A useful quick fix for the Youtube App

My take on what could solve a frustrating problem

Like many other people, I use Youtube a lot. At the office, for example, I’m probably using it on the computer. I open a new Chrome tab, put some music or something else to listen to, and go on with doing some other stuff. However, when I’m on my way to some place or taking a walk, I’m always using the youtube app on my phone.

Yesterday I went out to buy some groceries, putted my earphones on, opened the app, and opened some 2 hour playlist and sticked it on my pocket, with the screen turned on. It was kind of a struggle because it was constantly opening other videos, or exiting the app. I tried flipping the phone, facing the screen to the front and that kind of fixed the problem, but every time I wanted to take the phone out I had to be very careful not to touch the screen.

So yeah, I kind of kept thinking about this during the day and when I came home I designed a pretty simple, yet effective solution.

Note: the “perfect” solution, in my opinion, would be something like Spotify, which allows us to open other apps or turn the screen off. I’m assuming that for some technical situation this is not possible for Youtube, so this concept was designed as an alternative to that.

A quick solution

This idea is as simple as adding a new action (here labeled “Lock Screen”) to the list that opens up after tapping the 3 dots in the upper right corner.

And then, after tapping it, an overlay would take the entire screen over the interface, blocking any unintended action. To dismiss it, would be as simple as swiping up.

So, even though this is a pretty basic ideia, I think it would be rather useful. And because I believe I’m not the only one having this struggle, I decided to share this with you!

Just to finish things up, with a quick conclusion: as a digital designer who works in-house building a beautiful product, it’s interesting to realize that sometimes the problems we need to solve don’t actually require solutions with lots of pretty pixels or super polished interfaces. Sometimes, the simple, the better! Because that’s exactly what we, designer do: more than pushing pixels, we solve problems! :)

Thank you, and I hope you liked my first Medium article. Would love to know what you think of this! Take care! 👋🏼

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