Episode #13: Matthew Roszak (bloq)

Matthew Roszak (bloq) and Elaine Ramirez (Around The Block Podcast)

Matthew Roszak is one of the co-founders of Bloq — a company that builds solutions, dapps, and protocols for retailers and institutions. In this interview, Matthew and Elaine talk about how the concept of tokenized networks attracted him to the industry, how Chicago is building a local blockchain scene, and the story behind meeting Kim Kardashian and gifting her Bitcoin!

List of Topics Covered in This Episode:

00:00 — Introduction to Matthew Roszak

01:28 — Discovering blockchain and background in tech

03:08 — Investing thesis during the early days of cryptocurrency

04:42 — The appeal of tokenized networks

06:16 — Singapore, China, South Korea, Asia on blockchain

08:12 — Chicago and the local blockchain scene

11:06 — Gifting celebrities Bitcoin

13:17 — Blockchain powering charity, philanthropy, and social good

14:23 — Bloq Enterprise & Bloq Labs

15:50 — Matthew’s mission

16:35 — Closing remarks

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@BlockstreetHQ brings you a podcast featuring some of the most exciting and interesting names in cryptocurrency. Hosted by Elaine Ramirez (Forbes, Bloomberg).

Blockstreet HQ

The Beginner’s Guide to the Digital Economy

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