Win Billions More Than You Bet — Every Time!

Big jackpots are one of the best parts of traditional casino gaming, online or offline. The higher the stakes, the better the winnings — and the excitement!

But one of the less attractive aspects of traditional gaming is watching the jackpot slowly fill up, low-stakes bet after low-stakes bet. Not to mention that it fills up depending on the size of other players’ losses. If you’re surrounded by low rollers, you might have to wait around all night to play for a meaningful amount.

Imagine, though, if you could score big on all the bets you make. That would mean being able to play for a juicy jackpot every single time. It wouldn’t matter if you won the jackpot on your last bet, and it wouldn’t matter what other players were putting down. Your winning streak wouldn’t just be a sequence of lesser wins leading up to a big one — it would be a sequence of big ones from the very start!

Fortunately, you don’t have to imagine anymore. At the BlockStamp Games online casino platform, you can have a big jackpot riding on every bet you make. It’s possible thanks to the radically fair architecture of the BlockStamp blockchain powering the platform and the BST cryptocurrency.

Here’s how it works:

Your bet determines your jackpot size.

Only two things determine your jackpot size up to 1,048,576 BST:

1) the amount you bet on a random event and

2) the odds of it occurring within the BlockStamp blockchain’s hashing.

The lower the odds of the random event occurring, the higher your jackpot. Other players’ bets are not a factor — no losing bets are required to fill the jackpot over time.

The BlockStamp Games jackpot, therefore, is not a jackpot in the strict sense. Instead, winnings accumulate instantly through what we call “flashmining.” The BlockStamp blockchain instantly mines exactly the right amount of BST as part of the block containing the winning transaction and deposits the coins directly into your BST wallet.

But wouldn’t billion BST jackpots lead to “inflation” or somehow destabilize the blockchain? Actually, no. BlockStamp Games and the BlockStamp blockchain can sustain these massive payouts over the long term thanks to radically a fair design based on pure probability.

In practice, this design ensures that:

Wagered amounts lost are “flashburied” to cancel out jackpot winnings.

When you bet BST and lose, the blockchain instantly “buries” the amount you lost. It will be effectively destroyed: inaccessible to you and anyone else. In this way, gaming activity on BlockStamp Games causes no change in the total amount of BST circulating around the BlockStamp blockchain.

This stability is possible only because the BlockStamp Games platform relies on pure probability. To give a simplified example, a user might bet 1 BST with 1 / 1,000 odds of winning a flashmined jackpot of 1,000 BST. Over time, the probability will work out such that there will be 999 BST flashburied in the blockchain due to other bets lost.

If the probability was not pure, i.e. if the probability of wins or losses were somehow manipulated, it would eventually cause an oversupply or undersupply of BST.

Therefore, there’s no house edge by design. To ensure the online casino’s operational stability, its developers have capped the maximum jackpot amount at just over 1 billion BST, set a maximum reward ratio, and defined a minumum bet amount. But within those parameters — which are visible within the platform’s open-source code — BlockStamp Games is all about users and probabilities. That’s it. No third party interests, black box calculations, or rigged odds.

To get started, visit BlockStamp Games. To play, you can trade BTC or ETH for BST on PicoStocks. The current price of BST is available on PicoStocks and the BlockStamp homepage. You can also download a wallet to use for your wagers and store your BST.

About BlockStamp:

BlockStamp is a multipurpose Bitcoin blockchain fork developed by the BlockStamp Foundation, a not-for-profit organization. Designed to promote liberty, transparency, and sovereignty in areas of the digital economy where these fundamental values are most at risk, BlockStamp is built in to a radically fair gambling platform, a digital tool for transparently sealing data, and a censorship-proof internet Domain Naming System.