BioIPSeeds in 2017 BIO International Convention

Nicky Lu
Nicky Lu
Sep 8, 2017 · 2 min read

The BioIPSeeds Team went to BIO International Convention 2017 as an exhibitor in San Diego from June 19 to 22. BIO International Convention is the world’s largest gathering of the biotechnology industry. This year’s distinguished meeting has more than 16,000 attendees, 300 academic institutions and up to 5,000 biotech and pharma companies around the globe. We are proud to demonstrate our innovative platform for promoting biomedical collaborations between academia and industry to create the ecosystem globally.

BioIPSeeds stand as a world leading blockchain-based P2P platform for biomedical IP sharing. Many visitors in the convention were impressed that BioIPSeeds leverage the cutting edge blockchain technology to help researchers secure their ideas and prove the ownership. In the past, traditional databases require a centralized operator to collect information. In this regard, researchers could be reluctant to provide any early stage, non-IP protected, and confidential information about their projects to a middleman. The P2P, a decentralized, structure of BioIPSeeds leverage the security and reliability of the Blockchain’s record keeping and tracking features which provide the required feature set better than any centralized database — as protected as it might be.

After 2017 BIO International Convention, we’re excited to have more and more professionals join and support BioIPSeeds. We believed that BioIPSeeds will create a new model of cooperation between academia and the global industry, triggering the launch of an increasing number of successful projects and facilitating technology transfer, authorization, and commercialization processes globally.


IPSeeds, Biopharma Trusted Platform — The world’s leading…

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