Lea Lipovsek
Jul 27, 2018 · 3 min read

The long-awaited beta release of Blocktrade.com crypto exchange is here and the interest to test the first to be fully regulated crypto trading platform has been immense.

Despite all the excitement, our CEO gladly took the time to share his initial thoughts and answered some of the questions we have been getting from our partners, customers and the media.

Blocktrade.com has launched the beta testing platform. How do you feel?

Luka Gubo: Enthusiastic because all the hard work of the whole team is finally delivered to our supporters, followers and clients. We have built a great product, suitable for everyday traders as well as financial institutions. With your help, it will become even more outstanding.

What are your expectations for the beta testing period?

Luka Gubo: I hope early adopters will provide us with valuable feedback so that we can improve the platform even further. I believe its capablity as well as its user experience are impressive, so I am convinced the word about our beta release will be spread widely. We are already setting up interviews with major financial, fintech and business media, so i will get a chance to talk about our development and vision for the future of finance.

You are in the process of obtaining MTF license under MiFID II, why is this so important to you?

Luka Gubo: We believe that if you operate an exchange and if you have an orderbook with a matching engine, you should also be regulated as an exchange. This removes the hurdles for traders (retail and institutional alike) to access the new asset class as the full MiFID II compliance makes us more transparent, reliable, trustworthy and enables equal access for all.

Security is one of the major concerns of crypto traders. Has it been your focus while developing Blocktrade.com?

Luka Gubo: Yes! We have extremely high standard external and internal security protocols in place. Every line of code that was written by Blocktrade.com Team is subjected to a thorough two-person code review. Moreover, we have employed 5 white-hat hackers that are continously trying to penetrate our systems and find vulnerabilities so that we can fix them and be sure that we can operate at a highest levels of security. Being MiFID II compliant also implies regular audits.

Blocktrade.com is not going to be just another crypto exchange, you say it will enable the future of finance. How?

Luka Gubo: By bringing the revolutionary blockchain technology to financial markets in a fully regulatory compliant way. This will make crypto traders, old-financial-world market participants and even regulators happy. We firmly believe the future of finance will bring liquidity, enabled by security tokens and in order to properly educate on the topic, we have partnered with Clay Collins, the producer of Flippening podcast. He has been preparing a fascinating piece Tokenize the World: A Security Token Documentary that I strongly recommend.

Soon after the beta testing phase, Blocktrade.com plans to enable strictly regulated procedure of listing security tokens on the exchange. As a result we will become the central platform where asset holders and investors meet and achieve their goals.

Thank you!

The Blocktrade.com Team


Crypto Trading Unlocked.

Lea Lipovsek

Written by

Chief Marketing Officer @Blocktradecom


Crypto Trading Unlocked.

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