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Denis Petrovcic
Feb 17, 2018 · 6 min read
The voice of the future of real estate.

They are the voice of both, blockchain and real estate. They are dedicated, they walk the world with eyes wide open and what is the best — they can write and they ❤️ Blocksquare. This is the beginning of our story, we kindly suggest you follow them, wherever they go.

#1 Simon Kruse

Simon is a Community Manager at Bounty0x, Software Developer & Bounty Hunter. When he entered the crypto world he saw his mission in helping projects to support their communities. After that, he joined Bounty0x as a community manager. In his soul, Simon is a software developer, with a focus on backend and bot programming. Besides, he has been a bounty hunter for years with a focus on bug bounties.

Wanna know Why he decided to support Blocksquare?

“I think Blocksquare will play an important role in making real estate accessible to everyone via blockchain. I want to take part in designing this future and therefore fully support the Blocksquare project.”

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Or talk to him on our Telegram group: @CryptoSmileee

#2 Michel Martin

In a nutshell, Michel is a global Real Estate professional with 8+ years track record in orchestrating strategic business development responsibilities and executing against them. Versatile project manager, with extensive experience leading cross-functional and cross-cultural teams, in various business environments, geographies and sectors. He has been working in the Real Estate industry as a developer, investor, design/builder and nowadays NWoW marketplace promoter (flexible workplaces such as co-working concepts).

On a personal side of things, Michel characterises himself as the following:
1) He sees change and complexity as normal
2) He is an outsider to fixed cultural rules, who relies on creative thinking
3) He reinvents himself and experiments with new identities
4) He is an expert at the subtle and emotional aspects of transition
5) He can easily learn and use new ways of thinking

A truly international-minded person, who grew up in the countryside of Bretagne in France, then lived, worked, studied and played in the UK, India, South Korea, Germany and Luxembourg. Michel has been a blockchain and crypto-currencies enthusiast since early 2017. Combining his passions for real estate and blockchain naturally led him to discover the Blocksquare team and meet with our CEO, Denis.

Michel’s point of view:

“Access to real estate development & investment opportunities, despite being one of the largest asset classes in the world, typically remains highly-localised, institutionally-driven and the least changed by technology. It’s about time changing that for the benefit of everyone in the world, bringing in more transparency, more contractual enforcement, fewer restrictions, more diversification and liquidity in accessing such opportunities!”

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Or talk to him on our Telegram group: @Michel Martin

#3 Katie McCaskey

Katie’s interest in real estate comes from an interest in design. She has always loved architecture, especially older buildings. She also worked as a writer covering the housing crisis for AOL and is slowly restoring a 1860s house. Her interest in blockchain began shortly thereafter. She invests in the commercial real estate and believes that this asset class should be accessible to more people.

As she says:

“That’s one reason why I’m excited about “

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Or talk to her on our Telegram group: @katiemccaskey

#4 Paul Angus

Paul is a Crypto YouTuber, trader, miner and hodler. An engineer in the Old World, who has been living in Bangkok, Thailand for almost 20 years and first got interested in crypto around three years ago when he bought his first Bitcoin for the princely sum of $300. Since then his interest in the technology, its application and the philosophy behind it has grown to the extent that he has become a full time crypto degen.

His reason to join Blocksquare?

“I decided to support the Blocksquare ICO as it is a solid project with good fundamentals and achievable solutions to some real World problems. This project is truly disruptive to the commercial property industry, much like ICOs have been able to allow small unaccredited investors to invest in new fintech projects, Blocksquare will allow anyone with an internet connection to invest in commercial real estate.”

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#5 Danny J. Christ, MBA

A networker and traveller, Danny was born and bred in Germany and lived in USA, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and currently residing in Malaysia. With over 10 years’ in Southeast Asia he is a specialist in the hospitality market (IT and operations) — pioneering retail, restaurants and franchises through brand development, conceptualisation, and expansion... Working in the hospitality, Danny is obviously exposed to various real estate projects from private mall developers such as Central Group Thailand, to corporations such as Savills.

Why Danny sees Blocksquare as a game changer?

“For me usage of blockchain technology is all about empowering the masses, skipping the middleman as many interesting projects aim to do. Tokenising the assets, enable myself as individual to easily be able to invest in real estate — which is the future. Blocksquare enables that, for individuals, real estate agents and corporations to securely (The Proof of Title Protocol) and conveniently (exchange) do just that.“

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real estate on the block

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