Are you a Super Mom looking to lose weight? Here are some tips…

Is it hard to lose weight? Yes, it is.

Especially when you are a busy Mom. Getting up early in the morning, preparing breakfast, sending kids to the school and house hold chores all day take up almost all your time. It becomes more difficult when you are working professionally too. No doubt it leaves you drained out by the end of the day.

While the thought of working out in a gym or going on a crash diet might scare you to the core, losing weight in a healthy way is possible with some minor lifestyle changes. Here are some of them:

The main hurdle between you and your fit body is the limited time available to you. How many times did you wish for an extra hour in a day? Well, you can find it. Try to get up just 15 min before your scheduled time. If you do that four times a week, you will have an extra hour at the end of the week- the 25th hour. That is your ‘me-getting-fit’ hour. I know it’s not easy but it’s worth it.

Once you wake up, start your day with a glass of water and have a banana after 10 minutes. The intense calorific value of bananas coupled with potassium and other nutrients immediately restore the energy levels ofthe body. Since you haven’t eaten for 8 long hours it is important to fuel yourself. Most importantly it will keep you energetic till the time you prepare breakfast for yourself. Since you got up 15 min early, you will have that extra time after you send your kids to school.

Burn those extra calories in 15 min just by jogging on the spot. Quickly stretch a little, put on some music with good beats and start jogging on the spot (you are at home so don’t waste your time on getting into your gym suit).

Buy a good skipping rope. Skipping is a highly effective cardiovascular exercise and is so much fun!

Become a master on planks, squats and lunges. These are simple exercises and doing them every day will do wonders to your body.

This weekend rather than buying a dress or spending on head spa, gift yourself a punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves. Hang it in your balcony or in your garage. Punch and kick those extra calories in 15 min you saved by getting up early in the morning.

Workout before breakfast and don’t eat after 8 pm. When you work out in the morning you burn more calories throughout the day, compared with doing the same workout in the evening.

Plan your meals a day before so that your menu is nutritious and most importantly you get time to prepare it.

Choose buttermilk, nimbupaani, green tea over soda, packed juices and shakes.

Try to satisfy your hunger pangs with nuts or fruits. Keep them available and handy in your office.

Food can nourish us or poison us. Cut junk food from your life totally. After all your body is the result of the food choices you make.

Sugar, no matter how organic and raw it is, it’s still sugar which is full of calories. While sugar gives you an immediate rush or energy, it will then result in a huge dip in your energy levels subsequently. It has zero nutrient value and it invites numerous lifestyle diseases. Removing/Minimizing sugar from your diet will not only make you feel better but it will help you shed your belly fat faster.

Tell yourself constantly that why do you need to exercise? Write down your goals and affirm them daily to yourself. This will remind you of the benefits of giving time to yourself to build a fit body.

Finally., it’s all about effort and will power. And when you bring that little effort into every single day, that’s where the transformation begins. That’s how momentous changes occur.

Following even some of the above tips can help you bring a positive change in your mind and body. Afterall, the most precious gift you can give to yourself is good health.

How do you manage to keep yourself fit with your busy routine? What challenges do you face with your fitness? Share with us in the comments section and we will come up with a solution for you 😊

Power to you!