October Debt Board

I’ve written about personal finance in the past, and it’s true, it’s become less of an interest and more of an obsession. One thing you could say about me, is that when I commit to something, I go all in.

My husband and I began in April with a vision of changing our financial future.

The first step: become debt free.

To achieve this, we completely revamped our budget, got a handle (for the first time ever) on frivolous and unnecessary spending, and have been throwing absolutely every extra cent we have towards additional debt payments.

One thing that keeps us motivated, and taps into my obsession of lettering (I love chalkboard art and my bullet journal!), is to create what we call our “debt board” each month.

On it, I include a few things:

  • Update on our payoff amount to date.
  • Which debt we’re focused on at the moment (we use the snowball method).
  • A list of things we did the previous month to remind us that we still have fun even though we’re on a (*gasp*) budget.
  • A motivational quote focused on finance, goal setting, or any thing else that inspires us.

We keep the board up in our room and each time I pass by it, I am reminded of one simple fact: what we’re doing is working.

It’s going to take time.

It’s often hard to say no to things we want.

Sometimes it feels like our progress is agonizingly slow.

But what we’re doing is working.

Day 37

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