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BlockX is a Windfall for Validators

Aside from solid blockchain fundamentals, bounty and rewards mechanisms are the other determining factors that drive developers to consider building on a blockchain network. The higher the rewards, the higher the likelihood that new unique projects will be based on such a network.

As developers continue to seek rewards, we would like to draw their attention to our platform, BlockX Network. BlockX’s primary goal is to assist project developers in building and scaling their businesses by providing them with access to a developer community where they can easily build projects and rely on the knowledge and expertise of established blockchain developers.

According to the network’s operating model, developers are the heart of the ecosystem, and as such, BlockX has implemented a number of reward and bounty programs to further incentivize contribution and reward the most active developer participants in its ecosystem. If you want to learn more about this, click on the link. Furthermore, you can learn how Blockx promotes inclusivity in all communities.

BlockX has a useful reward system for validators and operators on its network in addition to developers. This article describes the novel reward system implemented for validators on the BlockX network.

Reward for Validators

Although the network focuses on project developers and access to its developers’ hub, it does not ignore the critical role that validators and operators play on the blockchain.

Validators are critical for network security, transaction recording, and ensuring that the network remains decentralized. As a result, BlockX has a separate treat designed specifically for network operators and validators.

The blockchain uses a delegated proof-of-stake algorithm that requires validators to stake a certain number of BCX tokens in order to authenticate and confirm transactions within the ecosystem. All validators who have staked BCX successfully can participate in transaction validation and be rewarded for their efforts.

In terms of reward, BlockX pays validators with its native BCX token, and the reward percentage can reach up to 35% annually. This results in a windfall for all validators who are fortunate enough to make the cut. The value of rewards grows in lockstep with the value of the network token, as expected.

How it Works

Becoming an operator or validator on the BlockX network is relatively simple. As previously stated, BlockX operates as a Delegated-Proof-of-Stake mechanism, so intending validators must secure the necessary number of BCX tokens to join the network. If you want to work as a validator or operator for BlockX, please contact the project team via the link provided. More information is also available on the BlockX website.

After submitting the contact form, you will receive a response from the project team within five working days, and you will be directed on the next steps in joining the BlockX community. To learn more about the project team, simply click this link.


Without a doubt, developers and project scalability are at the heart of what BlockX aims to accomplish; however, the network recognizes the critical role that validators play within a blockchain ecosystem. This is the underlying reason that BlockX treats validators so well, rewarding them handsomely for their ongoing contributions to the network’s survival.

To learn more and stay updated on developments from BlockX, you can check us out across our channels using the links below:

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