She is my diary.

Finding that think that makes us REFLECT and GO BACK.

I met her a really long time ago. Every single day I see her, I touch her. I’ve experienced the best moments of my life along with her. I’ve used her as a weapon, used her as a love machine but the best part of all, I love her. I love her because she’s been by my side all this years, she’s been there when I felt sad, happy and worried. Having her by my side has definitely formed me as a person…

This is the moment where you ask yourself: “who the hell is she?”

She is my ukulele. Her name is Lola, please don't think that I suffer from objectophillia. I see my ukulele as an object that symbolizes music. Every time I talk about “her” I refer to Music itself. I still don't know why I decided to call Music a “she” when I could've called it a “he”. I love her so much because she is my passion. I believe that music defines me as a person. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for the music I've listened to. But to understand the depth of the relationship I have with music we have to back in time, back to the days where all I could say was “mama & papa”.

Music has been present since the start of my life. My childhood was full of music. My dad, being a passionate music lover, introduced music to my life. There is no easy way to say “THANKS”. If it wasn't for him and all of the music he's showed me, I wouldn't be writing this. All of the bands I know today somehow derive from the ones my dad showed me ten years ago. I've always supported the idea that “society changes people”. I believe that society shapes us in some way or another. Our surroundings create the person we carry inside. I wish I could go back to the day I first listened to music, unfortunately, time passes really fast and that seven-year-old kid we once knew has now transformed into the seventeen-year-old man who is now studying music.

As time flies by, all the different anecdotes, stories, and experiences we've had start to loose meaning and vanish out from our memory. As we grow up we start to forget all of the stories that have molded our personality.

This is why humans need diaries.

You might be telling yourself: “diaries are for girls”, or, “I ain't got time fo a diary”. Those are all excuses. People are so busy with their lives that they tend to say that they can't have a diary because they are a waste of time, they are useless and “we should live in the present”, as I said, those are all excuses.

Diaries are not the classic small-cheesy notebook we have always seen in movies. Diaries come in different forms.

Writing can be your diary.

You can write about your anecdotes and tales and keep them save on a notebook.


Taking pictures of specific stuff saves our favorite moments and then allows us to go back and view this images to remember how that moment felt.


My favorite and personal diary. Music sometimes can be the best diary. Composing songs about anecdotes and reflections can be used as a diary.

Being music my diary I believe that It has definitely helped me through tough situations. I tend to write songs about personal experiences. Reflecting about my life throughout music has helped me become a better person. I think that diaries are essential and everyone should have a diary of their own. Whether it’s a cheesy small pink notebook, a camera or a ukulele. Diaries are important because:

They Make Us Reflect

Reflecting about our life helps us understand the emotions we feel. Reflection makes us spot our errors and reflect about them. This constant self-reflection allows us to analyze our personality and improve it.

They Store Moments and allow us to GO BACK.

Diaries store memories. Memories that are forgotten by ourselves. Having the chance to go back in time and re-live your memories makes us remember the “child” we carry inside.

They are permanent.

Whatever we write, we sing or photograph is permanent. What we put in our diaries are lifelong, undying moments.

I've finally come up to a conclusion. It’s not about the MUSIC or the notebook or the camera. It’s about having the time and the willingness to get out of our routines and reflect about who we are and what we do. It’s about finding something that allows us to Reflect and Go Back.

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