的な提携により、日本のアニメ「ずんだホライずん」、ならびに「東北ずん子」の希少なアニメ、キャラクターアート作品が で販売されることになりました。

アニメ「ずんだホライずん」は昨年実施されたTokyo Anime Award Festival 2018 アニメファン賞において、2017年度に日本で公開された全アニメ作品の中で、4番目の人気作品として選ばれました。











「ブロックパンク」は、 EFSGinnovateで企画されたブロックチェーン・エンターテイメント・スタジオです。「クリプト・アニメ」はブロックパンクによって運営されています。「ブロックパンク」は、CEOの「ジュリアン・ライハン( Julian Lai-Hung)」(元「ネットフリックス」のアニメ責任者、前「ワーナー・ブラザース」の国際配信事業のバイスプレジデント、その他豊富なベンチャー企業の立ち上げ経験、ペンシルバニア大学ウォートンMBA)とCTOの「ジャティン・シャー (Jatin Shah)」(イェール大学コンピュータ・サイエンス博士号にて分散システムの専門家。上場する前にリンクトイン社でプラットフォームの会員獲得担当、その他にYahoo、Inmobi、Quikrのプラットフォームの指導者経験を持つ)によって共同設立されました。


「SSS LLC」:「東北ずん子」制作、「ずんだホライズン」製作委員会





監督: 竹内 浩志





【TIGER & BUNNY】(絵コンテ・演出・作画監督)

脚本: 横手 美智子






育成担当:神志那 弘志 代表作





【冒険遊記 プラスターワールド】(キャラクターデザイン)

プロデューサー:村濱 章司



【王立宇宙軍 オネアミスの翼】




「分散型台帳技術」、もしくは「分散型ネットワーク」と呼ばれる。「ビットコイン」の中核技術(「サトシ・ナカモト」が開発)を原型とするデータベースである。ブロックと呼ばれる順序付けられたレコードの連続的に増加するリストを持つ。各ブロックには、タイムスタンプと前のブロックへのリンクが含まれている。理論上、一度記録すると、ブロック内のデータを遡及的に変更することはできない。ブロックチェーンデータベースは、「Peer to Peerネットワーク」と「分散型タイムスタンプサーバー」の使用により、自律的に管理される。(出典:Wikipedia)






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