The countdown begins — Only 24 hours left!

Denis Petrovcic
Feb 7, 2018 · 3 min read

The Blocksquare presale for PRIORITY contributors is less than 24 hours away! We wanted to share some important updates in light of the recent pricing fluctuations on the market, gas settings recommendations and one statistical insight that will amaze you!

You are part of a global community

We looked at all PRIORITY contributor accounts that already passed KYC/AML screening, and discovered… the world! 🌎 🌍 🌏

Our early supporters come from 53+ countries worldwide, from 6 different continents! 🚀

We are proud of this achievement, as it means Blocksquare already has a global presence within its community, setting strong foundations for the growth stages to come!

Important Updates

In order to keep-up with the market, we made some important decisions. Please take your time to read them through. 📖

1) Raising the maximum contribution amount to 2ETH for the first 24 hours after February 8th, 1500 GMT

As we made announcements for the presale the price of ETH on markets was around 1,200 USD and it made sense to limit the contribution amount per whitelisted wallet address to 1 ETH. Seeing the huge drop in ETH price since January 15th, from 1400 USD to 600 USD, we believe it is reasonable to raise this limit to 2 ETH for the first 24 hours.

2) Raising the total maximum contribution amount to 150ETH

For those who wish to contribute more after February 9th, 1500 GMT (after the first 24 hours), it will now be possible to contribute a higher ETH amount. The total maximum is now set to 150 ETH.

3) Gas limit and price recommendations

After testing our presale smart contract we recommend to set your GAS LIMIT to 250,000 and GAS PRICE to 50 Gwei. For those who wish to look further into live gas statistics, you can refer the Gas Station page.

4) Presale contract ETH price lock-in

The markets have hopefully touched bottom and will rebound in time for the Blocksquare presale start. The exact lock-in price will be communicated on our Official Telegram Channel and visible within your Blocksquare Contributor Account.

5) Presale Contract Address

Our contribution address will become visible within your Blocksquare Contributor Account when the contract goes live and starts accepting ETH transactions.

In order to keep your contribution safe and secure, we have provided 2 additional security mechanisms:

1. You can double check the contract address in on your contribution page with the first and last 4 signs of our official presale contract address that we will post on our Official Telegram Channel tomorrow around 1200 GMT.

2. To prevent phishing attempts (e.g. fake websites), make sure your personal message on the contribution page matches the one you submitted at account registration


We will NEVER publish the presale contract address outside your Blocksquare Contribution Account.

Wish you all the best in the presale!
— everyone at Blocksquare


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