Blocksquare is searching for Ambassadors

Help us spread the word about our project and earn 10.000 BST tokens.

Our team has been working very hard in the past few months. We fine-tuned our concept and started building our product in partnership with Medius Inc. After our first announcement, we’ve received promising feedback from both — our early investors and the blockchain community, we have started the conversation about blockchain in real estate here in Slovenia, organised the first IBREA meet-up in Ljubljana and have joined several talks on the topic on conferences in New York, Vienna, Slovenia and Croatia.

With all the checks on our TO-DO and many things still to come, we believe, the time is right to focus our attention to those who can help us build a strong community that will become the backbone of Blocksquare.

We are searching for the minds in the blockchain world, that think alike, that believe that blockchain has the power to change the rigid world of real-estate and that find our project trustworthy and meaningful. We are searching for Blocksquare ambassadors.
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Who can be a Blocksquare Ambassador?

Blocksquare Ambassadors are relevant and trustworthy voices in the RE tech, CRE tech, PropTech, blockchain and cryptocurrency communities that can relate to our mission. To become a Blocksquare Ambassador, you need to be active in your community and have a significant following on your blog, social media accounts or other platforms you are active on. As a rough benchmark, you should have an audience of at least 1,000 (real people, not bots). As we believe in quality over quantity, we hold the right to handpick the ambassadors that we truly believe will be able to work closely with our communication team and will contribute at their best to help our community grow.

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What do we expect from a Blocksquare Ambassador?

Firstly, our Ambassadors should follow us on Twitter and Facebook and join the conversation on Telegram!

It is expected from Ambassadors to:

  • get familiar with Blocksquare by going through the provided materials (e.g. whitepaper, technical papers, one pager, pitchdecks…),
  • provide feedback on our content,
  • open a discussion or leave comments on our Telegram group,
  • write a piece of content about Blocksquare and introduce the project to their followers,
  • follow up once per week either through sharing relevant content from our channels or creating own Blocksquare related content,
  • support our communication with additional shares of content at milestone events or important announcements,
  • introduce our team to potential partners and help grow Blocksquare into a global real estate tokenization protocol!

Our PR & marketing team will create relevant content for Ambassadors to relate to, share and/or comment, and to excite them about Blocksquare, so they’ll want to contribute more.

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What does Blocksquare offer to Ambassadors?

Because we believe in long-term relationships, we created a 10-week long program with the final amount of 10,000 BST tokens as compensation for the contribution to Blocksquare as official figure and opinion maker.

An ambassador may fail to contribute for a maximum of 1 week, else he will need to restart the program. A checkpoint after week 5 is set in place to safeguard ambassadors reaching this point. For example, if an ambassador fails to complete their tasks in week 6 and 7, he will be able to restart in week 6.

We will also be giving away additional rewards for the most valuable content every week.

Apply to become a Blocksquare Ambassador

Interested in becoming a Blocksquare Ambassador?

Fill out this brief form. Our team will get back to you shortly.

You don’t qualify as a Blocksquare Ambassador, but see potential in what we are doing and would still like to help? Join us to grow our community!

We award your activity on our Telegram group with BST tokens. Here is how:

  1. Join our group chat on Telegram and earn 100 BST!*
  2. Register for the Telegram bounty program.
  3. Get involved! Check out our website, whitepaper, technical paper, pitch decks, FAQ and other materials that we will provide in the future. Ask questions, find topics you would like to better understand, let us know where we can improve our presentation or simply highlight what seems important to you.
  4. Follow your Telegram activity on our tracking page.

*We’re introducing a small first engagement reward for the first 500 who join our growing community group! 100 BST for anyone who joins us on Telegram! The reward will be distributed to all 100+ existing members too.

What are you waiting for? Join us on Telegram!

A reward pool will be distributed after the community reaches each milestone. The top 20% of the most active users ranked by activity on our tracking page will split the reward pool. The split will be weighed by activity percentage, rewarding more active members with more BST tokens. The tracking page is run by

Milestones and reward pools:

Register for the Blocksquare Telegram Bounty

Additionally we will be giving away weekly rewards to the community by monitoring the Community Health metric. Community Health measures how many users in the chat group actively generated content. The percent is based on the 80/20 Pareto rule — when 20% users in a chat generate 80% of all messages the community is regarded as healthy. And when the number of active users drops to lower values, for example, only 1% of active users generates 80% of content, the community health rating will drop too. Maintaining 150% or more is considered absolutely great. Thus, each week the Community Health metric is above 150%, a reward will be distributed from our Community Health Pool. The reward to be distributed is calculated multiplying the Community Health % by 50,000 BST e.g. 180% x 50,000 BST = 90,000 BST. The Community Health reward is distributed to all active members (i.e. users who posted at least 1 message during the week period) for the past week until all Community Health Pool BST tokens are distributed to community members.

We believe the right way to build a vibrant community is to share the creation of value with participating members who see the potential impact the Blocksquare protocol can bring to CRE markets worldwide. We would love to have you on board, so take 60 seconds of your time and register here.

Learn more about Blocksquare:

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Disclaimer: Blocksquare is a plug & play protocol for real estate tokenization. Currently you can whitelist for the presale here. To learn more, please check the presale quickfacts paper. All relevant information regarding Blocksquare and our token offering details can be found at

UPDATE 1: We’ve reached the second milestone of our Telegram Bounty → 100 members and 100,000 BST awarded to 20 most active members!

UPDATE 2: We’re introducing a small first engagement reward for the first 500 who join our growing community group! 100 BST for anyone who joins us on Telegram! The reward will be distributed to all 100+ existing members too.

What are you waiting for? Join us on Telegram!