We have taken the meanings of words for granted.

When someone asks you to be confident, you yawn thinking, “here we go again about being confident!”.

We aren’t taking the meanings of the words for what they are. More precisely, we are taking their meanings for granted. The other day my dad was suggesting my sister to be more confident in the social groups. When she wasn’t really following that, I tried to suggest something on my own. I suggested her, “Try to act as if you know everything. Moreover, try to speak your mind in a group conversation. Don’t shy away. Be fearless.”

“Which is essentially being confident”, my dad quickly concluded. “These days everyone has taken the meanings of the words for granted”, he added and left the place.

That made me think over a lot. Notice how people say, “I feel like something's eating me up from inside” — Something’s Bothering, “it feels like I am nobody” — Depressed, “I don’t feel like doing anything” — Lazy.

Another word which most of us have taken it’s meaning for granted is Hard Work. When someone says you to follow your passion, be prepared and ready to grab the opportunity on sight, they are essentially are meaning you to work hard. We pay attention to these lines but not to the word Hard Work.

It’s high time, we don’t take meanings of the words for granted because in words lie inspiration. Words are powerful. The moment you take their meanings for granted, they become powerless; you become powerless.

Please share your thoughts in the response and think about any words you might have seen people take it for granted.

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