Blocksquare’s Thursday Update

A very long diary-style post we started some time ago. It includes weekly updates so you can see what we achieved so far and follow our progress as we move towards a world where real estate is accessible, digital and global.

Denis Petrovcic
Mar 15, 2018 · 107 min read

September 12th, 2019

Hi, we are running a bit late with our weekly update again! This time we are sharing a great conversation we had with Miguel Alvarez De Linera Alperi, we’ll look into the scoring and reviews received for our INNOWWIDE application, and highlight one of our articles —

#1 Industry Expert: Miguel Linera Alperi

We continue our conversations with real estate & blockchain experts. This time we share a great chat with Miguel. Double bachelor in law and business administration at ICADE University in Madrid, he was in the team that won the CBRE Proptech Challenge in 2018! Now, he’s also actively involved with , the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise, as Regional Co-chair in Spain.

“Coming up with new ideas that aim to improve our existing society and the lives of others is never a waste of time.”

— Miguel Linera Alperi

#2 INNOWWIDE jury review

As we announced in one of our previous updates, we got the INNOWWIDE grant! Nearly 400 applications from innovative SMEs in 35 EU and associated states, targeting more than 50 third countries worldwide. 54 target countries figured in this first call, with a widespread and balanced distribution between the three categories: developing, large emerging and developed. The most popular overall target country for viability assessment projects was the USA with 22% of applicants, followed by India, China, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Japan, Colombia, Canada and Russia.

Generally, Blocksquare’s score was amongst the top 50 projects, while a jury member wrote in the comments section of the final review:

“This application should be funded, as they have identified a potential innovative market and have a pilot product that could be adapted to the USA market. The actions to achieve this are reasonably well identified and the subcontractor seems a good choice in regard to that.”

We look forward to the signing of the grant later this month and will keep you posted on further developments on this front.

#3 CP Resource:

The history of real estate investments is quite long. In this post we take a brief look on how real estate investing evolved and, most importantly, the mainstream options available today. The most conventional way of investing in real estate is by directly purchasing an investment property, which comes with the added responsibilities of property management and upkeep. Although direct real estate investments are considered by many very secure, they are typically hard to access, time consuming and capital intensive; Even more so if we look into commercial property, where investments start in the millions of Euros and the best properties are first offered to big investment funds.

To give all investors the opportunity to invest in large-scale, of income-producing real estate in the same way they typically invest in other asset classes, new forms have been introduced to the market in the past 70+ years, and even more so with the emergence of crowdfunding in the last decade.

The deeply explores and compares solutions like REITs, RE syndication, and RE crowdfunding.

Tokenized real estate

September 5th, 2019

Hello everyone, it’s Thursday and time to update our community with the latest happening at Blocksquare. This week we started preparing for Expo Real, the biggest real estate fair in Europe, continued working on content updates for the website, and today we just received great news from — our grant application has been approved! Last but not least, we invite you to read our short interview with Ali Parandeh Zandpour, a serial entrepreneur from Malaga, Spain and regional chair at .

#1 Preparing for Expo Real Munich

After being awarded the status of top 25 proptech startup in Europe, awarded Blocksquare a free tech alley booth at this year’s Besides meeting with top executives from leading real estate companies in Europe and internationally, our CEO Denis will also have the opportunity to pitch in front of a lively crowd. This 3-days event requires thoughtful preparation and our team is already booking slots for meetings with relevant people.

If you have plans to visit the fair, we invite you to connect with us! Just send us an email at

#2 Website content update

Much has happened since the last content update on our website 6 months ago. As a tech startup, how you present your brand is everything. We still remain firm believers that the website’s design works well and thus are not planning on any major styling updates, but the content provided on our website does need some refreshment. We estimate that most of the new content should be online by the end of this month.

#3 INNOWWIDE grant approved!

Those that follow us closely know, we do not like to talk about things not set in stone. We learned first handedly that certain things should not be talked publicly about until they are official. For this reason, we did not mention that we have applied for INNOWWIDE’s Call for Funding.

The INNOWWIDE pilot call intends to bring European highly innovative SMEs to the forefront of international markets by opening two calls that will allow them to conduct Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) in cooperation with local stakeholders. It will, then, create the conditions to increase the uptake of European innovative solutions in markets outside of Europe. The VAP lasts no longer than six months. Two calls will be implemented with a total budget of 7,2M€, allowing to fund 120 VAPs (60k€/VAP), and targeting markets of developing countries, large emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico) and developed countries with the same allocation for each of these three country categories.

👉 What does this mean?

It means Blocksquare has been ranked in the top 50 projects that applied for the call and will receive funding from INNOWWIDE to execute on the Viability Assessment Project (VAP) titled:

Assessing the legal and technical applicability of Blocksquare, our blockchain-based real estate tokenization system, in USA markets.

For VAP purposes, we already singed an LoT with a prominent law firm in New York that will work with us on the co-creation of a legal framework for the USA markets. In the coming days INNOWWIDE will prepare a draft grant agreement and upon finalisation and signature, we will receive the first half of the grant — €30,000.

#4 Industry Expert: Ali Parandeh Zandpour

Our 7th conversation in our Industry Experts Series continues with Ali Parandeh Zandapour. Ali is a self-driven and passionate entrepreneur. Definitely a person with a can-do attitude and a proven track record to show this ability. Over the past 20 years, Ali started, sold and closed several businesses from Iran to Spain & the UK, moving from a more technical role into management. Hope you enjoy our conversation with Ali as much as we did!

Untill next week!

August 29th, 2019

A 🌡️ warm and ☀️ sunny last Thursday in August to everyone! This week we we made available the first batch of open resources for Certified Partners, had an amazing interview with Axel von Goldbeck, partner at DWF Germany, the German branch of the global legal business DWF Plc. and signed official contracts with CV Labs in Crypto Valley Zug, Switzerland!

#1 Resources for Certified Partners

This set of online resources is intended to provide anyone a central hub to better understand and in time master real estate tokenization. It is primarily created for our Certified Partners, but could be valuable for anyone looking into the topic.

The market potential for real estate tokenization is huge and the only way to propel it and attract capital, both private or institutional, is to share the knowledge we gather with those who are interested. Cryptocurrencies mark only the beginning of the internet of value, and we need people with your set of skills to put real value in the hands of internet users — just like the internet evolved to where it is today, making information freely accessible in almost any corner of the world.

You can visit the from our Medium blog page.

#2 Our foothold at CV Labs is finally official!

It’s been a few months since Blocksquare won the prestigious CV Competition for Real Estate. Now that the summer breaks are over, it was finally time to make our presence at CV Labs in Crypto Valley Zug official!

“We are proud of making this collaboration official and excited for what it can bring for both sides. The relation we are forming with the team at CV VC AG and Pavel Jakovlev at CV Labs is excellent. he two of us actually managed to exchange a few calls during the summer and now have a clear strategy for our next steps in Switzerland.”

— Denis Petrovcic, CEO at Blocksquare

#3 Industry Expert: Axel von Goldbeck

In our series of conversations with leaders in blockchain for real estate, we are honored to have had the chance for a The deep market insights Axel received during his appointment as managing director of the German Property Association, the most eminent real estate trade association in Germany, helps him profoundly understand the commercial as well as the legal aspects of real estate and real estate investments. We hope you enjoy our short interview!

August 22nd, 2019

Summer is almost over and this week our whole team is back, except Peter Merc, our co-founder and CCO, who is currently enjoying Israel 🇮🇱 for a last minute break before we dive into September.

#1 Recap since our last update

As our team was not fully present, things slowed down during the last 30 days for Blocksquare. We therefore decided to pause on certain activities that require us to be present under the same roof, like our Thursday’s Updates. Now that we are all back, we’ll keep you in the loop on a weekly or biweekly basis just like we normally do.

So, what has happened in these past 30 days? Our devs are working on the final version of the smart contract system through which the upcoming Investis deal will be issued. We are also working on updating our dashboard application both for end-users and Licensed Issuers. The dashboard interface will be more intuitive and allow us to introduce new features for our customers.

#2 The ‘Investis property’ is already 100% leased out!

Even though renovation works on the property are still in full swing, Investis has been able to already sign lease contracts with all 31 tenants, meaning the property’s occupancy rate is expected to be 100% throughout its 1st year. The tenants are planned to move in and start their lease contracts on October 1st, 2019 and we are eager to disclose more on the property itself and share some photos with you as soon as we get ahold of them.

#3 Our ‘Industry Expert’ series continues

With the break over, we are ready to also continue our series of interviews with masterminds of blockchain and real estate. This time we had a , appointed professor of blockchain at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences.

July 18th, 2019

Hello Blocksquare followers! We haven’t posted anything in recent weeks, so we are filling the gaps in this update. Feel free to scroll down for “previous” updates we are now publishing together with this one.

#1 The next tokenized property is here! [pre-announcement]

in 2018, what followed was an amazing year of hard work. The pilot enabled us to be seen by companies from around the world who started reaching out to us to inquire about our solutions. They’re goal was mainly to learn about the concept of real estate tokenization and understanding how it could fit in their current business models — lot’s and lot’s of R&D work done, but moving to implementation phase proved to be very difficult (for now). Why? If we analyse the 30+ companies who we worked with in one way or the other, we can split them into 2 categories:

  1. Reputation driven
  2. Revenue driven

The clients usually don’t tell you directly why they are looking into your solution, but after 70+ leads a certain conversational pattern starts to form. Getting approval and a green light for implementation from decision-makers, no matter the company’s drive, is anything but easy. Even after we outlined all aspects of every and each case we worked on, in the end, the project stopped or was postponed, mainly due to the following reasons:

  1. We are a trusted brand {and we want to create an amazing PR story with a tokenization project}*, however currently there are too many uncertainties around cryptocurrencies, and it might be safer for us to wait this one out.
  2. We would like to make money with a tokenization project right from the start, otherwise we don’t see the point in the extra effort this would require.

*{what is usually not said out loud}

In our view, they are mainly right. Sailing into uncharted waters is not a safe choice by any means — but, on the other hand, people do it anyway! And so our co-founders did it too, once again!

We have officially signed an agreement to tokenize the next real estate property.

But before we dive deeper into the actual deal, let’s disclose a bit more on the work done in the background — this is more then just about tokenizing a property, it’s about the formation of a new real estate investment company seeking opportunity in financing, operating and tokenizing new real estate properties using Blocksquare’s tokenization solutions.

It’s Blocksquare’s first paying customer!

The vision of the newly formed investment company, Investis, is to focus on finding good real estate investment opportunities in the South East European (SEE) markets, finance them with traditional means and subsequently re-finance them through tokenization to interested private investors, who will be able to easily access these digitized real estate investments with just a few clicks of a button.

Investis has raised enough equity from its founders, amongst them we also find Blocksquare co-founders Denis and Viktor, and secured additional bank financing to acquire their first property. The company incorporation papers were signed in June, while the actual property has been acquired at the beginning of this month. With renovation works already under way, the property is set to welcome its first tenants on October 1st, 2019. To outline just how time-consuming real estate investing is in reality, let’s just say that first negotiations to acquire the property started already in April this year, while the search for a suitable property has been under way for more then 6 months.

Though not much can be said at this time, there are a few points we can already share with you about the property:

  • Private pre-sale start: Q4 2019
  • Investment deal value: 1,000,000 USD
  • Estimated offering price: 10 USD / BSPT
  • Gross scheduled income: 110,000 USD / year
  • Gross expected costs: 25,000 USD / year
  • Expected ROI: 7–8%
  • Property type: residential
  • Lease agreements: multiple tenants, 1 year contracts
  • Expected occupancy rate: 97%
  • Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU)

If we look at the Capital Stack of this particular real estate investment (), the current structure will change as we transition from traditional to tokenized.

  1. Pre-tokenization: 30% common equity, 70% senior debt
  2. Post-tokenization: 100% tokenized debt

To illustrate the transition we created the drawing below. Depending on the goals of the issuer, a scenario where a period between the pre- and post- tokenization Capital Stack structure exists and where tokenized debt and senior debt co-exist in the same property investment until the full 100,000 BSPT tokens are sold and minted.

The circulating supply of distributed BSPT to investors thus always correlates with the percentage (%) of tokenized debt in the Capital Stack.

Transitioning from traditional to tokenized might incur a period of time where multiple stakeholders co-exist

In this in-between period the collected proceeds from the sale of BSPT is first used to repay the bank’s Senior Debt in full. Only after this process is concluded, the outstanding 30% or 30,000 BSPT can be sold to eliminate the issuer from its equity position.

But, why? Profits and more business.

The interest of Investis, the newly formed investment company, is to manage real estate assets and deliver product for token investors. To achieve this, it needs to focus on re-investing capital into new tokenization projects and creating positive cash flow for its operations, something that simply can’t be achieved fast enough by holding real estate investments long term. This is analogous to how property developers sell what they build as soon as they can, even at the expense of adjusted profits to mitigate risk, so they can secure liquid funds and engage in new development projects.

But why would Investis manage its tokenized real estate assets in the best interest of token holders? In the end, business growth always comes down to trust. Asset managers and wealth managers have been building their brands for decades relying on trust. If the trust is broken, they go out of business. By delivering good quality deals, Investis will be able to grow its own user base of trusting investors who will rather invest in their tokenized properties over other companies in the region that might pop-up. In time, this will enable Investis to engage in projects with higher stakes, and deliver even better products (properties) to the end-investor.

This second half of the year will sure be intense for the Blocksquare team and all who follow and support our work. Our team is now taking a short break with our families and friends, so we can all recharge to come back to the offices full of energy and drive to deliver on our vision — making real estate investing accessible to anyone with an internet connection!

— Jure Zibelnik, Head of business development

July 11th, 2019

A lot of activity this week, but we remain silent. We’re preparing for an update that we believe will have a positive, long term effect for Blocksquare. For the time being, feel free to register for a Keynote presentation at Global Proptech planned for mid-September.

#1 First four speakers announced for Global PropTech Online

Team Global PropTech is busy preparing the second edition of Global PropTech Online, themed Blockchain & AI. On Tuesday, 17th September, 2019 the 2nd edition will take place. the first four speakers:

(CEO Fetch Blockchain)
(CEO Blocksquare)
(CEO Askporter)
(EVP Spacemaker AI)

Last edition (3 December — 20 December 2018), 26 live Keynotes, 7 live Roundtables, and more than 40 nationalities participated, and talked to a crowd of over 1,100 online attendees. Companies who joined the almost three weeks long event were, amongst others, , , , , , , , , , and . This time round, the format will be a bit more compact and organised in a one-day event hosted between 08:00 and 17:00 (CET) on Tuesday, 17th September, 2019 hosting eight online Keynotes from various parts of the world.

You can already register for the first four keynotes, while the remaining speakers will be announced soon. Just follow the links below to register for any of the speakers:

July 4th, 2019

What? It’s Thursday already?! :)

We’re backdating this blog entry to not leave any blank gaps in the narrative being created through the weekly updates — something we hope will be a great read not only for all our current, but also future followers who are yet to find out about .

#1 MIPIM Proptech Europe (Paris, France)

This week our co-founder and CEO Denis Petrovcic was in Paris to attend The three days were packed with activities for our CEO.

Day 1: Official presentation and launch of the FIBREE Industry Report.
Day 2: Attending panels and discussions, meetings and networking.
Day 3: Global Proptech & FIBREE side event hosted by CBRE.

On July 1st, day 1 of the conference, the first ever global blockchain real estate report was launched by FIBREE board members at MIPIM Paris. The FIBREE Industry Blockchain Real Estate Report 2019 is an extensive analysis of how enthusiastically blockchain and its associated technologies are being adopted in the world of property. This report includes a double-page spread analysis of 23 different countries, providing local insight from FIBREE’s various regional blockchain experts. Using creative visualisation and graphics, the report makes it clear that the US is the global leader in this market but that adoption is a truly global story.

At Blocksquare, we encourage you to For any senior decision makers reading, this report holds brilliant educational value. Knowing the state-of-play today enables us to predict what will happen in the coming 12 months. This means we can prepare rather than forced to react. For those who work for senior real estate decision makers, the report is a perfect tool for persuading them to seriously consider taking steps towards blockchain preparation.

Day 2 was about attending various talks, meeting people from the industry and learning from one another. It was a great opportunity for Denis to catch-up with some of our Advisory Board members, like Achim Jedelsky, Walter Strametz, Jo Bronckers and Michel Martin, and meet with other industry experts from various parts of Europe.

After an amazing first two days, day 3 saw FIBREE and Wouter Truffino’s jointly organize “Blockchain meets Real Estate” — an event powered by intended for people who are interested in the possibilities that blockchain offers to the real estate sector.

Even though our CEO was not involved in the official program, has been mentioned in two presentations. Walter Strametz’s , who talked about tokenized mezzanine debt and why we need effective ways to bring fiat currency in ERC-20 form to real estate tokenization systems like Blocksquare. Secondly, Jan-Willem Santig, who presented project, explained the audience how a real estate digital twin platform could serve as a central repository for building specific digital data that investors of tokenized properties can access at any given time with cryptographic security that files were not tampered with at a later stage.

Amazing to see how various components of different projects could potentially come together to form an even greater vision for the inevitable tokenized future we will see evolving in the years to come.

June 27th, 2019

Hello everyone!

As we’re getting closer to the first pilot project’s anniversary, we look at what has been done since. This week our team also travelled once more to Vienna, Austria to meet with one of our Certified Partners — an important meeting to help them get reach out to potential clients and later on onboard them as Licensed Issuers. There are no short cuts and only time and effort can bring results. We are confidently moving forward towards a “real” tokenized future!

#1 Our current track record

Blocksquare’s vision is to provide real estate businesses from big real estate funds to real estate crowdfunding startups the world’s best real estate tokenization system with all required tools and modules for creation, issuance, sale, distribution, management, tracking and trade of tokenized properties.

At Blocksquare we enable companies with real estate portfolios to increase value and liquidity of assets through tokenization, providing a compliant and cost-effective solution to convert a single real estate property into 100,000 blockchain-based digital shares, so multiple buyers can globally access investments in buildings of any size and type. Blocksquare’s goal is to give established companies the right tools to stay ahead of the curve and technically match the ever increasing requirements of their investor networks, who with the rise of the internet, interconnectivity and digitalisation demand better technological solutions to manage their investments.

As a team, we strongly believe tokenization will conquer the world, but real estate is unique and requires a tailor-made solution. Tokens are a far superior way of holding an investment as anything currently available on the market and we want to become the standard to facilitate this transformation by being the enabler for real estate industry leading companies just like Amadeus or Sabre enable the travel industry.

General partnerships
Deloitte, , , , ,

Our Network
10 Blocksquare Certified Partners
1 Blocksquare Licensed Issuer

Case Studies
30+ conducted case studies with various companies world-wide involving single real estate assets valued from 50,000 USD to 200,000,000 USD.

Conferences & Events
In the past 18 months Blocksquare was able to build up a strong presence within the European Proptech scene. With past and future speaking engagements at Provada, Future Proptech, PropTech Riga, Expo Real, MIPIM Proptech,, SEE Real Estate Summit, several Fibree regional meetups, Recotech, GIC innovation day, Propteq Europe, Global Proptech Online and so forth; We are proud to see Blocksquare today being recognised within the Proptech industry as an award-winning brand, while its CEO Denis Petrovcic is perceived as a pioneer of real estate tokenization and trustworthy expert by many senior people in within the Proptech industry.

1. Fusion Fintech Accelerator program (Geneva, Switzerland)
2. Winners at CV Summit Competition (Zug, Switzerland)
3. Proptech TOP5 Startup (Invest & Finance) at Built World Innovation network (Munchen, Germany)

Our pipeline
Blocksquare Certified Partners: 35+ CPs
Blocksquare Licensed Issuers: 10+ LIs

June 20th, 2019

Hi Blocksquare community!

This week we will shed some light on real estate tokenization as seen from a financial investment point. We’ve also uploaded a new episode of our AMA vlog series, where our CEO gives his thoughts on how crypto whales could leverage crypto landing to diversify into more stable tokenized assets like real estate and outlines the current competitive landscape for tokenized properties.

#1 Tokenized vs Traditional, Equity vs Debt

Every homeowner understands (or at least should understand) the difference between their mortgage and the equity they have in their home, but when it comes to commercial real estate transactions, the difference between common equity, preferred equity, mezzanine debt and senior debt can confuse those investors who are not familiar with the capital stack that is found many times in commercial properties.

While the aim of this post is not explain the basics of traditional debt and equity instruments, those of you interested in learning more can take a look at , or article to better understand how CRE investments are structured and what are the features that differentiate equity vs debt.

Traditionally, there are two main types of capital:

  • Equity, which represents an ownership interest in the asset.
  • Debt, a loan given to the equity ownership and typically collateralized by the asset itself or other assets of the equity owner.

Debt, in general, is secured by a mortgage on the property itself, so if the borrower fails to pay, the lender can take title to the property. Debt is always lower down on the capital stack and therefore senior to the equity, meaning that it is first to be paid back. Most real estate debt is provided by traditional lenders, such as banks.

Equity owners are at the top of the capital stack and are in the riskiest position; they are last to be paid back. Because of this, equity investors typically require the largest returns to compensate for that risk. Equity investors, unlike debt, participate in the success of the investment, meaning that their upside or potential returns are not capped but can increase or decrease depending upon the performance of the investment.

Tokenized debt, however, changes the game. How?

Investors have now a way of investing with the security found in debt investments, while not giving up on the upside or potential returns offered by equity.

Tokenized debt is different, because the principal is denominated in 100,000 digital tokens rather than fiat currency — in short this means the borrower can never repay the loan as long as the lender(s) hold on to the tokens representing a stake in the debt. This means the debt is perpetual in its nature and the interest to be payed can be structured according to client needs; as fixed, variable or performance based.

#Building Blocksquare — CEO’s vlog session №2

A new episode of our AMA vlog series is here! Our CEO gives his thoughts on how crypto whales could leverage crypto landing to diversify into more stable tokenized assets like real estate and outlines the current competitive landscape for tokenized properties.

Could whales benefit from resting profits in tokenized assets?

How does Blocksquare perceive the current competition within the domain of real estate tokenization?

Marc, Bryce, Stelio, Edward:
When will we get the next tokenized property?

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June 13th, 2019


Hi everyone!

This week has been very busy in our offices. A lot of work done and another partnership signed. This brings our count of Certified Partners up to 8, while our goal is to get to 25 by end of year. What is the role of a Certified Partner? We shortly discuss it in this week’s update. We also opened up our “conference badges box” and looked at the path we walked so far through some of the conferences we attended. Amazingly, as a team we have jointly travelled more then 60,500 km of flights since we started Blocksquare, all so we can gather information, connect with relevant people within the Proptech industry, create internal knowledge and understanding, develop know-how and refine our vision. Additionally, we briefly looked at FIBREE and how it evolved to become the leading international network organization connecting blockchain solutions with real estate industry leaders. We are proud our CEO is one of the board members and founders of this amazing non-profit organization!

#1 How we collaborate with Certified Partners

Blocksquare enables companies to increase value and liquidity of properties in their real estate portfolio through tokenization by providing a compliant turn-key solution to convert any real estate property into 100,000 digital shares. However, established companies with real estate portfolios are looking for people and consulting companies with a specific set of skills that can lead tokenization projects and deliver real estate properties from their portfolios to the tokenized markets. The collaboration is quite straightforward:

  1. Blocksquare provides the system and know-how
  2. The Certified Partner connects with potential clients
  3. Together we tokenize their real estate asset(s)

By becoming a Certified Partner, Blocksquare enables companies and individuals to not only leverage a great product, but also become an expert
in real estate tokenization and keep themselves in the know to stay ahead of
the curve. Certified Partners are official representatives of Blocksquare, who have direct support from our team and are able to use our unique expertise and know-how to open new doors to expand their existing traditional businesses into the digital sphere.

Who can become a Certified Partner?
At Blocksquare we are forming partnerships with experts from across various technical and business domains. Any company or individual with expertise in real estate, finance, legal, blockchain (like consulting companies, business
consultants, real estate entrepreneurs, legal offices, real estate brokers, real estate agents, registered broker dealers…) can apply to become a Certified Partner by connecting with us via

#2 More than 60,500 km in just over a year!

For all of us who are involved in the project on a daily basis, Blocksquare is for sure proving to be one of those journeys that you will one day look back and be proud of taking. It is definitely not the easiest of paths, but it rewards us all with the deep understanding and knowledge it brings.

In the past year and a half, our team has travelled more than 60,500 km to countries like Switzerland, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Italy, Croatia, United States, Luxembourg, Belgium, Latvia visiting amazing cities like New York, Amsterdam, London, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Milan, Brussels with many more to come.

Our main objective was to connect and form meaningful relationships with relevant people within the Proptech industry and share with them our vision. These conferences help create an important layer of trust between people, and real estate is a people's business. We are confident that every kilometer we travelled will help us push Blocksquare to the attention of many when the right time comes for broader adoption of tokenized real estate.

#3 What a network! FIBREE is now present in 40+ countries worldwide

The Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise FIBREE is an NPO with the vision to connect people and organizations within the intersection of Blockchain and Real Estate, and our CEO Denis Petrovcic is one of the founders and members of the board.

With more than 5,000 registered participants who share the passion and vision of how blockchain can make real estate better, FIBREE is the fastest growing international network with more then 40 official local communities spanning across the globe.

Membership is free because innovation should not be hindered by cost, while the organization sponsored and supported by industry & corporate members who in return benefit from a network organization that helps them connect with solution providers such as Blocksquare.

How to get involved?
FIBREE is organized via Meetups by its regional chairs. The aim is to connect local players on a regular basis. Listen to real estate experts how they see digitalization on the move or touch base with startups changing the industry with their solutions. The local events are your interception between blockchain technology and the real estate market. You can find your local community or search

There are also other ways to engage:

  • open a regional chapter in your area and take the role of Regional Chair to lead and build your own community! You will be amazed by the connections with leaders in the intersection of blockchain and real estate you will be able to foster.
  • register as an organisation, startup or research institute and connect to FIBRE communities around the globe.
  • or simply become a participant and get direct access to the community, without an active role.

June 6th, 2019

There was not much to tell last week except for an amazing business breakfast organized by Wolf Theiss to present real estate tokenization and Blocksquare to their client-base (scroll to read). This week our CEO Denis and Jure, head of business development, flew to Amsterdam to attend and represent at , the biggest meeting point for real estate professionals in The Netherlands. Last but not least, we are finally starting our vlog where our CEO will answer the most relevant questions from our amazing community.

👉 So, if you have a question in mind,


PROVADA FUTURE is the platform for technological innovations & inspiration for the real estate industry. Together with content partner Holland ConTech & PropTech, PROVADA organizes an inspiring three-day PropTech program with Keynotes, Powertalks, Meetups, Matchmaking and Round tables. For everyone who wants to prepare for the future, PROVADA facilitates the connection between the technology partners and the real estate sector.

For Blocksquare it was the first time at PROVADA. Attending such an event enabled us to meet again with our Dutch contacts as well as create new acquaintances. Making business comes down to creating long term relationships with people — building trust to deploy new technologies in conservative industries like real estate should be priority №1 for any Proptech startup!

#2 VLOG №1

Here we go — we have finally managed to get our CEO Denis to record the very first video blog session and answer questions from our community regarding funding, priorities and regulation/compliance aspects.


  1. How is the team planning to use the recently won funds?


  1. How long is your company funded until?

G G:

  1. Did you registered your offering at your local finance regulator authority?
  2. Did you got confirmation that you don’t fall into securities laws and/or e-money law of EU?
  3. Is the tokenized property listed on the PropTokenDEX decentralized exchange available for US citizens to buy?

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May 30th, 2019

This week brought our team back to Vienna, Austria, for a special type of event organized by , who invited their real estate and finance clients to an amazing business breakfast session starring no other then our CEO Denis presenting our solution alongside and , partners at the highly acclaimed law firm. Wolf Theiss is one of the leading law firms in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe (CEE/SEE). They have built their reputation on a combination of unrivalled local knowledge and strong international capability. Wolf Theiss opened their first office in Vienna 60 years ago, and today their team brings together over 340 lawyers from a diverse range of backgrounds, working in offices in 13 countries throughout the CEE/SEE region.

Peter Merc, our co-founder and CCO responsible for legal and compliance aspects was there alongside our CEO to assist and answer questions related to our legal framework.

We believe being introduced by Wolf Theiss to their client-base not only reflects the credibility of our team and company, but might prove to be a great way to open doors to potential collaborations with reputable clients within Austria and the CEE/SEE region.

May 23rd, 2019

We’re back on regular basis with our weekly updates and we have great things to tell. Our CEO’s pitch in London resulted in Blocksquare qualifying for the finals at Expo Real in Munich! This means Blocksquare received an official stand at the Real Estate Innovation Network floor where all Europe gathers to experience the latest innovations in Proptech.

Secondly, we received jury scores of our PropTech StartUp Europe Awards pitch in Brussels, there we did not qualify for the TOP10, but still got to 14th place!

We were also in Geneva for Fusion Demo Day and we share a short video produced by the folks at the accelerator program. And we were present in Vienna for where a new partnership has been announced between and Blocksquare that will bring EUR directly onto our system — in a nutshell, this means that once we complete the integration and once Element36 is ready for mainnet, you will be able to trade both BST and BSPT tokens directly with EUR tokens.

Last but not least, we received a few interesting questions submitted from our community through the newly started ongoing AMA form, and we encourage you all to — our CEO Denis will start a vlog to answer them!

#1 Yes, RE!N finals and a ticket to Expo Real!

Our week started in the best way possible — we received great news from the Real Estate Innovation Network team regarding our semi-finals pitch in London last week:

Dear Blocksquare team,

Congratulations! We are happy to inform you that Blocksquare has been selected as the finalist of our Built World Innovation Contest and has secured it’s spot at .

This is an another great validation point for Blocksquare within the Proptech space alongside the , as it puts Blocksquare amongst the top startups selected out of more then 800 applicants!

#2 Jury scores from our pitch in Brussels

We did not get to the TOP10 finals in MIPIM Paris, but , and the did a great job at organizing the semi-finals event in Brussels. The jury scores were classified in 5 distinguishable categories, where our total score placed Blocksquare to rank 14th out of the TOP50 semi-finalist startup companies. Here are the separate scores by each of the jury members for Blocksquare:

If we only take into account Technical innovation, Business model innovation and Potential problem solving, Blocksquare’s average score per jury member would be 8.2/10, but the lower scores in the categories of Social impact and Sustainability lowered our average score to 7.1/10. All in all, it is great to see how jury members saw our solution presented in only 3 minutes.

#3 Engaging Visionaries — Fusion Demo Day

The Fusion Demo Day is a celebration of the best of what Switzerland has to offer in the world of Innovation! A day where visitors can experience the energy of charismatic and visionary tech startup founders that, with the help of the Fusion Team and Corporate Partners and clients, engaging directly with the most influential angel investors, VC’s and corporate executives in their respective industries in Switzerland. The event allowed our team to network with prominent members of the Swiss startup and corporate ecosystems, and enjoy hearing the polished pitches of our 2018 Fusion co-fellows from LifeTech, PropTech and FinTech vertical accelerator programs.

and below are some pics of our CEO presenting Blocksquare’s vision and business model.

#4 Partnership: Element36 + Blocksquare = EUR/BST/BSPT trading

Element36 is connecting blockchain and the economy. They provide a rock-solid bridge between the old economy and the crypto world by seamlessly sending AML-ed Fiat (EUR, CHF) on and off the chain. This means that you will be able to load your Blocksquare account with EUR by going through an additional Tier 1 verification process. We believe that after thoroughly researching the market for the right solution we have finally found the exact match we were looking for.

#5 First vlog session of our ongoing AMA coming soon!

We did receive some interesting questions, but had no time to answer them in a vlog form until this weeks update, sincere apologies! We do promise that this will change from next week’s Thursday Update and that we will use brute force if needed so Denis can record himself providing you all insights into Blocksquare’s vision.

May 16th, 2019

It’s been a few weeks since our last update and we sincerely apologize, nevertheless we’ve been very active on our business development front. It’s also nice to see some constructive conversations in our Telegram group as of late that we hope will continue in the future!

#1 Pitch in Brussels

We did not make it to the top 10, but our pitch was still able to raise awareness of real estate tokenization and its potential to change markets amongst PropTech experts in Europe. Some contacted us afterwards and hopefully these will turn into collaborations.

#2 Case studies

In your debates on Telegram we saw some inquiring about pilots that were announced in the past. These opportunities turned into so called Case Studies — research conducted with potential clients and partners on specific use cases. These materials are all internal by nature and cannot be disclosed due to NDAs and also because we do not want to see competitors learning from our hard work. In general, we have worked with real estate funds and private portfolio owners alike. From 200M commercial property assets to 100k short term rental apartments. Unfortunately, none have yet decided to proceed to market, mainly due to lack of awareness and thus adoption between potential investors in the real estate sector. We remain confident that this will evolve and that we are on the right track despite the fact that on the outside some of you might perceive progress to be slower then expected.

#3 Ask me anything (AMA)

Our community has spoken: please organize another AMA soon! We want to turn this into an ongoing process, so we prepared a where you can  — the most relevant will be answered on a weekly basis by our team and included in the Thursday’s update!

👉 !

#4 RE!N Semifinal Pitch in London

Today our CEO Denis is in London pitching in front of the RE!N jury of Proptech experts! Just like for Brussels, it is already a great achievement for us to be shortlisted amongst the TOP50 Proptech startups in Europe by Real Estate Innovation Network one of the most credible players in the Proptech space. Results should be public sometime next week!

April 18th, 2019

Thursday is here and we have once again some great news to share with you! We have been selected amongst the TOP50 PropTech startups in Europe — not just by 1, but 2 distinctive competitions! As communicated in last week’s update, 35 international jury members have selected Blocksqaure as one of the 50 shortlisted startups (10 per category) of the on May 6th, 2019, in Brussels!

“What an honor to be recognized as a leader in innovation by the wider community that does not evaluate only blockchain startups, but as well startups who work on other problem-solving solutions within the built world.”

— Denis Petrovcic, CEO

#1 Blocksquare is a Top50 PropTech startup by RE!N

What an amazing validation of our hard work! The leading European platform for connecting cross-disciplinary experts to engage and drive innovation to shape the built world of tomorrow has selected Blocksquare as one of the TOP50 PropTech startups in Europe.

This means we got invited to pitch at the semi-finals on May 15th — 16th at Future Cities Catapult in London, UK. The best companies will win an exhibition booth and a pitch at EXPO REAL 2019.

Denis, CEO at Blocksquare, will present our vision as part of the innovation area Invest & Finance, Research & Valuate on Thursday, May 16th from 9:10 AM until 9:20 AM. The presentation itself will be much shorter than the one at the CV Summit — Each startup has a 3 minute pitch followed by 5 minute Q&A!

The jury in London consists of major players in the built world — Aachener Grund, Aareal Bank, Berlin Hyp, BNP Paribas Real Estate, CA Immobilien, CBRE, Commerz Real, CORPUS SIREO, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Pfandbriefbank, Nemetschek, PATRIZIA, PwC, Strabag, Union Investment, UBS; VONOVIA and WISAG.

We look forward to giving our best!

April 11th, 2019

What? It’s Thursday already?! This week was influenced by the aftereffects of winning the CV Competition. We’ve been invited to present at various Proptech events across Europe, we’ve been featured on SiOL and, Slovenia’s biggest online news outlet and business directory respectively, and last but not least, we’ve been selected into the semi-finals of PropTech StartUp Europe Awards 2018!

#1 Presenting at major Proptech events across Europe

Blocksquare has been recently invited to four major Proptech events in Europe.

  • Firstly, we’ll be presenting on stage and leading a workshop at on May 21st (anyone interested in attending the event should reach out to us for promo codes!);
  • Secondly, our CEO will be presenting on stage at , the Dutch real estate meeting point, between June 4th — 6th;
  • November 21st — 22nd is time to visit Finland to present at — the official side event focusing on bringing the future of real estate to the world’s leading startup event 4,000 startups, 2,000 investors and 20,000 visitors reunite each year for THE COOLEST TECH CONFERENCE ON THE PLANET!
  • And last but not least, the organizers of Global Proptech Online offered us a keynote spot at their next event. The first event was last December when online keynotes and round tables were held for 15 days in a row. An amazing online conference with the goal to inspire 1,000,000 real estate professionals on earth to start working with PropTech. Wouter Truffino and his team bring cutting edge PropTech innovations from the market to professionals screens.

#2 Semi-finalists at PropTech StartUp Europe Awards

After winning at CV Summit, now the next phase starts!

What? A full day of networking, with other EU PropTech Startups and Real Estate Corporates, where our team will have the opportunity to pitch, in all confidentially, in front of the jury members during 3 minutes, followed by a 5 minutes Q&A. This is a highly important pitch as your score will give you access to the final, at MIPIM PropTech in Paris.

When? May 6th 2019

Where? Brussels, Belgium

#3 Featured on SiOL and

April 4th, 2019

It’s Thursday and time for our weekly update. These past days have been marked by some well-deserved media attention following the BIG achievement in “Crypto Valley” Zug. Also, CV VC AG released the full video recording of the CV Summit 2019 and we share some of the Blocksquare highlights with you.

#1 PropTech’s thought leadership supports Blocksquare

After finishing 1st in the CV Competition, our team has been invited to present at both as well as and we can’t wait for these events to come in Q4 2019. Additionally, Blocksquare has received some great attention on social media. Here are some numbers on the best performing post on Linkedin ;)

#2 Amazing media coverage

On top of all, Blocksquare has been mentioned by international and domestic media outlets, here are some of the links:

#3 Want to see our pitch?

You are probably wondering about the final’s pitch! No worries, the CV Summit has been fully recorded and published on Youtube, which means you can relive all the best moments again and again — we sure did! The day was long, so we narrowed it down for you to the two most memorable ones:

The Pitch

Awards Ceremony

March 28th, 2019

We did it! We came as the underdog from Slovenia and finished on top!

“I’m overwhelmed! To be at the top of the 130+ startups that entered the competition from all parts of the world is an achievement not many teams can put in their list of milestones. I’m proud of our team, our amazing community and each individual that contributed and believed in the vision up to this point! Today we celebrate and tomorrow we #buidl forward and onward!”

— Denis Petrovcic, CEO at Blocksquare

Swiss president and Head of the Federal Department of Finance, Ueli Maurer awarding 100,000 USD to our CEO Denis Petrovcic.

“Congratulations to Blocksquare and best of luck with further scaling the project, which looks very promising. We are looking forward to supporting the project out of the Crypto Valley and to see more tokenized properties soon”

Olaf Hannemann, Co-Founder of CV VC AG

March 21st, 2019

Time for our update! This week was about preparing our pitch for the TOP10 at , and visiting Vienna, where our CEO was invited to present Blocksquare at the meetup organized by where 30+ professionals interested in blockchain for real estate gathered at the offices of DLA Piper.

#1 Gearing up for the TOP10

Preparing a compelling pitch is no easy job. For the TOP30 we had to create a 15' presentation and had enough time to clearly present WHY we need tokenization of real estate, WHERE it makes sense the most today, and to touch important details on both our core product as well as ancillary products that offer a turn-key solution for our clients.

As we all know, the pitch went smoothly and Denis did an amazing job taking us to the next stage of the competition, where startups will need to pitch in only 5' in front of the jury and a live audience. There will be no place for mistakes and 100% accuracy on the script will be needed. During the week we put considerable effort to carefully use the right words and deliver the most important messages without taking too much time. We strongly believe our pitch is now ready to make Blocksquare stand out amongst the TOP10 blockchain for real estate startups in Europe.

#2 FIBREE meetup in Vienna

This week on Thursday Denis and Peter were in Vienna for the meetup. The event welcomed more than 30 attendees to whom three distinct topics were presented. Alongside Denis’s presentation of , Florian Huber who organized the meetup presented blockchain technology in general, while Nathan Wosnack and the team from Ubitquity LLC, who connected over a video call, presented their blockchain solution for title and deed recording — a product that applies to many countries where risks of manipulation with deed recording presents great risks to real estate investors as well as homebuyers.

March 14th, 2019

It’s Thursday, time for our weekly update! There’s been plenty of work done since last week. As many already know, we’ve been selected to the Top 10 at the CV VC blockchain competition in Zug a.k.a. Crypto Valley! Secondly, we’ve added some minor functionalities to the PropTokenDEX and resolved a few bugs. Last but not least, our team found an interesting quote while researching the future internet…

#1 Top10, Crypto Valley here we come!

We have incredibly exciting news for our supportive community. We have been selected for the TOP10 at This means our CEO will be in Zug, Switzerland between the 25th and 27th of March pitching at CV VC AG LABS in front of the judges and an audience.

This also means we are one step closer to winning $100,000 — no strings attached! Competition is tough, but should we be successful and make it to the TOP3, we’ll have a chance to present in front of the CV SUMMIT’s 1000+ audience on March 27! Fingers crossed!

During the three days (25–27.3) our team will have access to CV LABS and all of their events: CV SUMMIT, CV LABS Community Night, KuCoin’s Blockchain Day and other associated meetups.

We are super excited to have come so far in this competition and are looking forward to all the events and people we’ll be able to connect with!

#2 PropTokenDEX — mini updates

We’ve added some minor functionalities to our decentralized marketplace for tokenized real estate.

Unlocking trading with either BST or BSPTs is now verified automatically, meaning users won’t need to manually refresh their browser after confirmation. Additionally, a confirmation message is displayed when the “unlock” transaction is mined.

Secondly, USD price approximations are displayed to users when matching sell orders, making it easier to calculate your investment in a tokenized property.

March 7th, 2019

It’s Thursday again, and we are happy to give our community a weekly update. We’ve started reaching out to all of you who hold 10,000 BST or more and also have a registered Blocksquare account, to share some important insights regarding BST. Secondly, we’ve been invited to present a live transaction at Europe’s biggest blockchain for real estate summit held in Vienna, Austria on May 21st. And last but not least, we take a look at the recent trade activity on the PropTokenDEX.

#1 Hold 10,000 BST or more? We’ve reached out to you!

This week we started reaching out to our most supportive community members via email. Why? We want you to better understand our business model, go-to-market strategy and the role of BST. Our goal is for you to be on the same page. If you fit the above criteria, it means you should have received an email from Jure Zibelnik, head of business development. All you need to do is give a short reply and our team will follow-up with all information.

#2 On-stage trading at BLOCKCHAIN REAL 2019

Our team has been invited to perform a live trade of tokenized real estate on the main stage at Visitors of the summit will be able to watch our CEO Denis Petrovcic perform a live-trade of “real” real-estate fully done in only 3 minutes!

The live performance will be then extended into a workshop with real estate professionals, where we will present 1) how a real estate property can be tokenized with Blocksquare, and 2) how anyone can buy or sell fractions of tokenized real estate properties through the PropTokenDEX.

#3 PropTokenDEX: First 4 months of trading in review

The has been live on mainnet since November 2018. Since then the asset valuation has climbed from its initial offering price of 18,000 USD to an impressive 45,980 USD valuation!

The total trade volume in these first 4 months amounted to 1,125 USD, where 2,921 BSPT out of the available 100,000 BSPT have traded in exchange for 61,262 BST. Volumes are still low, but it is a great start to a new revolutionizing industry and we are proud of our achievement so far!

All transactions were recorded on the ethereum blockchain and can be verified independently by anyone through (Matthew Tan)

February 28th, 2019

This week we want to talk a bit more about BST and the licensing model we created around it. By tokenizing our licensing model, we have transformed something that has always been an expense for companies, into a digital asset investment.

#1 The Blocksquare Licensing Model

Any company that wants to issue new tokenized properties needs to purchase a license to become a Licensed Issuer (LI). By doing so, we turned an expense into a digital asset investment, allowing us to offer our product without taking a fee. We’ve tested the model for 1000s of clients in 100s of countries worldwide.

While the licensing requirements are managed by an algorithm, all our client needs to do is sign an agreement and hold the required amount of BST on their Ethereum wallet.

Any company can apply to use the tokenization system and become a Licensed Issuer. Registration is subject to a verification process. A new Licensed Issuer can first tokenize properties only in a selected country. Acquiring licenses to expand the business to other countries is also possible later on.

The BST requirement for a new license is calculated using an advanced model that takes into account many variables, like:

  • USD value of tokenized properties the issuing company is looking to tokenize
  • country’s valuation
  • BST total circulating supply
  • the overall value of tokenized properties within the system

Token-as-a-License allows our clients to hold a stake in our product while at the same time share in its future success.

#2 We’ve been “quoted”

Kepler Finance has put together a forecast of tokenized securities market development for 2019. Security Token Offering (STO) is rapidly growing as a more trusted and convenient way of fundraising. They’ve asked digital securities market pioneers to give their strategic views and insights on the future of the market, including our CEO’s.

#3 Pitching at CV blockchain competition in Zug

As you may know, Blocksquare has been selected amongst the top 30 startups at the CV blockchain for real estate competition in Zug (a.k.a. Crypto Valley). Denis is flying tomorrow to pitch and hopefully get us into the top 10.

We are super excited and honored to have been selected into this first final round.

Here’s a short overview of how the interview/pitch session will look like:

  • Welcome & intro, meet the Jury (5’)
  • Pitch (max. 15’)
  • Q&A (10’)

The jury panel is composed of experts in business, blockchain, entrepreneurs, and lawyers. You can find more details about them on the competition’s . The evaluation criteria includes all 4 aspects but they give more weight to the business use case.

Fingers crossed!

February 21st, 2019

This week has been about following-up on new leads, while at the same time pushing the ongoing pilots forward. This month saw the 6th rental distribution go out to token holders of the garage parking space, and to celebrate it, we prepared some stats that might interest you! We’ve also had the pleasure to interview Brock Freeman, a US-based professional focusing on how blockchain and asset-backed smart securities (Security Tokens) could bring a new era to commercial Real Estate finance.

#1 Rent payouts in BST? Let’s look at some stats!

From the start, we’ve designed our tokenization system with a dedicated token and cryptocurrency, to achieve the impossible — a real estate investment product that offers the potential to generate higher profits than any other product currently out there. It’s way early to draw conclusions, but the first stats are already here.

With more tokenized properties more data will come, but let’s just look at what we have available so far:

  • 1 tokenized RE property with a starting price of 18,000 USD
  • 6 rent distributions for a total of 34,472 BST
  • 1 collected rent is about 107 USD per month
  • Today the price of BST on IDEX is 0.023 USD
  • 34,472 BST at 0.023 USD exchange rate is currently valued at 793 USD
  • on average, 1 rent → 5,745 BST at 0.023 USD = 132 USD per month

ROI calculation
Initial investment amount = 18,000 USD
Average rent payout = 107 USD
ROI in USD = 7.13%
Average rent payout = 5,745 BST (132 USD @ 0.023 USD/BST)
ROI in BST = 8.8%

Now, most will argue liquidity of BST is non-existent, and we agree, but let’s just imagine for a second there are several tokenized real estate properties generating rents on a monthly basis, and with it, steadily improving market liquidity of BST…

If we take into account that the market price of e.g. ETH has dropped by 47% between October and January, the potential boost to ROI a dedicated cryptocurrency like BST might offer to a real estate investment is unprecedented!

#2 Industry Expert: Brock Freeman

This week the stage goes to one of our US contacts. Brock enjoys leading business and digital transformation, partnering with businesses and aligning IT with profit drivers. He describes himself as an innately curious and growth-oriented individual, a user champion with precise communication and storytelling skills that brings purpose to solutions by connecting the “why” with the “what”.

  • Background in finance, sales, marketing, software product development, operations.
  • Developed the mortgage industry’s first web-based processing, underwriting, and secondary marketing system that gave real-time status updates to brokers via a secure website.
  • Leadership of agile, large scale, multi-million-dollar projects spanning cross-functional teams.
  • Relentlessly resourceful with a bias toward action, figuring out how to put ideas into action and breaking down complex problems into steps that drive transformation.
  • Worked in Taiwan and Hong Kong

February 14th, 2019

This week has been quite a handful for our team, and thus the small delay in our weekly update. Mon-Tue we hosted a company from the UK at our offices in Ljubljana. We’ve been working with them for the past 2,5 months and were thrilled to see them visit us!

Wed-Fri our CEO was in Amsterdam, where he attended a great event organized by Holland Contech & Proptech, and touched base with the innovation department of regional sponsor Rabobank together with Jo Bronckers. Jo is the №1 person in the Netherlands when it comes to blockchain for real estate and we are proud to announce he is joining Blocksquare as an advisory board member!

Fri-Sat we had another face to face meeting in our Ljubljana HQ, this time with a potential new partner, a leading company in the real estate development sector. All we can say is that they come from outside the European continent, and this was the second time they visited us! We are very excited about their use-case for tokenization, but more on this when (and if) things become more concrete.

#1 Blockchain MatchMaking Meetup in Amsterdam

is an ecosystem for companies that want to innovate the real estate and construction sector. They make sure that innovative startups and corporate grownups are being connected to each other. Our CEO Denis Petrovcic was invited by and to present real estate tokenization and Blocksquare’s tokenization system to their matchmaking event held at Primalbase, the first coworking brand to tokenize their membership!

#2 UK partners visited our HQ in Ljubljana

All who have been following our progress closely know very well that our focus, now that we have a functioning tokenization system and product in place, is to work with companies around the world to conduct pilot projects.

On Monday this week, we had a visit from a team we are working with on a tokenization project in the UK. It was a real pleasure to meet face to face after exchanging and planning through online collaboration tools since mid-December.

This visit enabled our UK friends to dig deeper into the product, tokenization system, legal structures, licensing models, but more importantly, learn who we are as a team. Next step will be a presentation of the project to the executive board in London, upon which we should move to get the property’s legal structure ready, following the tokenization process itself.

Please note, things like these take time to mature, and, especially in real estate, nothing happens overnight.

#3 Welcome Jo Bronckers to Blocksquare’s advisory board!

We proudly announce that Jo Bronckers, Co-Founder and Vice-President of FIBREE, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise ( and owner of Blockchain2RealEstate, is as of today part of our advisory board. From his innovation and business development background, he is investigating blockchain technology since 2014, with specific focus to its applicability to real estate processes.

With 20+ years of experience in Real Estate in Finance and Institutional Investment with various Dutch real estate corporates like FGH Bank and Rabobank Real Estate Division, DLL, IVBN, and Vesteda, Jo will be able to give important insight into the commercial real estate market in the Netherlands and help us connect to Dutch companies.

  • An experienced consultant, business developer, speaker, thesis supervisor
  • Pioneer in NL / worldwide with regard to blockchain & real estate
  • A former member of ‘Blockchain Board’ within Rabobank
  • Studies blockchain technology since 2014, with a focus on blockchain application possibilities in real estate processes
  • An active promoter of a real estate eco-system to better share data within the chain
  • With Blockchain2RealEstate he shares knowledge and insights and helps real estate organizations discover the added value of blockchain

February 7th, 2019

We hope you are all enjoying the first week of February! In this week’s update, we continue our series of interviews with industry experts, and will talk a little more about TaaL (Token-as-a-License), a token model that is applied to BST.

#1 Industry Expert: Vicente Ortiz Alonso

This time, we proudly present one of the biggest advocates for the creation and implementation of regulatory frameworks for blockchain adoption in Spain.

As an IT lawyer with an , Vicente Ortiz Alonso represents technology and growth companies at all stages of development, through private financings, patents, copyrights, strategic transactions, and mergers and acquisitions.

His blockchain journey begun as almost everyone’s, through Bitcoin. One of his IT developers told him about Bitcoin, the layer of technology on which it is based and how it can go beyond a mere exchange of value between users. From there, Vicente launched several blockchain pilots in sectors as diverse as food, trading, gaming, and real estate.

#2 Tokenized Licensing System

Besides moving forward conversations with partners on certain pilot projects, we have been working on the tokenized BST licensing system — TaaL. The tokenized licensing scheme is something we started developing some time ago. As we’ve learned, it is hard to expect partner companies to acquire a license when the real estate tokenization industry is still at a very early stage. With more pilots going live we strongly believe it will be an important part of the PropToken tokenization system.

When fully launched, our TaaL system will feature:

  • Scalability — the licensing model needs to be scalable on a global level.
  • Transparency — open overview of licensing costs for current and future regional partner companies.
  • Simplicity — licensing should be as simple as holding the required amount of tokens on a partner’s registered wallet address.
  • Dynamic Pricing — versatile license pricing dynamically accounts for global and regional system adoption rate.
  • Store of Value — a partner can consider the token license as a store of value that may appreciate over time as the tokenization system gains adoption through new partners.
  • Exclusivity — regional partners can acquire exclusivity right based on the dynamic BST licensing model.

January 30th, 2019


This week we are pleased to share some very exciting news. Blocksquare has been recognized both domestically and internationally. An article will be published in tomorrow’s edition of the highly acclaimed national business magazine Svet Kapitala, while internationally, the world’s biggest competition for blockchain real estate startups has selected us amongst the top 30 out of more then 120 projects that applied!

#1 Amongst the top 30

A while ago our team signed up for the CV competition for Real Estate in Zug, Switzerland. The applications were judged by three main categories.

  • the team
  • market fit and potential
  • the quality of MVP, prototype and business case deck

We are very happy to announce that the jury of the contest selected us amongst the top 30 startups. All the selected companies were invited to pitch their project again, so the jury can select a winner who will receive 100.000$ for future development. The event will take place in the next month.

What is the CV Competition for Real Estate?

CV stands for Crypto Valley. The CV Competition for Real Estate brings together global blockchain startups, real estate sector leaders and thought leaders. CV Competition is a platform, upon which startups showcase the most prominent, cutting-edge blockchain technology to the Real Estate industry. Often times, startups solutions increase efficiencies, digitize the sector in question or re-imagine certain processes altogether. It’s an incredible learning opportunity for all parties involved. Before pitching on stage at the CV Summit, the startups will get a pitch coaching. The advisors and jurors from the real estate industry are exposed to the latest technology developments. The Jury Panel is composed of business-, blockchain experts, entrepreneurs and lawyers.

#2 Featured in Slovenia’s biggest financial newspaper

And that’s not all! We are looking forward to an article that will be published in tomorrow’s edition of Slovenia’s most acclaimed business and finance newspaper Svet Kapitala (World of Capital). We will make sure to update this post tomorrow when we get ahold of the paper copy.

PS: Our series of interviews continues in the next week. Stay tuned!

January 24th, 2019


We are absolutely honored to present an interview with a person who has so much experience and knowledge. Meet !

Eric is a driven, creative, strategic innovator and highly accomplished executive for real estate technology. He is skilled at conceptualizing connections between disparate ideas and concepts, bringing them together to result in real-world innovation and recognized for creating business solutions with real value for internal and external customers.

He is also and invites anyone from our community to join the

January 17th, 2019


This week we are introducing something new to our Thursday's Update. We want to give you something special, something that brings additional value and a better understanding of who are the most influential people in the blockchain for real estate space. In the following months, we will release a series of interviews with industry experts— starting with Walter Strametz.

Walter spent most of his career in IT as a programmer, head of development, CTO and board member focusing on innovation. He is also the organizer of Blockchain Real, the first conference in Europe with a special focus on blockchain for real estate.

January 10th, 2019

Days are quickly passing and we are overwhelmed by the interest in real estate tokenization as of late. From what we gather, real estate industry leaders have spent the last months researching the topic and are now ready to approach solution providers like Blocksquare.

#1 Follow-up with leads for pilot projects

As you know, our primary mission is to successfully conduct the next tokenization project with one of the companies who approached us so far to partner with us. The number is steadily growing, which means a positive trend towards real estate tokenization in general. We are in conversations with 15–20 companies, of which some have already signed NDAs and are coming to visit our HQ in Ljubljana this month. We can’t share more information about any of these projects — let’s just simply work the best we can and see where it all takes us!

#2 We’re expanding our team — a Call for developers.

and are looking for a new team member to join our group of young IT enthusiasts. We wish to expand our team with high-quality candidates, which is why we are looking forward to meeting you.

Definitely apply if:

  • you have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, information systems or similar
  • you are proficient in Java
  • CI/CD is not just a rock band you haven’t heard of
  • you think that microservices > monolith
  • you know that architects don’t just design buildings

Previous work experience is not required.

What you will do:
Develop, Develop, Design, Develop, Ask questions and LEARN, Design, Develop, Test, Test the tests :) …and finally, Develop some more!

What you get:

  • A full-time contract in one of the greenest countries in Europe
  • Opportunities to develop your competencies (conferences, workshops, certificates etc.)
  • Opportunity to work in a relaxed and flexible work environment
  • Opportunity to work with a young and cooperative team
  • Cool team-building activities
  • Unlimited amounts of coffee and tea
  • Healthy breakfast every day
  • Free parking space

Good energy and great coffee is something that’s always available in our offices, and you can experience that in person by reaching out to us at or call us on +386 8 2001 831. Alternatively, you could simply click “Apply” through and send your resume our way.

#3 is growing internationally

FIBREE is becoming the leading network for exchanging knowledge between the real estate industry and IT sector, focusing exclusively on blockchain-based solutions. Established in 2018 by co-founders from 7 EU countries, including Blocksquare’s CEO Denis Petrovcic, FIBREE today is present in all continents worldwide, with representatives in 30+ countries. End of next week our CEO will be attending FIBREE’s 1st board meeting of 2019 held in Milan, Italy.

is free to join and the ideal place to follow on all things blockchain 4 real estate. With meetups and events worldwide, you can easily connect with like-minded people to discover new opportunities through networking. Visit to get in touch!

January 3rd, 2019

Are you ready for a new year? We sure are!

Our team is back at the office starting today and we’re all eager to start 2019 will full steam. With the , we are ready to renew our commitments to our business, push even harder, and focus at being our best selves.

Wish you all a successful start to 2019!

December 27th, 2018

A New Year is like a blank book, and the pen is in your hands. Each New Year gives us the ultimate freedom to write a new chapter in our lives. The last week of 2018 is here, and we wish you all the best in the year to come.

Thank you for your amazing support! ❤

#1 A Year in Review — 2018 Recap

The Blocksquare team has been hard at work throughout its first year of operation. Most of you who follow us closely are familiar with what has been done so far, but, as we gear up for an exciting new year, we published a with highlights from this amazing first year for Blocksquare.

December 20th, 2018

Second-to-last Thursday Update in 2018! The year is almost over, many milestones were achieved here at Blocksquare, and many more will be added in 2019. Thank you for being part of our journey so far.

There are just a few days left until Christmas, the years is coming to an end, and we are slowly preparing for the upcoming Holidays. The atmosphere is, even more, brighter thanks to all the Christmas light decorations all around us, what instantly shift us into Christmas mood. We hope you have a holiday that fills your heart with joy! Merry Christmas! 🎅🤶

#1 ATVP — Securities Market Agency

This week our team had an important meeting at . The Securities Market Agency is a legal entity of public law. It is independent in performing its tasks. Its basic mission is to maintain a safe, transparent and efficient market in financial instruments.

Denis Petrovcic (co-founder and CEO at Blocksquare) & (co-founder and Legal at Blocksquare)

The meeting with ATVP allowed us to go through the garage parking pilot after it’s actual execution and get a legal stance on the tokenization of real estate assets directly from the Slovenian regulatory agency. ATVP stands by (Section 4.1) from June 2018 — A security is defined in Slovenian law in the obligation code, which provides that security is only a record of a debt or liability that is issued as a written document or in the manner prescribed by another law.

In a nutshell, the current legal definition for a security is very rigid and thus tokens cannot be considered as such.

#2 Ethereum dropped in 2018, but we stay confident!

Recently there has been recorded sharply drop in Ethereum (ETH), one of the top digital token assets. The surprise factor is causing concerns among investors, and they may be wondering where the asset is going. Now, it is trading in approximately $103, that indicates that the asset has fallen for $1200 since the start of the year — over 90% of its original value. None of the top digital currencies have lost such a tremendous amount of value, and it is adding a lot of doubt and concern in the future of Ethereum. All this may be the result of the low rate of new ICOs coming to the market.

In spite of the negative performance of Eth on markets, co-creator of Ethereum, — remains positive, and believes that adoption is going up.

“The entire space is increasing. There is a huge interest by the public, and there are more areas in which the public can invest so that you could see an expansion in the entire space”.

#3 Can blockchain be the key to a sustainable future?

While Bitcoin has been criticized for being a huge energy consumer, there are many perks of blockchain which can help us to solve our energy problems. New blockchain solutions are making pure, decentralized energy which enables neighbors to trade clean energy with other, and it can power the systems in such a great way that automatically encourage people to conserve the energy. Solar power is much more accessible, affordable and easier to adopt. It can power and redefine today’s broken electricity systems, and it can be great motivation in raising new levels of climate action among all of us.

December 13th, 2018

With December half-way through and holidays just around the corner, this year is slowly coming to an end. What are your thoughts on 2018? For us, this year has been exciting, with plenty of important milestones achieved in short time, under a bear market and regulatory uncertainty everywhere you look.

Once more, we have to thank you all who follow us for the amazing support!

#1 BGN wrote about Blocksquare

Bitcoin Global News noticed our work done so far and published an interesting article in their online magazine. BGN is on a mission to provide relevant bitcoin global news, press release distribution, and all relevant bitcoin and cryptocurrency information. It’s great to see topics like real estate tokenization coming to the spotlight in this tough market. We invite all members of our community to read the article .

#2 The first article for Chinese readers (coming soon)📍🌍

Thanks to our newest ambassador , Blocksquare’s vision is receiving its first mentions for blockchain enthusiast from the land of the rising sun — China. The article will soon be published both in English and Chinese, and we are eager to share it with you all when it’s officially online.

#3 How big is the potential for tokenized real estate?

When you prepare a pitch, one of the key elements is also delivering a clear picture of the market size you are targeting. It’s usually hard to estimate, but in general, startups need to define their

Global CRE is valued at 50 trillion USD, where 2.8 trillion USD are Real Estate Assets Under Management (=TAM). If 1% of these assets were to be tokenized in the next 10 years, this would create a “niche” online market valued at 28 billion USD (=SAM). Meaning, a company obtaining a 10% share of this market, would serve Assets Under Tokenization worth 2.8 billion USD (=SOM).

Now, to put things into perspective, some angel investors look into a startup only when their SAM is at least 1 billion USD…

December 6th, 2018

Thursday is almost over here in Europe — just in time for our weekly update! As those who follow us regularly know very well, we’re on a mission to make real estate investments accessible, digital & global through tokenization. But we strongly believe unlocking value and liquidity in real estate won’t start through a single global platform, but rather 100s of regional crowdfunding platforms sourcing local deals to investors worldwide. All with features like automated token issuance compliance adapted to regional jurisdictions and traded through many decentralized exchange providers.

#1 Launch your own platform with Blocksquare

Sourcing real estate investment deals to investors require deep local expertise, making it seriously difficult for real estate crowdfunding platforms to scale globally. Besides, creating such a platform from scratch is highly demanding, while delivering one with tokenization at its core is even tougher. Not only, but creating your custom solution is capital intensive and time-consuming.

“With our white label platform, any real estate entrepreneur can now open up shop and offer tokenized real estate in their region!”

, Head of business development at Blocksquare

At Blocksquare we created an out-of-the-box solution in collaboration with . Together we offer the simplest way to start a real estate crowdfunding business with tokenization at its core.

To find out more about this opportunity, by our CEO.

#2 We’ve updated our

Famous opera tenor once said: “The road to success is not a path you find, but a trail you blaze.”

Goal actualization may be the biggest creator of man-made frustration in our modern era. The foundation for achieving big goals takes three things:

  • mindset,
  • skillset,
  • toolset.

Although we have a clear roadmap written on our office whiteboard for our team to refer to at any given moment, many of you from our community have requested we put it on our website. So here it is, so you can see where we are going and the milestones we achieved so far!

#3 — voting for exchange listing is LIVE!

, one of the most successful crypto entrepreneurs from Slovenia (EU) and better known as the co-founder and former CTO at has recently launched a new cryptocurrency trading platform . The platform is providing a trustworthy, transparent, safe, and reliable place to exchange ERC20 tokens and other cryptocurrencies that are foreseen to evolve in the future. We believe it might become a big player amongst exchanges when the new bull run comes. Listing of new tokens is granted through voting rounds, and Blocksquare is on the list as well!

If you’d like to see BST on this exchange, we invite you to Note: votes for ‘loosing’ candidates are transferred into the next round and will accumulate over time.

November 29th, 2018

November is almost over, and it’s time for this month’s last Thursday’s Update! We’ve received many comments from our community on how to improve the PropTokenDEX, and we thank you again for all the feedback!

#1 Our pipeline is growing

The interest in real estate tokenization is picking up! STOs and decentralized exchanges are already a hot topic this year. Subsequently, the number of potential pilots in our pipeline is growing too. More and more real estate companies are approaching us inquiring about our solutions, and we’re working hard to inspire them to move to the next step towards execution. We make this step as easy as possible and offer our clients not only a working tech solution, but also a legal advisory network and investor network outreach.

The number of potential pilots is growing and with the determination and focus we’ve shown so far, we strongly believe the next tokenization is just around the corner. You should stick around!

#2 GTM wrap-up. What’s next?

By successfully completing the Go-to-Market module at Fusion, our team is now focusing on the investor track at the Swiss accelerator. The Fusion team has published a blog post about the ongoing 2018 fellowship program.

#3 Where to invest in 2019? Real Estate🏡 vs Crypto ⛓

Just a simple back-of-the-envelope calculation we’ve made during one of our team meetings at Blocksquare this week. If you invested 1000 EUR in January…

…in Bitcoin, you would now have 340 EUR worth of BTC,

…in Ether, you would now have 107 EUR worth of ETH,

…in Ripple, you would now have 280 EUR worth of XRP,

…in Litecoin, you would now have 155 EUR worth of LTC,

…in Bcash, you would now have 96 EUR worth of BCH,

…in Dash, you would now have 116 EUR worth of DASH,

…in a PropToken, you would now still hold 1000 EUR worth of BSPT + approx. 60–70 EUR worth of rental income!

Doesn’t mean we’re not going long for crypto, but perhaps it will inspire someone to create a more in-depth analysis with a follow-up article on the potential for tokenized real estate! ;)

Until next week!

November 22nd, 2018

It’s Thursday again — time for our regular community update! This week we don’t have big announcements, and thought to present you a bit more about our development partners, Medius. We’re also working actively on the pilots, but you may understand it takes time and perseverance to go from 0 to 1 with each company that shows an interest in our technology solution.

#1 Insights on the Fusion program

As fellows at the Swiss accelerator program Fusion (with 8 other PropTech startups), we are actively working on our value proposition and market fit. Our goal? Deliver a pilot project within the Switzerland.

The time we spend in Geneva is oriented towards learning. At times, we also get a word from successful entrepreneurs globally.

, Vice President of , the world’s leading music discovery app gave us great insights on what it means to be acquired by Apple. Nice to have people who are willing to share their path with us, and receive feedback from someone who had crossed this road before you did.

Last time we have met with the press, and we got some suggestions how to gain points from ⭐the media⭐.

#2 Meet our developers — Medius

Blocksquare have been here with you for a while now, you know details about us, but we haven’t spoken about our Partners from — and it’s about time to rectify that!

Founded in 2002 by , Medius today is one of the most recognized brands in the region offering custom development ‘middleware’ solutions based on open source Java technology.

We’ve released with some insights about Medius that you probably did not know!

#3 Recent media coverage

There is a lot of talking about Proptech Fusion Geneva in our weekly posts these past months, and you got the story from our side. To get the whole picture from Fusion, and what they say about Blocksquare, you can read more from Fusion itself in their .

, an independent blockchain & cryptocurrency news publisher noticed our work. They strain to deliver fresh news about blockchain startups around the globe, as a realization that blockchain technology is the future, and is here to stay. Recently, they got in touch with our CEO Denis and talked about Blocksquare and what we offer to cryptocurrency users. Big thanks to Ahsan Khalid for an amazing !

November 15th, 2018

New week with lots of things happening. Last week a significant product development milestone was achieved and today the PropTokenDEX has already recorded the first transactions. We encourage you to log into your Blocksquare and let us know your thoughts. We appreciate your feedback!

#1 Our CEO is in Geneva to meet the press

Geneva and the co-working space at Fusion is our second home these past few weeks. Almost every week either Denis or Jure (or both) travel to Switzerland to collect valuable experience and knowledge.

This week is working with other selected startups leaded by experienced and dedicated mentors on Blocksquare’s sales pitch. Friday a special event will connect the startups at Fusion with press and media representatives.

#2 Have you bought your share of the world’s first tokenized property?

Denis, and the dev team at have delivered to us all a decentralized marketplace where any real estate property tokenized through our PropToken system will automatically have it’s dedicated place for peer to peer exchange.

We already received some valuable feedback from active members of our community, and encourage everyone else to participate too. Our goal is to create the best possible product, and with your help we can deliver better results!

To access the marketplace just log in to your . To interact with the exchange a MetaMask wallet is required. The good part? This means hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger are supported too! As a security feature, MetaMask will first ask you if you to connect your wallet. Just click connect and start using the exchange!

Investing into tokenized real estate on the decentralized marketplace is available with BST. Trade activity is completely transparent as avery transaction is recorded on the Ethereum blockchain.

With our stack of solutions, we make tokenization of real estate properties as easy as ever, so any interested company can do it without investing considerable time, energy and money in blockchain development. If you are looking into this field, feel free to get in touch!

November 8th, 2018

As you may know the decentralized exchange that will unlock peer to peer trading for any property tokenized with the PropToken system is due to launch this week…

#1 PropTokenDEX is LIVE! 🚨

Want to trade tokenized real estate? Now you can! The world’s first decentralized exchange for tokenized real estate is

At we’ve reached another important milestone, paving the way towards a future where real estate investing is accessible, digital & global! The PropTokenDEX is officially out and is already open for trading!

Read more about PropTokenDEX release in

#2 Blockchain Will Change Real Estate Everywhere! 🙌

, one of our new ambassadors but more importantly an inspiring woman, just published a great article highlighting how blockchain will change the real estate industry. For those who haven’t read about her in last weeks update, Helen is considered an expert in tech industry and we are thrilled to have an experienced professional in our network of Blocksquare ambassadors. You are welcome to read her and share your thoughts with us!

#3 Add your pilot to our pipeline 📝

As a technology provider, we make it easy to create and issue tokens (digital shares) linked to real estate properties. This means our solution enables any established company to tokenize a real estate property without investing considerable time, energy and money in the process.

By doing one or more pilots with us, your company will be able to assess the disruption potential of real estate tokenization and answer first handedly important questions like:

  • How will tokenization impact my current business?
  • Is tokenized real estate a new asset class?
  • How difficult is it to tokenize a real estate property?
  • What are the use cases that apply to my business?
  • What will I change to integrate tokenization into my processes?
  • What are the benefits for my company?
  • How do I profit from real estate tokenization?
  • What are the risks if I don’t prepare well up front?
  • How will my competition use tokenization to get ahead of the game?
  • How does my investor base perceive this new type of investment?
  • What investor type can I target with tokenized real estate assets?

November 1st, 2018

“In my experience, in the real-estate business past success stories are generally not applicable to new situations. We must continually reinvent ourselves, responding to changing times with innovative new business models.”, real estate developer

In Europe, it is a holiday today, and we got a day off, but we worked in advance to give you our regular update. So what is new in the last week of October?

#1 Geneva Fusion session

📅 October 29, 2018

While the start of the week saw our CEO in our Ljubljana office working closely with the development team on the PropTokenDEX module, our head of business development was in Geneva working with the Fusion team perfecting our value propositions. Fintech FUSION accelerator goal is to create an ecosystem where you can meet interesting people, entrepreneurs, investors etc. and design a better world of tomorrow — together. Nice to know that you are not on your own, and to have a place like this where you can join forces with other startups to help each other out to deliver your best!

#2 PropTokenDEX release date pushed to week 45

In the past weeks the world’s first decentralized exchange for tokenized real estate assets has been successfully running on testnet.

During this time, no major bugs have been discovered and the PropTokenDEX module was due for deployment to Google Cloud production servers on October 30th to become fully functional on mainnet for Blocksquare users.

However, yesterday an unexpected error encountered during deployment pushed our development team to work late hours. Even with all our efforts, we were not able to fully troubleshoot the cause of this error and took the hard decision to postpone the official release until next week, especially in light of this week’s Slovenian national holidays — Reformation day and Remembrance day on 31st October and 1st November respectively.

Our CTO is confident the development team is up to the task and will find the root of this problem: “It seems the issue lies within Angular dependencies when creating the production built, but I am fully confident this problem will be resolved soon after the national holidays when our development team will be present in full.”

We will update you on our progress as soon as we have more news from the development team. Thank you for your patience and constant support!

#3 A new ambassador comes on board — meet Helen!

Helen is Founder and CEO of Tigon Advisory, a Consultancy that advises CEO and Founders in the development of their vision, operation strategy, organization alignment and cross functional performance metrics for sustainable growth.

She is a proven innovator of business strategy and operational execution in high tech industry with deep expertise in both traditional and SAAS based businesses. Her ability to come up to speed quickly in new industries and apply her strategic, financial modeling and operational skill is especially valuable to organizations or/and boards focused on growth, restructuring, transitioning through IPO, improving management effectiveness, scaling up enterprise business and improving customer adoption and retention.

Helen was Group Vice President and General Manager of Global Customer Success at Marketo from 2013 to 2017. She previously held leadership positions at Adobe and Oracle across the Digital Marketing, e-commerce, Sales, and Customer Success functions. Before Oracle, she spent eight years at Hyperion Global Services as a Principal Consultant, Solution Architect and National Professional Service VP in Financial Planning systems. Hyperion was acquired by Oracle in 2007. Helen has extensive strategic insight around SaaS company scaling, and an operational background emphasized around GTM Sales and Marketing strategy. Most recently Helen worked with an AI company to bootstrap their MVP with the responsibility of Global Sales, Marketing and Customer Success. The AI start-up achieved 10x growth during her time.

Helen serves as a Strategic Advisor for Jebbit, and the Athena Alliance. She is Subject Matter Expert at Andreessen Horowitz. She has been a panelist at SXSW, a speaker at Citi Digital Money Forum and Money 2020 Europe. She holds an M.B.A in Finance from Chicago Loyola University.

October 25th, 2018

We have some nice news to share today! We prepared a short re-cap of the recent event in Geneva, the PropTokenDEX launch is right around the corner, plus our team is richer for one more member! He’s been with Blocksquare for some time now and we believe it’s the perfect moment for you to get to know him better, especially as he will take an active role and represent the team in our community channels as Community Manager!

#1 City of Tomorrow 🌃 S01E02

Times are changing. Before the internet, we did everything face — to — face, but now we have the chance to communicate and cooperate online. Business is changing too, and the real estate world is shifting into new levels, all thanks to technological developments. We are all familiar with buying and selling real estates in conventional ways, but every system has its pluses and minuses; and making real estate accessible for every person is our intention. Before that, if you wanted to invest in the real estate, you needed to have access to a large sum of money. But we want to give you the chance to buy and sell even if you don’t have a big bank account. Small asset management company called NDP successfully tokenized a single parking space in Ljubljana, and that is a good example what can be done.

Our CEO — Denis was in Geneva last week as a speaker, discussing The Impact of Real Estate Crowdfunding — Proptech & Smart Cities. City of Tomorrow is a Fusion Original, Swiss event series and community dedicated to the exposure and education of innovations related to PropTech and Smart City technology. They invest in world class entrepreneurs & technology to drive next-phase corporate engagement, innovation delivery & integrations with industry leaders just at the right time. Emerging technology makes it a reality and the possibilities are opening even for other industries.

Denis Petrovcic @ PropTech Fusion
& @ PropTech Fusion

Start-ups there work all together in groups, and they help each other in solving obstacles along the way. Yeah, if you look at it from that angle, we are not rivals, we are here to create a better future for all of us together.

#2 Meet Tim Pirc, our community manager!

Tim has several years of experience dealing with cross-border real estate transactions, mainly involving Russian investors seeking to enter the Slovenian real estate market. His interest in cryptocurrency begun in the middle of 2017. When he heard about Blocksquare, he was glad to find a startup company that deals with both, real estate and blockchain, where his acquired knowledge can be successfully combined in a new field. Tim believes that a strong business community is crucial to the prosperity of a startup company. After joining Blocksquare in April, he gained considerable insight into our core vision and road map, getting gradually involved in operating our social media communications and will from now on take over the responsibility of managing our active community!

#3 PropTokenDEX ⏳

We know you are eager to see how the PropTokenDEX interface will look like! We are working round the clock to fine-tune and improve user experience to be as intuitive as possible right from the start. The first public version should be ready before the end of October. Stay tuned on our or and be the first to know!

#4 Blockchain and real estate — an international perspective

Yesterday, our CEO Denis presented Blocksquare at a . For those who aren’t familiar, was founded in July 2018, and is already active in seven European countries: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland & Slovenia with a goal to expand through new regional chapters world-wide. Membership is free, with currently about 1.500 active blockchain and real estate professionals in the network. FIBREE aims to be the leading international network for knowledge exchange on the use case of blockchain technology within the real estate industry, acting as a catalyst for opportunity to innovation startups, corporates, governments and research institutions on a global scale.

October 18th, 2018

Our team is back from Munich with great new experiences, acquaintances, and most important of all — good news to share with us. So, what have we’ve been doing in the past week — highlights:

#1 Expo Real Munich appearance

Previous week our representatives Denis and Jure attended Expo Real Munich — International Trade Fair for Property and Investment. In 2017 EXPO REAL joined 41.800 decision makers and 2003 exhibitors from 35 countries and they all served as potential business partners. This years numbers were higher then in the previous years, and we are glad to be a part of it in addition to make new connections and to learn from others who share a similar point of views. Here are some photos and a from München, but the more detailed report is coming soon in our Medium post.

@ Expo Real Munich
Inside the fair
Expo Real outdoor gathering

#2 City of Tomorrow 🛩

As we said, our touring schedule is pretty busy, and the next stop is 📍 again. Denis, the CEO of Blocksquare is a guest speaker there, with two other amazing associates — Philippe Beckers, Real estate and Proptech industry expert, advisor & mentor and Dan Amar, CEO of Foxstone.

City of Tomorrow is a Fusion Original Swiss event series, a community dedicated — all in favor to educate about innovations related to PropTech and Smart City technology. We want to transform the way people buy, sell, lease, build and manage residential and commercial properties, to make that possible we are using the finest technologies that will take cities into next level of productivity and efficiency.

In this episode of the City of Tomorrow, we’ll delve into the future ownership; more specifically, crowdfunding for real estate! Blocksquare set an example that it’s possible. All details about the Pilot project for all who are still unfamiliar with our work you can find !

October 11th, 2018

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” — Warren Buffett

So, what day is it again? Our calendar is so busy with the preparations and catching all the fairs and meetings around the 🌐 that we may say it’s down, but as we promised, Thursday’s update is ON! :) Our team is actively working on making things possible. There is quite a lot going on in assets tokenization space right now, many areas are still fresh , and there is a lot of capacity to explore in addition to bring the future to you! Here are some insights on our latest activities:

#1 Expo Real Munich

📅 October 8–10, 2018

This year will be the 20th Expo Real in a row, a nice big anniversary to attend, and we will also be a part of it. Expo Real is the largest B2B global market fair for property and investment located in Munich where all business-oriented exhibitors and visitors including project developers, project managers, investors, financiers, funds, software providers and all other big players meet for cross-industry and trans-national projects, investments and financing. Our team is there right now meeting with former and potential new partners, and we are fervently waiting for the updates. We will notify you about everything in our next week’s post!

#2 PropTokenDEX — beta coming very soon!

After successfully rolling out our first two modules of the PropToken system, PropTokenINVEST and PropTokenRENT, our third module is coming to public use in its beta version — the PropTokenDEX!

Our exchange module works completely peer-to-peer, without custodians, so users remain in control of their funds at all times. It runs on a decentralized open source exchange system developed by . The team at 0x has been doing amazing work so far, making more and more features available for the community of developers.

With the backend done, our development team is currently working on the last modifications of the front-end. Final internal testing is already underway and if there are no major bugs the PropTokenDEX module will go live early next week.

#3 Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia

Last Thursday our CEO Denis Petrovcic was a guest speaker on Blockchain Think Tank Slovenia. It took place in 📍, where all the good stuff is happening right now. TP Ljubljana is considered the largest innovation ecosystem for commercialization of knowledge and technology in SE Europe.

Dr. Peter Merc (), Denis Petrovcic (), dr. Boris Horvat (), Igor Kregar (), Srdjan Mahmutovic ()

is building bridges between the private and public sector — cooperation is crucial for the development of blockchain technologies. The main subject of the debate was to find the answer to the question — how will tokenization of wealth and crypto exchanges shape the future of the fiat economy?

The panel, moderated by Dr. Peter Merc, involved CEOs of successful Slovenian blockchain companies in a discussion to answer the most newsworthy issues that address the crypto exchange ecosystem. There has been quite a lot of debate around decentralized, centralized and hybrid exchanges — as you already know, we are big supporters of direct peer-to-peer trading without custodian accounts!

October 4th, 2018

Hi guys! How are you all been doing? It’s time for our Thursday’s Update again. Hope you didn’t forget about us, we took a short break from our weekly posts, but we are back again and we are here to give you some insights about what we have been doing in the meantime.

#1 Thursday’s updates are back on!

Okay, you are probably wondering where our Thursday’s Update disappeared? Yeah, we’ve been off track with our weekly updates, but we are re-establishing the popular community updates starting today! From now on, you can expect to read from us every Thursday! :)

Our primary focus in this period was on the product and the identification of potential Certified Partners. We put all our efforts into deeply understanding our market, the pain points we are solving and the various use cases for real estate tokenization. Even though our weekly updates have been put on hold, we kept you informed about everything through our group, keeping a close connection with our most active community members.

#2 We’ve been busy — our latest milestones

In order to show how our PropToken system actually works, we launched the first pilot project. A single parking space located in Technology Park Ljubljana which was successfully tokenized using Blocksquare’s PropToken standard by a small local asset management company NDP. The tokenized property attracted 19 investors from 8 different countries. The crowdfunding lasted 16 days, where the big majority of investments came in through bank payments in EUR fiat currency.

These 19 investors were already able to withdraw the first rent distribution based on the number of digital shares they own. October will bring the next important milestone, the PropTokenDEX module — a decentralized unstoppable marketplace for peer-to-peer PropToken exchange. We are working hard to have it ready for beta testing around the 15th when the next rent distribution by NDP will take place.

Thanks to our recent achievements that would not be possible without an amazing, focused and hard working team, we were able to get accepted into Switzerland’s Global Acceleration Program — located in Geneva. The goal of this collaboration is to find the right product market fit. For each track (FinTech, PropTech, LifeTech) Fusion invited about 20 finalists to their Geneva pitch day event and ended up selecting only about 5–10 startups for each track of their fellowship program.

invests in world-class entrepreneurs & technology to commute next-phase corporate engagement, innovation delivery & integrations with industry leaders. They build, grow and encourage Blockchain products and communities through their BlockchainLAB. We are now one week away from the official kick-off day next week. This means our team will be busy and traveling back and forth between Geneva and Ljubljana in the next months.

Proptech Fusion

#3 PropTech Riga


Blocksquare also had an important role at last week where 300+ professionals gathered for 2 days in Latvia to debate how technology is shaping the future of RE. Our CEO Denis Petrovcic presented how blockchain technology can be applied to established real estate businesses, and how a small local asset management company successfully tokenized a single parking space in Ljubljana, attracting investors from 4 different continents!


The event had our advisory board members Achim Jedelsky and prof. dr. Michael Trübestein presenting and paneling on blockchain for real estate. Achim Jedelsky, who is the head of IT at Daimler Real Estate and board member at , how blockchain technology can be applied through a real estate property’s life cycle, while prof. dr. Michael Trübestein, Head of MScRE at Lucerne University and board member at , held a keynote on the applications and challenges of Blockchain technology in the Real Estate industry. Both our advisory board members did an incredible job at the conference!


An amazing keynote presentation was delivered also by Co-Founder of , the global leader in PropTech information and data research, James Dearsley. As always, James made an amazing appearance showing his deep understanding of PropTech and how startups and corporates should collaborate more to challenge the painpoints the real estate industry is facing with emergence and development of new technologies like blockchain disrupting the sector.

Proptech is one small part of the wider digital transformation of the property industry. It describes a movement driving a mentality change within the real estate industry and its consumers regarding technology-driven innovation in the data assembly, transacting and design of buildings and cities. “ — Baum & Dearsley 2017

June 29th, 2018

We said yes!

#1 BTC City Blockchain Alliance

Blocksquare has been invited to join City Blockchain Alliance — The City of Blockchain Companies. For those who don’t know BTC is the most successful shopping and logistics zone in the region. As a company with many international partners, their area of expertise spans over many industries, real estate included.

BTC as a company has always strived to be at the forefront of implementing new technologies. It was fantastic for BTC to make another big step into Blockchain technology and unite big Slovenian Blockchain Companies by successfully starting BTC City Blockchain Alliance, which will be one of the first alliances to actually focus on sharing knowledge, working together and facilitate blockchain startups create real business cases.

BTC is very excited to take the lead and help position Slovenia as one of the leading countries in Blockchain technology and Blocksquare is proud to become part of this alliance.

June 21st, 2018

Some thoughts about our struggles with IDEX exchange, the recent Berlin workshop and a how-to guide to bounty & airdrop distributions!

#1 About BST getting delisted from IDEX…

Getting delisted from IDEX caught us by surprise. The team worked hard to get us on the exchange and hoped we can now focus 100% on the pilot. With this we now need to repeat it all over again and try to contact the IDEX team however we can to get re-listed. We are preparing legal statements and trying hard to get us back on the exchange as we feel there is no reason whatsoever for the BST token to not be listed on IDEX along with many other ERC20 tokens out there. We are confident. The only reason we see BST not getting back on IDEX is if they would not want to admit they made a mistake. Fingers crossed.

#2 RE!N workshop in Berlin

Our team is here and we are working towards the goals we have set out to reach. This also involves doing things that are not tech related, for instance, we’ve been involved in a great workshop organized by REIN and our advisory board member Achim Jedelsky in Berlin last week where representatives from and were present. Denis had the pleasure of working the whole day with them figuring out where tokenization creates opportunity for asset management companies like Union Investment. They are very much interested in the value propositions of tokenization in general, but currently they deem it is too unknown for them to even consider officially talking about it. This does not mean they might not go this direction in the future though. Our mission is to stay close, educate them and have our solutions ready for when they start taking this more seriously. Rome was not built in a day, neither will tokenized real estate. As always, some will start adopting the tech earlier than others and we have to figure out who the early adopters amongst the industry are.

#3 Bounty & Airdrop distributions

We’ve been postponing the distribution of bounties and airdrops for some time now — a decision that has been taken in good faith, mainly to let BST consolidate on the market first. After BST has been unlocked and trading for little over 1 month, we are now ready to distribute your hard earned BST. Thank you for your patience!

You can read the whole post on how to get your airdropped BST .

June 6th, 2018

Focusing on the pilot & changing our weekly update to wheneverwehavesomethingtosay update.

#1 Pilot number 01 — Student house in Ljubljana

It’s June, the month when our first pilot project in collaboration with our certified partner is planned to start and the first PropToken is to be deployed.
All who wish to learn more about the tokenization process and how we plan to bring this pilot to a successful conclusion, take a few minutes of your time and read all about it in this great article

#2 Changing this update’s title

We are changing our Thursday’s Update to simply Blocksquare’s Update. To have the time to share valuable updates with you, when there are some new milestones on the project.

May 24th, 2018

Not every week is a “big steps week”, but every week is a move forward for Blocksquare.

#1 New partnerships on the horizon

The vision of Blocksquare is to provide a standard tokenization system for realtors worldwide. For the PropToken standard to gain adoption, it must provide a tiered level of verification for companies that are granted its use. With scaling in mind, we opened a line of discussion for partnerships with international 3rd party audit providers. If done in the right way, we believe this addition could facilitate not only adoption, but also increase trustworthiness of the system as a whole.

#2 Every real estate needs a real insurance

What Blocksquare is providing is a new way to invest in yield generating real estate and it’s success depends on the ability of the system to provide security for investors. Real estate is a safe investment, and any investment product that leverages this asset class, needs to carefully consider this simple fact. For this reason we’re working hard towards introducing an insurance company into the mix. We can’t disclose much at this point, but the goal is to create a safety net for worse case scenarios.

#3 New faces, new cases

We are glad to see new faces coming into our Telegram group all the time and to see the community growing. We also monitor all your exciting chats and vivid conversation, and we have one huge request for all of you: Please don’t be impatient. Use your valuable time to learn more about Blocksquare, bring us your thoughts and challenges, try to learn a lot from our honourable community members like Simon, Imran, Marc, Saso F, Liz, Wesley C, Thomas Sinfield, Mahi and many others that are with Blocksquare from the very beginning. They are not admins of the group, but sometimes we think they know our project even more in-depth than some of us. :D We love to read your discussions and we believe they are the best way to bring up a constructive dialogue and help us improve where there is room for improvement. ❤️

May 18th, 2018

Another week, another progress & update about Blocksquare!

#1 BST token is listed on !

While we are in talks with other decentralized and centralized exchanges, we got listed on . Everyone who didn’t manage to catch the wave of the Crowdsale Series A and would love to get your share of the BST tokens, this is your chance!

#2 INBA collaboration & pilot in Slovenia

As the market is slowly getting back in shape, we are looking forward to what comes next for Blocksquare. The team focus is at the moment 100% on our pilot project, where we are fine-tuning the details with our main local partner — .

INBA is one of the partners that keep confirming their interest in Blocksquare and the opportunity we provide for them to disrupt the local market. Their engagement both in terms of time invested in order for us to create a solid and safe system for investors, as well as willingness to open new doors and building new connections with real estate market leaders, is simply astonishing.

Our collaboration with INBA and their team of real estate professionals enables us to deeply understand what future certified partners and companies or individuals interested to invest in real estate properties through the use of blockchain technology need. Progress in the last two weeks has been mainly about ensuring safety for investors, working towards a solution that involves cooperation with a major insurance company.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about Blocksquare — till next one!

May 10th, 2018

Finally a Thursday’s Update on Thursday and we have some great news for all BST token holders!

#1 The Series A crowdsale is over!

The Series A brought the number of BST token holders up to 216 and the circulating supply to ~5 million tokens. With the Series A over, our focus is now on the pilot project and delivering value to BST holders. Besides working towards partnerships in the region, we are actively fine-tuning our product to deliver the right solution for the interested market.

Some facts about the current BST token distribution:

Token holders: 216
Total circulating supply: 4,959,167 BST
Check on

#2 BST tokens will be unlocked for transfers on May 11th 0600 GMT

It’s time to set our beloved Blocksquare Token free. 🕊 This means all BST token holders will have the ability to transfer and trade tokens on decentralized exchanges like !

Remember, our multi-series token sale model rewards those who stick with us! Each new token sale round (B, C, D…) will start with a 10% bonus airdrop to existing BST holders. Tokens in future series will be always sold at market price, with an additional 5% bonus given to crowdsale series participants.

To buy or sell BST, follow the link ➡️

#3 Bounties & airdrops distribution

In order to keep presale & series A token sale buyers safe, we will delay distributions of BST tokens for finished bounties and airdrops.

All eligible for BST can rest assured to receive their tokens in time for the 1st official pilot planned for June 2018.

April 5th, 2018

This Thursday’s Thursday’s Update is one of the longest ones — we have plenty to share.

#1 Every Share Counts. #bounty #tokengiveaway

With all of the major marketing players (Facebook, Twitter, Google & Mailchimp joining soon) turning their backs on ICOs, marketing teams need to find another way to reach out to the world and share the news about their amazing projects. Blocksquare continues with planned marketing activities, however, we decided to respond to the “bigguysmove” by giving part of the budget, intended for SM advertising, to the community instead.

In the first flight, we decided to distribute 10.000 BST tokens (5.000 USD) to those, that share our content with their community. Every day we will post a and to our channels and every day we will award those, who share. Additionally — the more shares we gather, the bigger the award.

⚠️You can check the system on the chart below:

5000 BST tokens distribution — for Twitter and separated 5000 for Facebook!

👉 How does it work?
1. Every day we will post a Tweet on our Twitter account and a post on our Facebook account + pin it to the top to make it easies for you to find it. (We’ll make a short announcement on our as well).
2. Every day we will draw a lucky winner from everyone who shared the post with his community.
3. The winner will be awarded a certain amount of BST tokens, depending on the total number of shares the post got that day (according to the chart).
4. The upper chart is created for each channel — in total 5.000 BST tokens for Twitter and 5.000 BST tokens for Facebook shares.
5. If we see that the campaign works, we will add some more awards and extend the campaign. 💪

What do you think? Can Blocksquare be the first project that can showcase the strength of the community over the fear of the big players? 🦄

#2 Our First Pilot Project might Get International Company! 🚀

You all know all about our first that should take place soon(ish) — we are in final talks with our partner — . However, things might start developing with the speed of light anytime soon.

🚀 First important news:
Renowned Luxemburg incubator welcomes Blocksquare for the next Q 2018.

🚀🚀 Second important news: Technoport connects Blocksquare to in order to set a possible pilot project in Luxembourg!

As our advisor and ambassador is present in Luxembourg he will focus on the Luxembourg pilot, with our team working alongside remotely from Slovenia. The pilot in Slovenia, with which we will proceed nonetheless, will also help individuate the needed partnerships and facilitate all processes in Luxembourg.

Our vision should soon turn into reality.

#3 Meet Danny J. Christ, MBA, Blocksquare’s new ambassador

A networker and traveller, has joined in our Ambassadors programme. With over 10 years’ in Southeast Asia he is a specialist in the hospitality market (IT and operations) — pioneering retail, restaurants and franchises through brand development, conceptualisation, and expansion… Working in the hospitality, is obviously exposed to various real estate projects from private mall developers such as Central Group Thailand, to corporations such as Savills.

Danny J. Christ

Why sees Blocksquare as a game changer?

“For me usage of blockchain technology is all about empowering the masses, skipping the middleman as many interesting projects aim to do. Tokenising the assets, enable myself as individual to easily be able to invest in real estate — which is the future. Blocksquare enables that, for individuals, real estate agents and corporations to securely (The Proof of Title Protocol) and conveniently (exchange) do just that.“

Read Danny’s Blocksquare articles:

That’s it from us till next Thursday!

March 29th, 2018

It’s Thursday. Time for our Thursday’s update.

#1 Blocksquare Crowdsale coming up, Pre-order now and secure your 25% bonus before the Crowdsale starts

Blocksquare Crowdsale is scheduled for April 18th, 15.00 GMT. A lot of things has changed since we started this journey, we saw many changes in the ICO field, the market looks like a battlefield but all of this confirms us that we are on the right way. Especially with the multi series system of running the ICO, we believe we can at the end reach our goal: to create a sustainable product.

Series A details

Series A Hard Cap ➡️ 5,000,000 USD
BST for Series A ➡️ 10,000,000 BST
Series A BST price ➡️ 1 BST = 0,5 USD

Series A bonus

25% bonus for all contributions sent up to 60 minutes after Crowdsale start. Not sure you will be able to make it in time? Join NOW, pre-order your BST tokens and secure your 25% bonus before the Crowdsale starts. :point_right:

#2 New advisor on board

Ladies and Gentelman, meet Achim Jedelsky, a corporate digital innovator and blockchain enthusiast who uses his experience in agile management to improve processes and the collaboration between experts of various kind. Achim is also the organiser of the very popular .

You will be able to see his face on our webpage any time soon, till then, do follow him on Linkedin ➡️

#3 Do you BTTalk? 😉

For everyone of you, who simply ❤️ this crypto-world platform, we have created a new thread, where you can find all essential information about Blocksquare. Do check. And do comment. Do ask. Keep it alive and make it bloom. 😉

Enough of romantics, here you go:

#4 Telegram Airdrop

In order to enhance your Bounty, we decided to give our Telegram community a small boost. Welcome all newcomers with open hands and make them feel welcome. We believe that your enthusiasm about Blocksquare is catchy and we are sure you will manage to pass it on to at least some of new members of the community. 😉 P.S. Everyone who is keeping our Telegram community alive — Your Bounty rewards will be updated soon, and you can expect an announcement in our official channel sometime tomorrow.

Till next time!

March 22th, 2018

Another Thursday, another Thursday’s update.

#1 — new website, more content, a playground for you

Probably you have seen it already, but still — our webpage got a bit of redesign, some more content and guess what? We’re still working on it! :) And as always — we appreciate your opinion, we would love to hear your thoughts. If it is something that you are missing, something you love, if you find a 404 or anything that sticks out … drop us a line on .

#2 Blocksquare is getting more and more media attention👏👏👏👏

Read all about it:
➡️: “Blocksquare aims to open up real estate sales with blockchain platform crowdsale”
➡️: “Blockchain Real Estate Startup Blocksquare Announces Series A Crowdsale”
➡️: “Blocksquare, a European blockchain real estate group, begins series A crowdsale”

To give you a full overview of what’s going on in Blocksquare and what our Ambassadors are up to, we have created one article where we keep all of their contributions. A nice link to save for the moments, you are searching for a good read:


#3 From A to A — Michel moving from Ambassador to Advisor, bringing important global business connections.

Welcome on board!

Michel Martin

In a nutshell, Michel is a global Real Estate professional with 8+ years track record in orchestrating strategic business development responsibilities and executing them.

March 15th, 2018

It’s Thursday’s update — on a new platform. :) We have heard a few times, that you want to keep track about our updates, so we decided to change the Google doc for a Medium post. A long Medium post.

#1 A bit more than a month untill our Crowdsale Series A

April 18th, 2018 is THE date we are all looking forward to. Even if it seems like a short month, we see it as a long period of tasks, TO-DOs and opportunities. As we have already shared on our Telegram channel, we are fully in the marketing activities, planned with the peak before the Crowdsale. However, we value your opinion a lot, and we would love to hear you suggestions, ideas … on how to spread the word in this crowded ICO market. All suggestions welcome on .

#2 3rd prize and 1st audience award on the Blockchain-REAL conference 👏👏🏆🥇🍾🎉

A part of our team and our CEO, Denis had quite a busy schedule these past weeks — travelling and presenting Blocksquare on various blockchain conferences. One of those was the Blocksquare Real conference in Austria , where we had a chance to present Blocksquare and received nice awards! Moments like this, and the support we see from our amazing community give us motivation to work even in times when the market is red. :) Another thing … Events will also get the place on our new website that is going live in next few days. That should give you a nice overview of where and when we are and if you are near by, we hope to meet you in person.

#3 Meet our new advisors.

Welcome on board!

Prof. Dr. Michael Trübestein

Advisory Board Member, Head MScRE at Lucerne University
Lecturer at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Michael published several articles and books in the field of real estate investments and finance, RE asset management, RE capital markets and real estate valuation. An active member of the Society of Property Researchers and distinguished fellow of the American Real Estate Society.

Walter Strametz

Advisory Board Member, MSc MBA
Organizer of the first blockchain-real estate conference in Europe, Walter spend most of his career in IT as programmer, head of development, CTO and boardmember focusing on innovation.

Damijan Slapar

Advisory Board Member, CTO at Iskratel
Damijan focuses in creating and maintaining innovative technology companies. With a proven record of shaping and transitioning individuals, teams and organizations, Damijan’s experience in building successful IT companies will help guide Blocksquare to fulfill its potential.

March 8th, 2018

It’s Thursday’s update — on Thursday! We’re getting conventional ;) After the crazy days of the Community Presale, our pace finally slowed down and these days and weeks are mostly in the sign of strategic approach to our next step — Series A Crowdsale. Partnering up, teaming up, negotiating, planning, creating … In this state of the project, some things take time and we don’t have sensational headlines to share with you every week. However, a few lines to keep you in the loop:

#1 New webpage coming up

We have announced this in the previous update, and we are working on it as we speak. New web page with more content will pop up on the same domain you are used to — . If there is anything you miss on the current webpage — now is the time to speak :) All suggestions welcome on .

#2 Marketing activities taking place

As you probably already know, we have a skilled marketing team that is focusing on creating the best possible strategy ensuring the best possible results. One could not believe, how many various scams and fake offers are floating out there — with this in mind, we are focusing on creating an efficient but also safe marketing campaign.

#3 Pilot project status update

With a first huge partner is probably the same as with the first serious girlfriend — you need to take time to meet her, get to know her better, talk this and that and real estate and yellow shoes … Just kidding a bit. However, the truth is, that things like Blocksquare’s first Pilot project take a lot of time, in-depth research, tough negotiations and … time. As we are typing these words, Denis and Jure are spending some nice moments on the INBA’s 8 years party, where he also had the chance to make a memorandum about our future cooperation that is in the negotiation phase. Fingers crossed, we’ll be able to share more information with you shortly.

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Amazing days ahead of Blocksquare after we successfully finished our Presale. After taking a deep breath, our team is already moving forward, focusing on our next steps. We are enhancing our marketing strategy, our webpage will be updated in the next weeks and you will be happy to see new team members and advisors. Once again — we see a lot of conversation going on our telegram group — we are happy to have you all on board and we are proud of the community that we have. We try to be in the loop with all of your suggestions and ideas, however, sometimes there is too much buzz on the channel and some good ideas might get missed. Please, if you have an idea or a suggestion that you want to share with us, drop us a line on .

#1 Community presale ends

We are happy to see the Community presale ending with 4,431,997.94 BST tokens sold to a total of 164 token Holders. Currently, no single token holder has more than 5.8925% of the currently minted supply, an important factor to consider when trade activity begins after our planned Series A crowdsale is completed!

Don’t know how much BST you have? Even though BST tokens are currently locked for transfers, you can already check your BST token balance. If you use Myetherwallet, the process is very simple!

  1. Click on “View Wallet Info”
  1. Access your wallet with one of the provided methods (We use TREZOR)
  2. Look for “Token Balances” on the right side of your screen and click on “Show All Tokens”
  1. A list of ERC20 tokens will be displayed. Scroll down to find BST, then “Click to Load BST” to check your BST token balance!

When all BST tokens are minted into circulation (in a few years time, depending on development, PropToken network growth and Blocksquare runway extension needs), we plan to transfer the ownership of the contract to 0x0000… address so no central entity can ever control it.

#2 Series A Crowdsale start set for April 18th

When setting the date of the Crowdsale, we decided to make sure we have enough time to build up the community, create the hype about Blocksquare and reach enough audience to ensure a successful crowdsale. With all of this in mind, we decided that Series A Crowdsale starts on April 18th, 15.00 GMT.

Save the date, spread the word and stay tuned till then!

#3 Meet our new Ambassador — welcome, Paul Angus!

Crypto YouTuber, trader, miner and hodler. An engineer in the Old World, who has been living in Bangkok, Thailand for almost 20 years and first got interested in crypto around three years ago when he bought his first Bitcoin for the princely sum of $300. Since then his interest in the technology, its application and the philosophy behind it has grown to the extent that he has become a full-time crypto degen.

Do you still remember the rest of our amazing ambassadors?
And don’t forget to check some of their latest pieces:



February 25th, 2018

It’s been only a week since our last update, but so much is going on that it feels like ages passed. Wondering how our days look like? Well, Denis is travelling the world, speaking at various conferences and making sure the word about Blocksquare gets into the world. Meanwhile, Viktor and the development team at Medius are working on the core product. We are onboarding new ambassadors, partnering up with selected PR and media buying partners and fine-tuning the deal for the Pilot project. With our schedule super full, we are looking forward to the next stage of Blocksquare — the Series A crowdsale. We will make sure to have enough time to get ready properly, to fill in all potential gaps that might stay in our way of reaching our goals. With this in mind — we want to thank you once again — you are an amazing community, and we are happy to receive so much feedback from you. Highly appreciated! Now, to the point:

#1 Last days to contribute to our community presale

Our community presale is coming to an end. We are thrilled to see more than 160 contributors supporting the project from the early start. There was no soft cap set as we intend to continue development with our private financial means. The community presale closes on February 28th, 2018 1500 GMT.

Funds raised during our presale will be used mainly to enhance marketing activities and boost interest for the Series A crowdsale planned for the end of March 2018. Our main goal is to build Blocksquare into the successful brand it is set out to be. We may push the Series A date to April if our team will assess that will be beneficial to Blocksquare’s exposure.

Current BST price for Presale contributors is 0.08 USD, and Series A Crowdsale base price is set to 0.5 USD, so take your last chance to earn some nice bonuses! Many already signed up to help spread the word about Blocksquare by — we will award you for every contribution we get through your network!

#2 Blocksquare at Innovation Day in London (UK)

The Propteq conference lead us to an invitation by to present Blocksquare at their innovation day on March 2nd in London, an internal event aiming to see how new technologies could impact real estate.

A key focus of the day is on how alternative data sources could be extrapolated to improve real estate investment decisions, as well as how FinTechs are enhancing the real estate financing landscape or changing how traditional finance office occupiers use space. The event intends to cover anything PropTech, in particular businesses that could apply to or disrupt GIC London Real Estate investments. Current main speakers include O2 Smart Steps, Lendinvest, Brickvest, Starling Bank, Innovate Finance, Tech City and Blocksquare.

#3 Speaking at ICO 4 Impact Summit

Our CEO, Denis was also invited to speak at , an event organised by Beyond Capital Markets. The ICO 4 Impact Summit is the first decentralized event series for blockchain impact and crypto impact investing, delivered virtually. You can attend this event online from anywhere in the world. The event series was created to help you better understand how cryptocurrency and blockchain can be applied to increase the quality of life, build wealth and sustainable economies. The 7-day event offers 6 dynamic tracks with more than 50 interviews, presentations, and panel sessions diving deep into Impact ICOs, blockchain model innovation, wealth building and regulations across agriculture, payments & banking, health & wellness, smart city, and clean innovation.

#4 On this and that.

Even though we don’t react to every post or answer every question on our Telegram, we are always present. We hear your suggestions and questions and we have collected answers to a few of them:

ADVERTISING & PR? We’re on it. As you might know, it takes time for the right message to clear out, for the connections to build so that the story can be told. And heard.

ETH PEG? You were pointing out the ETH peg to 930 USD some days ago when ETH jumped a bit over the peg. As we speak, it is settled around 830 USD — meaning contributing in the Blocksquare Presale gives you an additional buying opportunity. The peg will stay untill the end of the Presale.

PILOT PROJECT? Big stories take time. Important deals take caution. Long-term partnerships take a lot of paperwork. :) We are currently at this point. We are clearing up the details of the contract and can’t wait untill the moment we can break the news to all of you.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT? Many of you wrote that you would like to engage more with the project. Each of you has a unique skill and we believe, all of them can be useful for the future of Blocksquare. We have received all your emails and we’ll get back to you with a suggestion/idea/answer as soon as possible.

YOU HAVE SUGGESTIONS. BRING THEM ON! Here and there we have noticed some ideas on how could we help you to support us even better. Our Helpdocs are one of the tools you can use, however, we will be happy to assist you with any additional tool that makes sense. Just drop us a line to!

Feb 17th, 2018

We might even start calling it a Friday’s update. Or Saturday’s. Or we just skip the day and call it Weekly Update. :) What do we want to share with you this week?

#1 Invite friends, get rewards — Our Referral program is on!

In order to boost the Presale, we decided to start a referral program. For each ETH your network contributes to our presale contract, we will award 500 BST tokens! The Presale Referral Program is free to join, easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge. In order to receive additional BST tokens, you simply promote Blocksquare by posting promotional materials regarding the Blocksquare Presale throughout the web. More information 👉

Apply for our Referral 👉

#2 Have you met our Ambassadors already?

They are very cool, extremely nice, they have many super powers, they understand blockchain, love real estate, and they can write!

Get to know them better 👉 and make sure you follow their channels!

#3 Curious about our Pilot project?

What we can share is that we are very close to signing an agreement with the first Certified Partner that will implement Blocksquare on their platform! We will soon be able to tell you more about this partnership, for now, we can only share that it is one of the biggest and most known CRE brokers in Slovenia with both local and international clients. This certified partner will have the opportunity to develop the Slovenian market integrating the Blocksquare system on their platform and at the same time serve as Hodling Company of the property reserved for the pilot project.

Feb 9th, 2018

It’s Thursday’s update — ON FRIDAY! Correct. :) So much excitement going on yesterday in our team with the start of the Presale that everyone completely forgot which day in the week it was. For us it was a Blocksquare day! Sorry for our delay but we are sure you can feel us. So … few important things to share with you — more or less all in the light of the official Presale start.

#1 Blocksquare presale is OPEN!

On Thursday, we’ve opened the Blocksquare Presale to all of you, who applied for whitelisting in the Priority and gave you the opportunity to get your BST tokens in the first tranches. In less than few hours, the “Tranche bar” moved to nr. 6, with more than 2.000.000 BST tokens distributed to our early supporters, to all of you who believed in the project from the very beginning.

We were happy to see the Presale run smoothly, our smart contract bulletproof and all the the positive responses from our community gave us a lot of positive energy and motivation, confirmation, that we are on the right track. After the first 24 hours, the 2 ETH LIMIT was down and THE PRESALE OPEN FOR EVERYONE.

As we are typing these words, we are currently in Tranche 7 with a BST price of 0.07 USD. If you haven’t joined the Presale, now it’s your time. Whitelist for the presale and get your BST tokens with amazing bonuses before the Crowdsale.

REMEMBER: BST today: 0,07 USD. BST price in March: 0.5 USD.

You can join by whitelist for Presale HERE >

If you already have your contributors account and would like to get more BST tokens, you can simply enter your Personal Contributors Dashboard and proceed with the contribution.

#2 You are part of a global community

We looked at all contributor accounts, and discovered … the world! 🌎 🌍 🌏

Our early supporters come from 53+ countries worldwide, from 6 different continents! 🚀

We are proud of this achievement, as it means Blocksquare already has a global presence within its community, setting strong foundations for the growth stages to come!

#3 Last Tranches await for those who join the Presale, BST token distribution is a magical rainbow

In the next days, we’ll continue with the promotion of our Presale as well as closing the deals we have with important partners, that will help us shape the future of the real estate.

At the moment, our Presale is open to everyone who Whitelists and who passes the KYC/AML procedure (if you just signed up, please remember, that this might take a bit of time before your account is confirmed). With the max contribution amount of 2 ETH set in the first 24 hours, we have achieved a wide distribution of our tokens — something, that was both — our goal and a smart decision.

You can see the distribution of the Blocksquare TOP 100 token holders here:


Some believe 3 is a lucky number. If you are one of those, you’ll love our third weekly update! This weeks weekly meeting was all about the upcoming pre-sale. Next days and weeks will stay this way, however, we are as well working on the promotion of the project, we are closing deals with important partners and moving blocks around the pilot project. More news all about this in next updates.

#1 BST presale PRIORITY listing is over.

Many of you have supported the idea of Blocksquare from the beginning and we will take care that you will be awarded accordingly. Everyone who applied for the priority whitelisting till 1.2.2018 23.00 GMT will get an email with the link to the personal contribution account. You will have to sign up and fill out the missing details (date of birth & ID photo) in order for us to proceed with your KYC (Know Your Customer) process. Once your whitelist application is verified, you will get an email notification.


All of you that will join the Blocksquare Presale in the first tranches, remember: first 24h the contract will accept only 1 ETH from your ETH wallet. After that time gap, the limit will be 100ETH. Those who want to contribute more, will need to check back after the 24h time gap.

In case you missed priority whitelisting, we still invite you to register your Blocksquare Contributor Account. Users registered AFTER February 1st will gain access to contribute 96 hours (4 days) after the presale starts! If the presale is sold out before you could contribute, your Blocksquare Contributor Account will also award you access to the upcoming Series A crowdsale planned for March 2018!

#2 Blocksquare Telegram Community hits 1000 members!

🏆🏆 Our Telegram community just hit 1000 members yesterday, already going for 1100 as we type these words. For us, it is not just the number that matters. As we’re in the early stage of the project, there are at the moment only two admins on the channel. Both, together with the rest of the team are dealing daily with other important issues in order to make our project work. This is why we really appreciate the support of this amazing community. As we try our best to keep you updated about the project on various platforms (web page, blog, help docs …) sometimes we can not be there when a new member of the community has a question. Therefore, we thank you for being our voice.

In this last period from od 16. do 31.1. we counted 637 active members, from which 127 most active were awarded with BST tokens.

You can check the latest Bounty scoreboard here ➡️

#3 Blocksquare is getting some media attention

Besides working on our advertising campaign to ensure the project the attention it deserves, we are happy to see Blocksquare in some media spotlight as well. If you understand russian, you might like the clip that was prepared by the Ukrainian Youtube influencers Cryptodealers: .

We saved another clipping from the GEWINN — Austria’s Top Business Magazine. We quote them: “The blockchain revolution in real estate happens NOW!”. We at Blocksquare couldn’t agree more. ❤️


It’s Thursday! Time for Blocksquare’s Thursday’s Update. Our Wednesday weekly meeting was super vivid and exciting since the pre-sale is coming up. Many other things are building up for Blocksquare, we have tried to wrap 3 that we believe might interest our community the most.

#1 BST presale coming up — First backers deserve prime rewards

Many of you have supported the idea of Blocksquare from the beginning. In you we see the reflection of our idea, we see you as visionaries who share our passion and see the huge potential unlocking liquidity in commercial real estate offers.

This is why we decided to create a 10-level pre-sale system consisting of 10 tranches, enabling 10 different bonus opportunities that reward those, who back us first. The price for 1 BST is set to start at 0.01 USD for a limited amount. After each tranche, the price increases by 0.01 USD and distributes a slightly greater amount of BST tokens.


To meet regulatory requirements all contributors will be subjected to KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) procedures. Even though we will work to expedite this process, please understand it might take some time for us and our AML/KYC partners ComplyAdvantage to execute background checks. In order to get you ready for the PRE-SALE (the exact date will be announced on February 1st), we warmly advise you to apply for whitelisting until February 1st, 23.00 GMT time.

All who and subsequently pass KYC/AML scanning will have PRIORITY when contributing in our upcoming pre-sale!

#2 Blocksquare Subreddit is waiting for all you Redditors

After creating a thread about our , we moved on to Reddit. With a great help of our community friend Simon, we have created a subreddit that you can all find on 👉 . For all of you who might join the conversation later on, please, check our HelpDoc 👉 where we have gathered and answered all questions that interest our community the most. We are happy to see our community growing and to see the project getting the proper attention on all platforms. 🚀🚀🚀

#3 You might gonna see more of Blocksquare on social media these days

We are super happy to announce a cooperation with , a cross-channel ad network that will help us spread the word about Blocksquare into the wide world. 🚀 This means you should see our ads on different social media platforms in next days. If you see us, don’t be a stranger — let us know what you think and if our messages speak to your ❤️.

Besides building up the Blocksquare concept, bringing to life a and setting up the presale and upcoming series A crowdsale, we are working on building brand awareness as well. In addition to the planned advertising campaign, we are currently giving interviews to various media that will be online in the next days, teaming up with vloggers and bloggers and as always to help us grow in terms of awareness.


As our active community suggested we are introducing the Thursday’s Update. Why not Tuesday, you ask? Well, on Wednesdays our team sits down for a weekly brief meeting to make sure we’re all on the right track. As of this week, we’ve introduced a 5 min discussion during this team meeting to agree on what topics we wish to communicate to you, our esteemed community.

#1 BST token contract deployment

On Tuesday we’ve deployed the Blocksquare token (BST) contract. You can take a look at the contract .

If you click on “Read Smart Contract”, you will see various parameters of the token. At the moment no BST tokens were created, thus the contract shows totalSupply → 0. You can also see the status of the token is set to tokenFrozen → True. This means we are only able to mint new tokens to other Ethereum addresses. Only Blocksquare, as the owner of the contract, can assign isAllowedToMint → _address. To ensure controlled and verifiable distribution, Blocksquare will assign minting rights only to smart contracts developed by our team for token sale purposes and bounty distributions and never to regular wallet addresses. This measure will ensure no manual minting will ever take place and only code is used to deliver BST tokens into circulation.

When all BST tokens are minted into circulation (in a few years time, depending on development and runway extension needs), we plan to transfer the ownership of the contract to 0x0000… address so no central entity can ever control it.

#2 Help Docs for our community

From the conversations in our Telegram group, we’ve come to understand there is a need for a central point of knowledge documents for current and future members to use. We have collected some of the most interesting and up-to-the-point questions posted by our amazing community and answered them accordingly. We encourage you all to and help our team build this important resource.

On the right upper side of the page, you can find the “Submit Request” button. By submitting your questions through this page we will easily manage and aggregate questions on the back-end and provide our community with official answers. If you feel some docs need improvement, you can submit a request including the link to the document and what aspects we should look at.

We believe this will become the central peace of verified information for community members, potential project contributors, partner companies and last but not least Blocksquare Ambassadors.

#3 Welcome to Miha Lenic leading the Ambassadors Management team

In the past weeks, as applications to our Blocksquare Ambassador program started pouring in, we felt the need to introduce an ambassadors management team to form a tight relationship between Blocksquare and chosen ambassadors.

Miha Lenic is an early and active member of our community and has impressed our core team with his approach, bright thinking and willingness to help out. Miha has vast experience in project management and has worked on high-value projects involving nuclear power plants in Slovenia and France. His team at is working with multiple clients from the IT sector and has recently started to focus part of its operations on opportunities in the blockchain space.

We are certain this extension will bring great success to the Blocksquare Ambassador program, set to become one of the most important pillars of our fast-growing community.


real estate on the block

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real estate on the block

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