What is a Crypto App Store and How Does it Work?

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3 min readDec 7, 2022


Despite the widespread perception that the crypto space is in its infancy, there are already thousands of decentralized applications across various blockchain solutions. The introduction of smart contracts served as the impetus for the development of various blockchain applications.

Consequently, while the underlying technology retains its core function, which is the capacity to store information permanently through decentralized networks, a number of applications have been developed to access this immutable system. As a result, we now have thousands of applications with various functions.

This article explains why a crypto app store is important and how it operates.

What is a Crypto App Store?

In simple terms, a crypto app store is a platform that serves as a central location where users can easily access different applications that are built on blockchains. These applications could be financial applications, metaverse, gaming, crypto exchanges, NFT, and crypto wallets, among other things.

There could well be over 40,000 decentralized applications already in existence. Yet many more are still been built. Due to the multiplicity of crypto apps, it becomes cumbersome for users to sift through them one after the other in the search for the best option to cater to their needs. This is a time-consuming and costly process because such users will need to download several apps and test out their features on multiple occasions.

A crypto app store, on the other hand, alleviates this burden on the user by providing an elaborate ecosystem into which they can simply log in and explore the various sections and segments that are designated to different categories of crypto apps. Depending on the platform’s mode of operation, dApps may be vetted and verified before being listed on the platform.

How Crypto App Store Works

As previously stated, the primary function of a crypto app store is to provide a centralized platform from which users can easily access the best crypto applications from various blockchains. The ability to pull in the best decentralized applications from multiple blockchains is the main point here.

As a result, users are always presented with a variety of options. Users can learn about the core features of each application, as well as their strengths, weaknesses, and unique selling point, by reading ratings and reviews. In this manner, a user has access to all of the information required to make an informed decision.

Introducing BlockX Hub

The BlockX Hub will be one of the first app stores to ever be developed for blockchain applications. What will make the BlockX Hub a better option is that there will be a systematic approach to listing apps on the platform. Before being marked as verified for use, all apps must go through a validation phase. As a result, all apps labeled “verified” have been thoroughly checked and tested by the internal team.

BlockX hub will have an incentive-based validator program that ensures that all apps are checked and tested. Apps are then assigned reviews based on feedback from validators. This then ensures that users have foreknowledge of an application even before they download them.

The hub will pioneer solutions capable of accelerating user adoption of crypto and web 3 apps. This makes them resemble the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, with which many users are more familiar.


Crypto app stores have the ability to bring decentralized blockchain solutions to people around the world. It could be a key aspect of crypto adoption, leading to global-scale accessibility of decentralized solutions.