Introducing Read on reMarkable

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2 min readAug 19, 2020


Read on reMarkable is now live and ready to go.

Reading articles from your favorite websites can now be done without notifications or distractions. Just click the button in your Chrome browser, and your article will appear on your paper tablet. Easy.

Read web articles on your reMarkable with a click.

Once set up, Read on reMarkable offers a new way to consume your favorite blogs, news stories, or long-form content. Instead of reading snippets of articles now and then, you can save them for later, building up a reading list that you can get back to when you have the time to sit down and read them properly on your reMarkable.

Easy on the eyes, no distractions, and now just a click away.

With the new extension, you can send articles in a simplified text format (EPUB) with a single click. You can adjust text settings on the device to customize your reading experience, and it goes without saying you can annotate your chosen articles. You can also send content as a PDF, if you’d like to see more visuals or crop so you can write in the margins.

You’ll find the Read on reMarkable extension in the top right corner.
Web articles can be sent to your reMarkable account as text or PDF files.

To use Read on reMarkable, all you need is the Google Chrome browser and a reMarkable account. You can find more details and specific instructions on setting up Read on reMarkable, in the Chrome Web Store.

Read on reMarkable is available for both the first generation reMarkable, and reMarkable 2.