Cryptocurrency survey: are we ready to use it in insurance?

Bringing cryptocurrency into insurance offers exciting new opportunities for the industry. The nature of cryptocurrency improves transactional efficiency and reduces costs. It leads to a more secure transactional environment for an individual’s identity and resilience to attack. Using cryptocurrency in insurance would allow the development of interesting new products, e.g. insurance for the uninsured (micro insurance) and insurance without geographic boundaries. Exciting stuff!

But is it practical for businesses to start developing the means to pay for insurance using cryptocurrencies? Is there an interest in its benefits or is it still too soon? Blocksure have been asked by a client to look into this. We have designed this short survey to find out if there is a market for insurance-related transactions to be paid in cryptocurrency. We want your honest thoughts and opinions and will post the results on this blog to those who are interested. And to say thank you for helping us, we are giving away 1ETH (Ether) to a lucky survey participant!

Here is the link to the survey if you wish to participate: