Want to trade tokenized real estate?

Now you can! The world’s first decentralized exchange for tokenized real estate is here!

Denis Petrovcic
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At Blocksquare we’ve reached another important milestone, paving the way towards a future where real estate investing is accessible, digital & global! The PropTokenDEX is officially out and the first tokenized real estate property is already open for trading!

From imaginary staircases to real world garage parkings. We make things happen!

You are probably not here about Katie’s staircase, right? Apparently it’s a real beauty, but she already sold it:

“I bought a bit of an apartment building in Tallinn, instead. Yeah. Just a bit. (The best bit, obviously.) I own 8.297% of the apartment building and its cashflow. Maybe someday I’ll visit it.”


In her article, Katie depicts the future of real estate investments through a fictional scenario. But from today, fiction becomes reality!

Katie can now start adding small fractions of this tokenized garage parking space located in Tech Park Ljubljana (Slovenia) to her portfolio. And with the real estate tokenization system and tools we provide at Blocksquare, companies in various parts of the world can partner with us to deliver new tokenized properties to our growing ecosystem.

The PropTokenDEX

With the introduction of our decentralized marketplace, any PropToken will automatically have it’s dedicated place for investors to trade tokenized real estate, and monitor all important information for each and every specific property.

The DEX offers users the ability to buy and sell Blocksquare PropTokens (BSPT) in exchange for BST. While we are working to add more convenient options to buy and sell BST directly from user accounts, anyone can buy them on IDEX.

The marketplace can be found in your Blocksquare account. Connecting a Metamask wallet is required to use the exchange. This allows you to always remain in control of the tokenized assets you hold. If your holdings are substantial, we advise you to increase security and get a Trezor wallet that you can use with Metamask to trade directly from your hardware wallet.

The underlying decentralized exchange protocol used to run the PropTokenDEX has been developed by 0xproject. The company was founded by Will Warren and Amir Bandeali and raised substantial funding through one of the best executed ICOs. With a strong team of developers they created a unique and opened protocol for token trading based on Etherum that projects like Blocksquare can use.

The PropTokenDEX introduces a new concept not familiar to crypto traders. Only holders of BSPTs can place new orders, while interested buyers are limited to choose if they want to match any open positions. Some may see it as a limitation, but we hope investors in tokenized properties will accept it as a feature — the exchange interface gives negotiation power to the asset holder, an element that has strongly characterized real estate for centuries.

Trading and rent distributions

It’s important that a real estate tokenization system accounts for all shareholders — even short term traders need to receive their share when rent proceeds are distributed.

The PropToken system has this solution built-in and automatically tracks and records user stakes in each tokenized property at all times. This means the system is able to clearly define the share of rent proceeds a stakeholder should receive at each distribution. Every transaction is documented on the Ethereum blockchain giving you ultimate transparency.

About Blocksquare

Headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia (EU), Blocksquare is developing its real estate tokenization systems in direct partnership with Medius — the leading provider of enterprise software solutions in the region.

Blocksquare’s mission is to create the world’s most advanced real estate tokenization system with all required tools and modules for creation, distribution, tracking and trade of tokenized properties. After delivering the required IT infrastructure, our goal now is to test our systems in real-world environments, so established real estate companies can learn with us, exploring applicability in different jurisdictions and for various use cases.

Add your pilot to our pipeline

As a technology provider, we make it easy to create and issue tokens (digital shares) linked to real estate properties. This means our solution enables any established company to tokenize a real estate property without investing considerable time, energy and money in the process.

By doing one or more pilots with us, your company will be able to assess the disruption potential of real estate tokenization and answer first handedly important questions like:

  • How will tokenization impact my current business?
  • Is tokenized real estate a new asset class?
  • How difficult is it to tokenize a real estate property?
  • What are the use cases that apply to my business?
  • What will I change to integrate tokenization into my processes?
  • What are the benefits for my company?
  • How do I profit from real estate tokenization?
  • What are the risks if I don’t prepare well up front?
  • How will my competition use tokenization to get ahead of the game?
  • How does my investor base perceive this new type of investment?
  • What investor type can I target with tokenized real estate assets?

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A big thank you to all who support Blocksquare!

Our advisors:
Walter Strametz, Michel Martin, Michael Trübestein, Achim Jedelsky, Phillip Nunn, Damijan Slapar

Our ambassadors:
Katie McCaskey, Simon Kruse, Paul Angus, Danny Christ, Helen Yu


real estate on the block

Denis Petrovcic

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CEO at Blocksquare.io | board member at fibree.org • Creative thinker • Entrepreneur • Adventurer


real estate on the block

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