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BlockWallet Launches Polygon Privacy Pools

BlockWallet’s Privacy Pools feature now supports Polygon Network.

Powered by zk-SNARKs technology, Privacy Pools render transactions untraceable and allow transferring funds without links to your main wallet and identity on the blockchain.

The latest addition of Polygon Privacy Pools thrusts BlockWallet towards a full-stack privacy solution for blockchain power users. By using Polygon Privacy Pools, BlockWallet users will benefit from the suite of innovations developed by Polygon. These include enhanced security from access to Ethereum’s main chain, low fees from using the proof-of-stake mechanism, and scalable transaction volume — used in over 19k DApps.

Users will now have another chain option to securely transfer funds, eliminating the chore of bridging to Ethereum or BNB Chain to make private transactions. BlockWallet also offers Polygon Privacy Pool users a simple way to stay compliant on-demand with our Compliance Reports to prove a source of funds, report taxes, etc.

About BlockWallet

BlockWallet is a privacy-first self-custodial browser extension wallet where you can store, send or receive crypto and interact with your favorite blockchain apps privately.

As crypto sees mainstream adoption, blockchain’s lack of privacy poses real security risks. BlockWallet is here to ensure that on-chain privacy does not lag behind. The wallet provides a set of advanced privacy tools wrapped in a familiar and user-friendly wallet experience, eliminating friction and making privacy accessible for everyone.

BlockWallet protects you and ensures privacy by default. When you make transactions or interact with blockchain apps, BlockWallet routes all node requests through Privacy Proxies, which masks the IP address and other metadata, that can be used to identify and track you on a blockchain. You can also use the Privacy Pools feature, powered by zk-SNARKs technology, to deposit and mix funds in a smart contract. This allows transferring funds without links to your history and identity on the blockchain, effectively rendering them untraceable. BlockWallet offers integrated Flash-Bot Protection, shielding you from sandwich attacks when you trade on DEXes. Meanwhile, the Phishing Protection feature combats phishing scams by generating unique artwork on all sensitive pages.

BlockWallet is not a compromise. It’s privacy-first, but it still packs all features you would expect from a wallet. With full Web 3.0 support, the wallet allows you to connect to any dApp.

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