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Denis Petrovcic
Oct 23, 2018 · 5 min read

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.”Sheryl Sandberg, COO @ Facebook

We are talking about the biggest B2B trade fair for real estate and investment in Europe. Since 1998 it has been organized by Messe München GmbH in the grounds of Messe München every year. This year was the 21st anniversary since Expo Real started, and our team from Blocksquare was also a part of it!

Student day at Expo Real

There are many exhibition zones at the fair, and visually they reflect the complete supply chain of the real estate industry and all the other activities correlated with it. The conference program does not only include topics related to real estate but also addresses topical economic and political questions. If you don’t know where to find investors and accomplices, or you are just curious, want to learn something new here is the right place. On the third day of the trade fair, there is a “Career Day” for students. Great place for young professionals and newcomers to the industry to make contacts with company representatives and make new connections.

A bit hectic atmosphere there👾

On a floor space of 64.000 square meters in six huge halls, there have been more than 2,095 exhibitors coming from 41 different countries which represented the entire scope of the real estate industry. Leading countries among exhibitors were (including Germany) Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom (the biggest increment, from 16 to 47), Poland, Romania, France, Luxembourg, Hungary, and the US. The number of participants has risen by 6,6 % this year.

Innovative ground plan

For so many exhibitors they have a clever way of reorganizing the space. If you are from a similar geographical background, you are sharing your pavilion with the companies who are close to you. Great way to get to know each other better and to share ideas.

Statistic reported by REIN

“EXPO REAL 2018 is reflecting the boom in the property sector and has set a new record: 2,095 international companies, cities and regions exhibited here. In 2017 that figure was 2,003,” reports Klaus Dittrich, Chairman, and CEO of Messe München. The biggest increase was seen among exhibitors from the UK, where the number rise from 16 to 47. The overall number of participants in the trade show rose by 6,6 percent to 44,536. Among them were mayors and CEOs from 24 European cities who discussed urban development. In total around 100 city bosses and government, representatives came to Munich for this event. Dittrich pointed out that there were also “many start-ups who found cooperation partners and investors” in the Real Estate Innovation Forum.

According to REIN (Real Estate Innovation Network), there were more than 55 international speakers, 65 leading tech companies and more than 5,000 visitors at EXPO REAL 2018. On biggest Real Estate Innovation Contest participated more than 1,600 recruited startups, and you had a chance to meet the top 25 incredible finalists and connect with innovators all over the world.

Real Estate Innovation Forum

REIN has a specific role here. They can help in many ways. The idea is to make a chance for small players to cooperate with long-established companies where both of the sides can implement traditional, ingrained approaches with innovative ideas coming from small start-ups. We all can learn something from others, and if we aspire a better future, coherence is needed. They are helping very actively to push adoption of PropTech amongst the established real estate sector, and we applaud their initiative!

Intertwist between old and new

“We are seeing an increase in institutional capital targeting real assets […]. We are in the mature phase of the traditional real estate cycle and also seeing some significant structural changes as demographics and the way people use physical space evolves.” — John O`Driscoll, European Head of Transactions at AXA IM — Real Assets

Reaching out to the new levels of real estate industry

It’s always great when there is a chance to debate about our product with other experts, so at ExpoReal we talked with the asset management industry leaders, and they pointed that tokenized real estate might become a significant asset class in their current business model, as it represents a hybrid asset between real estate and cash. Although the industry is very conservative, thanks to this open-minded fairs, we see some well-rooted companies that are open to at least consider testing and collaboration with blockchain solution providers. Most probably the first to move this asset class into adoption are private investors, but once regulatory certainty is established, traditional investors will push adoption to new levels.

Business & Fun

Outdoor gathering Expo Real

There were both entertainment and socializing between work and discussion. Cinthia Real Estate GmbH presented their version of popular board game Monopoly — CINTHIA METROPOLI. Great way off 💣killing time, entertainment and presenting yourself trough amusement.

Awe-inspiring presentationBlocksquare advisor Achim Jedelsky

Achim Jedelsky, head of Processes/IT at Daimler Real Estate, Co-Founder & President of FIBREE and Blocksquare Advisory Board Member was also a speaker there. He was talking about his road to Blockchain, and what is the primary goal to achieve — to get a better understanding of where and how blockchain can be used in real estate. With his knowledge and expertise in this area, great appearance was inevitable.

Achim Jedelsky on Expo Real

Modern society is based on technology, everywhere you look; you see someone staring at their smartphone. Life is becoming inconceivable without internet and connection. Start-ups and well-established companies, they all come together at this kind of events sharing ideas and creating new possibilities. If you want to get the best feeling how was at this year’s Expo Real — take a look at the videos from the fair HERE!

Get in touch!

If you were not able to speak with us at Expo Real, don’t hesitate to connect through our channels. We offer your company the simplest way to learn what real estate tokenization can bring to established real estate businesses worldwide!

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