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Meet our new hire — Leandro Palazzolo, DevOps

#13 — This is the thirteenth post in our “Meet our new hire” series, where we introduce you to the latest additions to our team here at BlockWallet. It’s important for us to keep you updated with what’s going on behind the scenes and let you know who we are.

We’d like to introduce our latest hire, Leandro Palazzolo! He joined the BlockWallet team as a DevOps Developer. Leandro will be focusing on improving the BlockWallet infrastructure as a whole. With his vast experience in IT from working in the industry for 8 years, combined with his passion for cryptocurrency, he will be an amazing addition to the team.

Read more to find out about Leandro, his position at BlockWallet, and his thoughts on cryptocurrency.

What’s your job position?

My position is as a DevOps developer, I’m working on optimizing the BlockWallet infrastructure. My responsibilities include maintaining everything on the cloud and taking care of all the connections to nodes, users, secrets, CI/CD pipelines, and clusters where applications run.

How long have you worked as a developer?

I started working in IT when I was 19, which comes out to around 8 years of experience in the industry. My first full-time experience was as a backend developer where I learned python Golang which helped me transition into my current position in DevOps where I learned AWS and Terraform, etc.

Which projects have you worked on before?

I started out my career in small local startups and then moved to big companies such as Deloitte, ExxonMobile, and WildLife Studios

After I earned my stripes in the industry, I began a career at a mobile game company where I worked with DevOps. In this position, I was in charge of the ads system for their games, which was a big responsibility. We developed several services and APIs for millions of users!

When did you first get involved in crypto?

I first got into crypto about 4–5 years ago when I read news about BTC which at that point had a price of $4000. In just a short week later, the price of the asset skyrocketed to $8000 and I was hooked.

I got more interested and started to read more about the technology and even started to invest in BTC and some other altcoins. As a newbie in the crypto world, this decentralized concept was revolutionary to me. As I became more familiar with the technology, I gravitated more and more towards the DApps ecosystem. In particular, how projects could leverage the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency to operate without any intermediaries.

What made you interested in BlockWallet?

I’m interested in BlockWallet because of the product and its use-cases. I firmly believe that the technology we’re building is a core infrastructure that should be present across the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Why do you think privacy matters on blockchains?

It matters because privacy is a fundamental human right not only in crypto but in every aspect of our lives. This importance is magnified by many folds when it comes to blockchain technology because of how transparent it is. Since if someone finds your wallet address, they can see your entire financial history!

As far as blockchain privacy solutions go, there aren’t many projects out there that focus on maintaining the anonymity and security of their users. This is why I’m so excited to work at BlockWallet, where we’re building a product that will drastically improve the security of the crypto space.

Do you have any predictions on where crypto will be 5 years from now?

In 5 years from now, I think that everyone will know about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, or at least a basic understanding of it. I can see this happening firsthand in Argentina, where crypto has been quickly growing in popularity over the last few years. And as this generation gets older and older, I believe that crypto will become increasingly prevalent in mainstream society.

Parting thoughts

I’m very happy to be on the team and excited for what’s to come from the product release that is happening next week!

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