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Building the world’s leading real estate tokenization system with all required tools and modules for creation, distribution, tracking and trade of tokenized properties takes a great development team — let’s take a closer look into our development partners, Medius.

Denis Petrovcic
Nov 21, 2018 · 4 min read

Medius Ltd is a software development company specialized in custom IT projects based on open source Java technology. Founded in 2002, company currently employs 20+ Java certified developers. The company is ISO9001 certified for software development and has AAA Gold creditworthiness rating and a steady revenue (1.7M EUR in 2017). Areas of expertise include telecommunications (OSS and BSS), online lottery, e-Government (registers, interoperability, document management), big data management, e-Commerce, order management and with recent years, blockchain systems.

Furthermore, the company offers several cloud-based services, one of the most known is Medius CloudSE, a software emulation of Secure Elements in the cloud. CloudSE exposes open API, that enables service providers to easily embed value-added mobile services such as payment, ticketing, loyalty, stored value to their mobile applications and use them on the existing infrastructure of NFC validators. Medius’ CloudSE solution won the award for the best European cloud service in the category “Best Cloud Services provided by Start-Up CSPs” at the Europe Cloud Awards 2016.

Medius’ focus is also in big-data related projects. As an example, one such project is “XYLogging”. A system, that centrally stores application logs and business events from more than 100 external applications and processes and stores more than 10 million transactions per day. This is possible by utilizing an HDFS (highly distributed file system) network that enables scalable and reliable data storage across a cluster of low-cost servers. With the combination of Solr — a search engine, such architecture offers near real-time search and analysis over an enormous amount of data.

Finally, Medius has in recent years been applying machine-learning algorithms to some of its projects. Using a dynamic throttling component its interoperability systems are able to make automatic decisions, how, when, and at what speed they are going to load external systems. This enables the detection and prevention of errors and outages before they even happen.
Such interoperability system, called “The Tray”, an innovative SOA project connecting to +40 external systems such as national registers, banks, etc., has been recognized and awarded by UN — United Nations as the best project in public sector in Europe and North America in 2013.

Medius’ leadership

Viktor Brajak is 32-year-old engineer of computer science. He holds a university degree of Computer Science and Information Technology from Faculty of computer science, University Ljubljana, Slovenia. His passion for programming began in his early teenage years when he joined a newly founded company Medius in 2002 as a high school student. Medius is a software engineering company specialized in the development, design, implementation, and integration of the most complex enterprise IT solutions. Since then his journey took him from programming applications to a chief operating officer role at Medius, leading a team of more than 20 engineers. Among others, his work includes research and innovation of cloud computing, mobile technologies, and blockchain. In 2015 he was invited and appointed as Chairman of the HCE («mobile») working group at OSPT Alliance, an alliance of more than 70 worldwide companies focused to create an open standard for secure, cost-effective, and flexible ticketing solutions for public transport and beyond. Today, Viktor is focusing his expertise as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Blocksquare, making real estate investing accessible, digital and global through the use of blockchain and smart contract technology.

Peter Brajak works as a Chief Technology Officer and a senior software architect at Medius, Java Middleware and Application Integration where he is responsible for project development, software architecture and technology specification for most of the company projects. He has more than 30 years of significant experience in developing complex mission-critical IT systems for telecommunications (fulfillment, provisioning, real-time rating, SIP services), online lottery systems, smart card processing, master data management and e-Government (registers, document management, interoperability) using the latest Java, JEE and open source technologies. Mr. Brajak’s special interest is in the area of developing the reusable, interoperability components for dynamic process orchestration and reliable data integration for inquiries in the complex e-Government projects. He was the chief software and technology architect of the project “The TRAY — The Interoperability Components of the Central Interoperability Infrastructure for Standardized Execution of Data Inquiries”, which was the major building block of the e-Social Security project that received the 2013 United Nations Public Service Award. Mr. Brajak holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University, School of Engineering and Applied Science, New York and has lectured and presented his work about Software Development, Java, Java EE, open-source, Agile Model Driven Development in major institutions worldwide, including MIT, NYU, etc. Prior to founding Medius, he has founded 2 other successful software development companies, has been an assistant professor at the University of Maribor, has been employed as a project architect at the Institute Jozef Stefan (SI) and Iskra Delta, the largest IT company in the former Yugoslavia.

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