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We are looking for those who believe real estate tokenization will change how people access real estate investments and can inspire entrepreneurs across the world to connect the dots. We are searching for Blocksquare ambassadors.

Denis Petrovcic
Dec 20, 2017 · 3 min read

“At Blocksquare we’ve been hard at work throughout our first year of operation. We are steadily building our brand and delivering an amazing line of products that enable real estate companies to tokenize properties worldwide.”
— Peter Merc, co-founder and legal

We are searching for the minds in the world of real estate and PropTech who, like us, believe real estate tokenization can change how we access and perceive real estate investments.

We are looking for those that can connect the dots and create meaningful content to inspire entrepreneurs across the world.

We are searching for Blocksquare ambassadors.

“We are creating a world where real estate investments are accessible, digital and global. I’m proud that we are getting recognition from both the Blockchain and Crypto community as well as the PropTech scene in general. The recently won awards show we are on the right track!”

— Denis Petrovcic, CEO

Who can be a Blocksquare Ambassador?

Blocksquare Ambassadors are relevant and trustworthy voices in the real estate, PropTech, blockchain and cryptocurrency communities that can relate to our mission. To become a Blocksquare Ambassador, you need to be active in your community and have a significant following on your blog, social media accounts or other platforms you are active on. As we believe in quality over quantity, we hold the right to handpick the ambassadors that we truly believe will be able to work closely with our communication team and will contribute at their best to help our community grow.

Featured stories from our ambassadors

What do we expect from a Blocksquare Ambassador?

Firstly, our Ambassadors should follow us on Medium, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook and join the conversation on Telegram!

It is expected from Ambassadors to:

  • get familiar with Blocksquare by going through the provided materials (e.g. whitepaper, technical papers, one pager, pitchdecks…),
  • provide feedback on our content,
  • open a discussion or leave comments on our Telegram group,
  • write a piece of content about Blocksquare and introduce the project to their followers,
  • follow up once per week either through sharing relevant content from our channels or creating own Blocksquare related content,
  • support our communication with additional shares of content at milestone events or important announcements,
  • introduce our team to potential partners and help grow Blocksquare into a global real estate tokenization protocol!

Our PR & marketing team is always creating relevant content for Ambassadors to relate to, share and/or comment, and to excite them about Blocksquare, so they’ll want to contribute more.

What does Blocksquare offer to Ambassadors?

Because we believe in long-term relationships and because we know that each individual can bring different things to the table, we will award BST tokens as compensation for the contribution to Blocksquare as official figure and opinion maker. The awarded amount will be negotiated once we get familiar with each other and understand how our collaboration can bring results.

To apply, please use the form below:

💌 Get in touch:

join our telegram group follow us on twitter like our facebook page

…or simply email us at

A big thank you to all who support us!

Our advisors:
Walter Strametz, Michel Martin, Michael Trübestein, Achim Jedelsky, Phillip Nunn, Damijan Slapar

Our ambassadors:
Katie McCaskey, Simon Kruse, Paul Angus, Danny Christ, Helen Yu

And all of you we could not tag here!


real estate on the block

Denis Petrovcic

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real estate on the block

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