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Tips to get better at Idle Miner Tycoon

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Nov 11, 2019 · 5 min read
By Carsten, Product Manager on Idle Miner Tycoon

A little more than three years ago, we released the very first version of Idle Miner Tycoon. Over the years, our players have gotten really good at the game: they discuss best strategies on our forums, master the many features we have added to the game and many have been able to unlock late-game content.

Idle Miner Tycoon is an accessible game and we pride ourselves on that: creating a game that can be played by anyone — gamers and non-gamers across all age groups. Yet, there are ways in which every player can optimize their game and their progression that aren’t immediately obvious. So, for those who haven’t reached the endgame, have just started or simply want to progress a little faster, here are a few tips on how to get better at playing Idle Miner Tycoon …

TIP 1: Always dig deeper

This first rule applies to all mines across the game: always aim to unlock deeper mineshafts. Try to progress to the lowest shaft possible and level up your deepest one until you can buy an even lower one. Every mineshaft produces significantly more (approximately 500 times on average) cash than the one above it, so keep on digging deeper!

(Obviously, make sure you don’t have any bottlenecks and to increase capacity for your elevator and warehouse at the same time)

TIP 2: Get your friends on board

This tip is simple yet incredibly effective: connect your game to your Facebook account to receive an up to 100% permanent income boost. Every friend you connect with will give you a 5% boost and you will be able to stack a maximum of 20 of these. In addition, your friends can join and help speed up your expeditions which bring you useful items such as boosts, super cash or collectible chests.

TIP 3: Stay boosted

Try to always keep your ad-boost active. Ad-boosts can be stacked for hours in advance, so just sit down for a few minutes, watch a couple of ads and fill up that boost bar.

Ad-boosts are super effective because they function as an individual multiplier, multiplying your income times 2, rather than being added to your other boost multiplier: If you pair an ad-boost with a 10X boost, you will receive 20 times your cash income, instead of the 12 times you would receive if you were to activate a regular 2X boost and a 10X boost.

TIP 4: The right skills

Try to progress and unlock skills in the research skill tree as fast as possible. These skills will give you permanent income boosts for single mines, entire continents or your overall mining empire. The “All mines generate X% more income” skills in the green branch are particularly worth maxing out.

Other skills have useful effects like reducing barrier removal costs or increasing the effectiveness of your ad-boost (see Tip 3) — effects that will help you progress significantly faster.

TIP 5: Explore the mainland

Start completing mines in the mainland as soon as you can. The gems you earn here will allow you to unlock Super Managers. Their active and passive abilities are extremely helpful, especially further in the game or when trying to complete event mines.

If you are progressing slowly in a mine, use your Super Manager abilities in sync, boosting shafts, elevator and warehouse at the same time.

TIP 6: It’s all about that synergy

Your items are most effective when you combine them, as their effects work very well together. The best example of this is the following: activate a couple of higher boosts and use your instant cash items right after. The boosts will temporarily increase your idle cash income and allow you to get more out of your instant cash items.

You can take this even further by stacking the abilities of your Super Managers on top: during your session, use a combination of boosts, instant cash items and Super Manager abilities, and go idle while your SMs are on cooldown. This strategy is one of the most powerful and especially most time-efficient ways to progress in the game.


This tip will fuel your progress and boost your efficiency in the game: only ever maintain and expand one mine per continent. Use the prestige panel to find out what mine has the highest multiplier on every continent. As you prestige, multipliers will change, so make sure you’re always investing in your most profitable mine.

If you follow this method, you’ll be able to use your time in the game more effectively: you’ll only have to maintain one mine per continent and will be able to scale much faster since you’re always applying the highest multiplier to your resources.

So here they are, a few tips that will hopefully allow you to discover all continents in no time. If you have more tips you’d like to share with the community or just want to share your experience playing the game, make sure to check out our forums on Reddit and Discord.

Thanks for reading! If you found this valuable, please 👏 . Also, feel free to reach out on LinkedIn.

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Kolibri Games Blog

The Kolibri Games Blog — Discover how our games are built and meet the people who make them.

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