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Top 5 Reasons the BlockX Blockchain is Perfect for Your Dapps Development

Having a conception of what a good blockchain should look like is a great place to start when developing a blockchain application. However, much more than that, it is essential that you have a group of capable hands with the necessary expertise to help build a quality project.

Most blockchain projects face serious challenges at this stage, as they realize that building a product from conception to user testing is herculean. In most cases, the final product lacks the efficacy of what was projected, and the cycle repeats itself once again — a vibrant idea poorly executed.

It is on this note that BlockX has ventured into the blockchain space to help fill the gap by providing that vital component for a quality blockchain project. BlockX has created a blockchain-based developer community where project developers can find like-minded individuals who can assist them in executing their ideal project framework.

This article explains the five fundamental reasons why any aspiring blockchain project developer should consider using the BlockX chain to develop their decentralized application.

Greater Security through BlockX ID

The BlockX developer network is the prime arena for project conception and execution. The community, which developers created for developers, serves as a hub for innovative thinking and custom executions.

Along with these capabilities, BlockX ensures that all ideas within developer teams are protected. To improve on this mechanism, the blockchain has been designed with a Block ID system in which every developer on the network maintains anonymity while being duly registered and verified to participate in project development.

A mandatory KYC system is in place, confirming developers’ authenticity before they are fully onboarded into the community. This system aids in the prevention of scammer infiltration and the elimination of the possibility of idea theft.

Improved Sustainability and Efficient Energy Consumption

The issue of global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions is no longer breaking news. BlockX has built a sustainable network that is low on energy consumption and friendly to the global ecosystem on this premise.

BlockX is based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which significantly reduces power consumption and eliminates the need for sophisticated equipment farms typical of proof-of-work consensus blockchains.

High Transaction Throughput

If you are looking to develop an application on the blockchain, you should definitely be aware that dapps have evolved from what they used to be in the early days of the Ethereum blockchain. Dapps are becoming more sophisticated and wealthy, necessitating the use of blockchains with ultra-fast transaction processing speeds.

The sheer growth in the number of blockchain adopters necessitates the need for a fast blockchain network. With crypto daily transaction volume in the billions of dollars, one way developers can improve user experience is to build on a blockchain that guarantees transaction throughput.

BlockX ticks this box for any new project that wishes to scale from its launch. BlockX chain has the capacity to support all dimensions of blockchain decentralized applications from crypto exchanges to the metaverse. The chain is also EVM-compatible and can support the integration of dapps on the Ethereum blockchain as well as sustain seamless integration with the Ethereum blockchain and other EVM-compatible networks.

Near-Zero Gas Fees

Despite its rich EVM ecosystem, Ethereum is known for its erratic and expensive gas fees. BlockX is the ideal alternative network for developers looking to build and scale their projects. Aside from the benefits of a scalable and fast network, BlockX creates an easy ecosystem for all users to freely conduct transactions without having to pay exorbitant gas fees or tip validators in order for transactions to be completed quickly.

Multi-Chain Interoperability

Interoperability is already evident in the future of blockchain. Blockchains will eventually evolve from their current siloed state to freely communicate via portals known as bridges.

The BlockX ecosystem was built from the ground up to be interoperable. The chain is EVM-compatible and easily integrates with all blockchains that support EVM. This allows BlockX-based Dapps to easily scale to other chains without the need for complex integrations. Transferring assets is simplified, and direct layer-to-layer communications are possible. The era of siloed blockchains and multiple chain instances is effectively over with BlockX.


Scalability, speed, sustainability, and cross-chain communication are all important factors to consider when developing a blockchain project. The BlockX ecosystem has been designed to meet the core needs of developers, with the added benefit of a developer community where project developers can build their ideal projects with the assistance and support of a dedicated community of experts.

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