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Meet our new hire — Martin Lecam, Front-End Developer

#16 — This is the sixteenth post in our “Meet our new hire” series, where we introduce you to the latest additions to our team here at BlockWallet.

We’d like to our latest team member, Martin Lecam! Martin is a talented front-end developer that brings his versatile experience from working in various industries. And now, he’s bringing his expertise to BlockWallet — helping the team continuously improve our premium user experience.

What’s your job position?

I’m a Front-End developer that is helping construct the BlockWallet browser extension. My background consists of being a full-stack developer, but I wanted to focus on Front-End to improve my knowledge of blockchain technology — BlockWallet gives me this opportunity. I’m someone who seeks challenges which is why I decided to join BlockWallet!

How long have you worked as a developer?

I’ve been working as a developer for more than 8 years. I started as an intern and then became a full-stack developer. I also had the opportunity of working as an RPA developer for an oil company, we were asked to create automations for the finance team. These automations included copying human actions in the computer, downloading files, and making calculations. After those calculations were done our automations pushed that data back to the system.

Which projects have you worked on before?

I started as an intern in a SaaS company and worked there for 5 years. My role there was as a full-stack developer consisting of front-end/back-end work. It also gave me the opportunity of visiting customers and presenting our product — something that really helped my communication skills. In this company, I worked with a SaaS system and also contributed in the first offline product, designed for companies who have limited internet access.

After my full-stack developer position in the SaaS company, I worked as an RPA developer for an oil company. In this experience, I learned a lot about the oil business and finance.

My most recent position was at a bank working as a Python developer — I was assigned to create end-of-day reports that indicated profit and losses for traders. Overall, this was a really exciting job since it was my first time as a Python developer.

When did you first get involved in crypto?

I first got involved in crypto about a year ago, messing around with the basics. What really intrigued me with this space, was the fundamental concept of crypto. Particularly with decentralized finance, and how we could take ownership of our own financial assets. And after some time I started ‘playing’ with crypto to learn about it, which is what ultimately led me to get this job.

What made you interested in BlockWallet?

The first thing that made me interested in BlockWallet was the idea of preserving privacy in a decentralized ecosystem. By simply having someone’s wallet address, you are able to track their entire Web3 footprint due to the transparent nature of the blockchain. And while there are certain levels of transparency we cannot avoid, BlockWallet provides the tools to help remain private on public chains.

The second thing was the team. After doing a couple of interviews, I quickly realized the quality of people that are working here and I knew it was going to be a great experience.

Accepting the offer was a no-brainer. Cutting-edge privacy technology, a fantastic team, and the opportunity to work in Web3.

Why do you think privacy matters on blockchains?

Privacy is vital in each aspect of our life, so why should be different in Web3? In fact, it should matter more because of how your entire financial history is accessible on the blockchain. If someone can link your wallet address to your actual identity, it’s equivalent to accessing your entire bank account history!

Do you have any predictions on where crypto will be 5 years from now?

5 years from now, I believe crypto technology will be engrained into every part of our lives. Even for the ones that don’t believe in crypto or think it’s a scam. It’ll be similar to the internet where you don’t have a choice — everything will be built on blockchains.

Parting thoughts

I’m really happy to be part of the BlockWallet team and the amazing community that we’ve built. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

About BlockWallet

BlockWallet is a privacy-first self-custodial browser extension wallet where you can store, send or receive crypto and interact with your favorite blockchain apps privately.

As crypto sees mainstream adoption, blockchain’s lack of privacy often translates to security risks. BlockWallet is here to ensure that on-chain privacy does not lag behind. The wallet provides a set of advanced privacy tools wrapped in a familiar and user-friendly wallet experience, eliminating friction and making privacy accessible for everyone.

BlockWallet protects you and ensures privacy by default. When you make transactions or interact with blockchain apps, BlockWallet routes all node requests through Privacy Proxies, which mask the IP address and other metadata, that can be used to identify and track you on a blockchain. BlockWallet offers integrated Flash-Bot Protection, shielding you from sandwich attacks when you trade on DEXes. Meanwhile, the Phishing Protection feature helps you combat phishing scams by generating unique artwork on all sensitive pages.

BlockWallet is not a compromise. It’s privacy-first, but it still packs all features you would expect from a wallet. With full Web 3.0 support, the wallet allows you to connect to any DApp.

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