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BlockWallet Partners With LI.FI

Our latest partnership with LI.FI introduces BlockWallet users to their advanced bridge and DEX aggregator through Transferto — LI.FI’s simple UI that provides an easy way to bridge and swap across multiple chains.

As the blockchain ecosystem shifts toward multi-chain applications, LI.FI provides an easy way to interact with your favorite chains and DApps. And with LI.FI’s plug-and-play feature, users can swap any asset from any chain on all DApps that apply their solution.

As of today, BlockWallet is officially integrated with Transferto, the intuitive interface powered by LI.FI.

LI.FI is redefining the status quo

The existing bridge-swapping solutions are simply not good enough. With their limited chain support, coupled with low liquidity, the result is a poor experience for users. Not to mention, frequent downtimes from existing protocols.

LI.FI solves these problems by implementing multiple chains through a feature called smart routing, which algorithmically decides the best route for swapping, reducing gas fees. They also connect bridges with DEXs and dex aggregators to support swap-bridge functionality, where Blockwallet users can swap from any asset on any chain into any other asset on a different chain (Any-2-Any swaps).

If all that seems too complicated, don’t worry. Because all you need to know is this:

As self-proclaimed UX maxis, LI.FI makes bridging and cross-chain swapping incredibly simple, with less fees and greater reliability.

About BlockWallet

BlockWallet is a privacy-first self-custodial browser extension wallet where you can store, send or receive crypto and interact with your favorite blockchain apps privately.

As crypto sees mainstream adoption, blockchain’s lack of privacy poses real security risks. BlockWallet is here to ensure that on-chain privacy does not lag behind. The wallet provides a set of advanced privacy tools wrapped in a familiar and user-friendly wallet experience, eliminating friction and making privacy accessible for everyone.

BlockWallet protects you and ensures privacy by default. When you make transactions or interact with blockchain apps, BlockWallet routes all node requests through Privacy Proxies, which mask the IP address and other metadata, that can be used to identify and track you on a blockchain. You can also use the Privacy Pools feature, powered by zk-SNARKs technology, to deposit and mix funds in a smart contract. This allows transferring funds without links to your history and identity on the blockchain, effectively rendering them untraceable. BlockWallet offers integrated Flash-Bot Protection, shielding you from sandwich attacks when you trade on DEXes. Meanwhile, the Phishing Protection feature combats phishing scams by generating unique artwork on all sensitive pages.

BlockWallet is not a compromise. It’s privacy-first, but it still packs all features you would expect from a wallet. With full Web 3.0 support, the wallet allows you to connect to any DApp.

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