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Matic Nodes as a Service

Launching scalable Matic nodes for dApp developers. Signup for a free account on

We have seen great success so far with the launch of MaticVigil. The lower costs and faster transactions have enabled developers, especially those new to blockchain, to quickly build and scale blockchain apps. With the recent boom in DeFi, Ethereum L1 is running beyond capacity — block size increasing and gas costs remain high. This has brought a flurry of existing dApps to which is seeing exponential growth.

Dapps written prior to MaticVigil tend to mostly use web3 libraries and require access to a highly scalable RPC endpoint to full (& archive) nodes. Matic Foundation has been generous enough in offering it to developers for free but that isn’t sustainable in the long term. Their team reached out to us last month to help scale both mainnet and testnet nodes for developer. We were able to setup a service in a matter of days and have been officially serving the public endpoints with over 10 million calls per day!

Since then we’ve been busy building a dedicated product to serve developers and dApp companies with better rate limits, insights and self-serve paid plans testing with a select few dApps.

Today, we are excited to open up the product to everyone. Head over to to get started. We support both HTTP and Websocket endpoints with basic insights— detailed metrics will follow soon.

Self-serve Pricing plans

As an introductory offer, we are offering generous pricing including a free plan with limited access to archive calls for no additional charge. This will change in the coming months but early bird users will get locked into this pricing for the next 12 months.

If your dApp has specific/higher volume, feel free to reach out through chat or email us at

In the spirit of helping hackers, we are sponsoring paid plans to ETHOnline and Build n Earn teams at no cost — details shared on respective Discord servers.

Our team has plans to add support for Ethereum mainnet (& Goerli) and even a hybrid endpoint for meta transactions without requiring dApp users to switch networks on Metamask or other web3 providers. We can’t wait to see what developers build using our new suite of APIs!



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