Released: c-lightning 0.8.0

Includes mainnet default, multi-part payments, and extended plugin functionality

  • Bitcoin mainnet first
  • Multi-part payments support
  • Extending plugin capabilities

Bitcoin Mainnet First

When we first released c-lightning we made the Bitcoin testnet the default network, due to the experimental nature of both the protocol and the implementations. After almost two years of experience on both testnet and mainnet, it is now time to fully embrace being #reckless, and make Bitcoin mainnet the default network. Starting with v0.8.0, any newly started node will run on mainnet unless you specify the --network in the command line or the configuration file.

Wallet blockchain hash does not match network blockchain hash

Multi-Part Payments Supported

The user experience of Lightning clients is a topic that is brought up often, and we are working actively on improving the status quo, together with the teams working on other Lightning implementations. Our goal is to make using Lightning as easy as using an on-chain wallet. To reach this goal, the Lightning community is concentrating on two core improvements:

  • Multi-part payments allow a Lightning node to bundle the capacity in all its channels when making a payment, making larger payments than any individual channel on its own would allow.
  • Splice-in/splice-out minimizes the distinction between on-chain and off-chain funds, allowing on-chain payments to be performed from a channel and removing the need to keep two balances (one for off-chain funds and one for on-chain funds).

Extending Plugin Capabilities

Our main goal with c-lightning is to create a Lightning Network implementation that is as flexible and lightweight as possible. This led us to introduce plugins earlier this year: a simple way for developers to extend a node’s functionality without having to leave their favorite development environment.

Looking Forward

The Lightning Network has seen a lot of growth during the past year with many things happening under the hood that may not always be visible to the casual observer. This infrastructure work has established a solid foundation on which the community can continue to build on top of. And so, while 2019 was an exciting year with many advances and amazing community growth, we look forward to an even better 2020.



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