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Part 6 of 7: Physical Products to ‘Spread The Word’

| Bring Online Affiliates and Crypto Platforms Out Into the Real World

AMA’s … check! Social media ads … check! Interviews with non-crypto folk … check! Crypto developers have got most of their bases covered when designing a marketing campaign for their projects. One of the projects I am following is where you can earn up to 3% daily ROI on your deposits, as well as a pipelines of innovative P2E games that will change DeFi forever!

Hmmmm … What else can our community do to get exposure to our dearest protocols and help enable mass adoption to propel our favorite affiliate partners and crypto platforms to the top?

Let’s think outside the box on this one, and talk about some ways to ‘spread the word’ on whatever our message happens to be. This information will be relevant to any affiliate marketing, obtaining referrals for any business, crypto awareness and team building, etc.

In this article, we will talk about:

  • QR Code Printer
  • External Locations to Consider
  • Landing Page
  • Community Support

QR Printer

Scan this QR (don’t worry, it just points to my humble little website):

I printed this from a small hand-held QR printer. We will talk in a moment about how this massively expands our reach. If you don’t mind, if you purchase this printer, please use my Amazon Affiliates referral link below (link-enabled caption):
Phomemo hand-held QR printer with image capability.

I chose this one above the rest because . It links to your mobile device via BlueTooth, and comes with a roll of stickers.

External Locations to Consider

Let’s now consider some places you could ‘stick’ these QR codes. I would just say, be discreet and don’t go overboard. Otherwise, your plan can backfire and bring negative feedback to your beloved platforms.

  • cafes where people sit and work on their computers (Starbucks, Panera, etc)
  • Stick in paper periodicals you find free in stands outside of breakfast restaurants, etc.
  • Community message boards
  • Flyers or mailers relevant to your business as an easy way to connect to your product or service
  • Business cards and websites
  • Car window

Where and how else can we use these, within reason? Let me know in the comments! :)

Landing Page

While the QR code can simply go to your business website or favorite crypto platform, it is common and very effective in marketing to have an intermediate step called a Landing Page. I will discuss what a landing page is, how to set it up, and where you can set it up.

A Landing Page is an opportunity to educate your visitor as to the benefits of your business or platform. Commonly, there is a short video, image or statement that entices your visitor to want to visit the site all the more.

The common formula for a Landing Page is Pain point > Solution > Subscribe > Link.

In other words, first you identify what is a common pain point or complaint that might have brought this particular person to your landing page. Landing pages are great because it narrows down your audience to people interested specifically to your niche, therefore, more likely to click through.

Then, you give a brief overview of whatever the solution is to their problem. You provide an area where you can collect Subscriber information if you so desire. This is helpful for marketers because you can build up a pool of people that have already proven that they are (somewhat) interested in what you have to say. Good practices dictates that you allow them to un-subscribe at any time. Lastly, you can provide a link that finally points them to the actual business or platform. The link is considered a CTA or “call-to-action.”

Before we get to where to do this, in marketing, there are some landing pages that contain complex structures with OTO’s, upsells, downsells, etc that provide supplemental value to the customer, or sometimes incentivizes visitors with limited offers or offers accompanied by a timer. This is much like how Amazon will suggest other related products right before you check out. This technique is called a Sales Funnel. I won’t get too much into that now, but just know it exists. I will provide a link at the end of this article if you want the nitty-gritty on where to learn to do all of this marketing stuff. For now, let’s concentrate on the focus of the article.

There are a couple of places that I use to create landing pages. One is Thisonline platform makes it relatively easy to create simple to advanced landing page and funnel structures. This affiliate link banner ad will allow you to try out the platform with a FREE 14-Day Trial. Have a go and just cancel if it is not for you!

The other place I do this is called Builderall. This platform is a one-stop-shop for all marketing. Not only does it do the landing pages and funnels, but it is also a website builder, an email aggregation tool, link shorteners, social media marketing, ad script generator, SEO, etc. As it is more encompassing, the platform is a bit more complex to navigate. The link below will enable you to check out the website with a FREE 14-Day Trial with NO Credit Card required:

As part of my marketing website, I will be creating some tutorial videos on how to use these platforms. I am updating my BlockStoxx website UI in the background, so these videos are not yet available. I will post here once my new website UI goes live! :)

Community Support

After having fielded your idea to the masses, brought a few of them to your landing page via QR or funnel, and sent them on their merry way to your affiliate partner or crypto platform, it helps to provide your customer base some kind of support, or at least some way to answer questions if you are able to. You don’t have to, but it works out better this way in the trust and integrity categories.

It can simply be an auto-generated email message once someone subscribes at your landing page. Or it could be a redirect to a full-blown support page like I plan to make mine about in the online marketing niche.

I mentioned earlier about where I learned to do all of this. It is from a marketing educational platform called Legendary Marketer. What they do is teach people how to create streams of income, especially from online affiliate marketing.

They taught me how to monetize my blog, create and edit videos for Reels and YouTube, create sales funnels and landing pages, create eBooks, and they also have courses for creating your own Mastermind groups and advanced business themes. Below you will find my affiliate link for Legendary Marketer. This link will enable you to get a ‘taste’ of what affiliate marketing is and what it can do for you with a . It is a series of 15 short videos with short “homework” assignments that are designed to get you thinking about how to create a stream of income earned from commissions by promoting other business (or you could apply these principles on your own to crypto).

Here is the Cheat Sheet for this article: QR Codes and External Marketing:

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for the final installment of Content Marketing for Crypto — .

Also stay tuned for my updated website that will teach others how to get into online marketing, with content and video tutorials, as well as more discount links only available by affiliate link.

Thanks for reading!

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