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Fox Entertainment to give out ‘Masked Singer’ NFTs

Source: Realscreen

The popular singing contest presents a new line of NFTs for its large following of followers to acquire. Fox Entertainment gives out 20,000 ‘Masked Singer’ NFTs.

Fox Entertainment has just unveiled a line of NFTs based on the hit singing competition The Masked Singer, in what could be its biggest revelation of the session. And the company’s first airdrop appears to have gone off without a hitch, with Fox handing out 20,000 NFTs in less than 24 hours.

Fox’s new Blockchain Creative Labs subsidiary, which deals with NFTs, has received a $100 million investment. In under ten hours, fans claimed 10,000 free “Miss Masky” NFTs from “The MaskVerse” collection. The demand was so high that Fox decided to give away 10,000 more today.
Each ERC-721 and 1155 collectible is issued on the blockchain and includes a character from the Mask Singer television series. Users have to register their digital wallets on in exchange for the NFTs.
The marketplace where fans may buy, sell, and trade Masked Singer NFTs will open next week, on October 20. Fox is introducing Discord servers managed by Collab.Land, a Blockchain Creative Labs partner and token-gate access provider, to capitalize on the expanding crypto community.

Along with the introduction of the Masked Singer NFT, Fox is collaborating with Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon on Krapopolis, a blockchain-curated animated series that will include NFT collectibles.
“The MaskVerse” will continue to distribute Mask Packs of Mask Singer NFTs in an attempt to maintain momentum while also experimenting with new crypto marketing strategies. Fans and collectors will be able to participate in a voting contest in November in which they must correctly predict which characters will be eliminated in the Mask Singer’s last six episodes.

According to, the popular series, which started in January 2019, continues to be ratings hit, with 4.37 million viewers at the end of September.



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