This article was first published in the 3rd edition of the FIBREE Industry Report. Link to download the full report provided at the end of this blog post.

Since the beginning of FIBREE’s founding, the vision has always been to help connect people with similar interests and different backgrounds. The value that FIBREE creates is undoubtedly huge and is reflected in the constantly growing number of participants within the network. This steady organic growth has prompted FIBREE to appear on the radar of some of the industry’s biggest players such as CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services company. CBRE recently renewed their position as FIBREE’s global sponsor, positioning FIBREE as an organization that is ready to jump to the next step.

2021 is demonstrating FIBREE’s importance…

As the leading organization bringing together real estate professionals and blockchain specialists from all over the world, FIBREE has decided to partner with Blocksquare to launch the Real Estate Tokenization Challenge 2021, where the first three teams to successfully tokenize a real estate asset will be awarded with their own white-label real estate tokenization platform powered by Blocksquare — an award worth 3 x 50,000 EUR in licenses and services!

Tokenization of real estate and decentralized financial markets will become an alternative source of capital for real estate investors that operate in illiquid markets. However, despite the fact that real estate tokenization has been broadly discussed in the past years, there are today only a handful of “successful” tokenizations reported on the market.

Since launching Blocksquare we have put an emphasis on creating a vibrant community around BST. And although we still have not minted a single BST token to distribute the bounty for those who actively support us on our Telegram group, the time to execute this distribution has finally come. Read below how to file your claim and receive BST.

Unlike many ICOs back in 2017, we have decided to first deeply research the possibility of creating the back then envisioned infrastructure for real estate tokenization, and opting to execute a token sale only after we knew what we wanted to achieve was indeed possible. As a consequence, we have timed our token sale in a falling crypto market and thus raised only a fraction of what we have planned and had commitments for.

We could have left it at that and stopped, but instead we made a deal to continue even with limited funding making up for what we…

After 2 years of building, we expected 2020 to be the year of Blocksquare’s breakthrough, however, Covid-19 happened and changed the world forever.

This year we are publishing our recap sooner than in previous years — perhaps we wish it would be 2021 already. But even though 2020 brought many setbacks, as the world’s focus shifted towards short-term solutions to fight Covid-19 and its effects on how we live and work, our outlook for 2021 is more positive than ever.

Let’s take a look at this year!

  1. Milestones
  2. Top highlights
  3. Comparison with 2019
  4. Goals for 2021

Milestones of 2020

As one of the 18 winners of the PropTech Innovation Award 2020, we were invited to participate in a panel titled Efficient Decision Making.

Our CEO Denis Petrovcic was happy to share a few thoughts and insights about the resiliency and the flexibility real estate tokenization introduces to the CRE industry.

Blockchers is an accelerator that funds startups all over the EU willing to implement blockchain (or any other DLT) solutions in traditional sectors such as agri-food, transport, manufacturing, etc.

This grant could help us focus on a specific use case with our target SME (NAI Significa), instead of using our own resources to convince them to invest in an R&D project.

The number of people we were able to meet because of FIBREE is astounding. This is a way for us to give back but also an opportunity to take the lead in an industry bound to evolve as digitalization takes up a bigger role in real estate business in the post-COVID era.

FIBREE network — reach the relevant people anywhere in the world

In 2019 FIBREE published the first-ever industry report on blockchain and real estate. The report has been officially announced at MIPIM in Paris with Unissu publishing a short review (if you haven’t already, you can download the full report here).

18 startups have been selected best from a prestigious group of international PropTech startups.

After some rigorous evaluation by Union Investment and GERMANTECH, our application was selected to be one of the best amongst a group of prestigious international PropTech Startups in the Efficient Decision-Making category. In addition to receiving the nomination, we’ve also been awarded a portion of the Proptech Innovation Award 2020 prize money. The organizers decided to split it equally among all 18 finalists as an indication of their confidence in PropTechs innovative nature and their reliance on Startups to meet the challenges ahead. As a finalist/winner, we’ll be sharing our thoughts about the post-COVID world of Proptech along with other…

Blockchers is an accelerator that funds startups all over the EU willing to implement blockchain (or any other DLT) solutions in traditional sectors such as agri-food, transport, manufacturing, etc.

Blockchers enables companies to raise up to €50k equity-free. The reason we chose to apply to this particular grant program is that when SMEs decide to dabble with new solutions and tech, they are often too wary when it comes to investing in implementation. This grant would allow us to focus on a specific use case with a target SME (NAI Significa), instead of using our own resources to convince them to invest in an R&D project with unknown ROI. This grant could bridge the gap and help us reach another great milestone, moving Blocksquare a step closer toward broader market adoption.

The EIC Accelerator supports high-risk, high-potential small and medium-sized enterprises and innovators to help them develop new innovative products, services and business models that could drive economic growth.

Companies receive funding, business coaching and mentoring to scale up their innovation idea, in addition to receiving extra acceleration services that enable them to connect with investors, corporates and likeminded entrepreneurs.

Selected projects will receive between €0.5 and €2.5 million in the form of grants and we’ve applied with a request for €1 million that will aid us in further developing our product line and bring it closer to commercialization. However, only 3–4 % of all applications receive funding, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

More about the EIC Accelerator grant program →

For our team, this application meant allocating…


The tokenization infrastructure for real estate

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