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Allowance Revoke is Now Available on BlockWallet

Secure your crypto — manage your token allowances and choose which DApps can interact with your funds.

How to revoke token allowances

BlockWallet has created a dead-simple process to revoke your token allowances.

  1. Search for the allowance you wish to revoke by token (ex. USDT, DAI, USDC…) or spender (ex. 1Inch, LiFi, Uniswap…). You may group allowances by spender or token to revoke a specific group of allowances.
  2. Click Revoke next to the allowance you wish to revoke.
  3. Confirm the allowance transaction, which resets the token allowance to zero (0).
  4. Please note that each allowance revoke requires a gas fee.

About BlockWallet

BlockWallet is a self-custodial wallet making it easy to secure digital assets, protect identity, and experience Web3. Swap and bridge crypto right on the spot, use BlockWallet with all your favorite blockchain apps and feel what it’s like to use a product built with users in mind. Private, secure, and stupidly easy to use.



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