How to do business in Poland? Basic information about Polish companies &Polish Registries

In today’s post we are going to present basic informations about forms of doing business in Poland and ways to verify other companies regarding future economic relations.

Types of business activities

Poland has similar forms of conducting business activity to other European countries. First of all we can point out commercial companies, which are divided into three categories:

  • corporations, that includes limited liability company and joint-stock company,
  • partnerships, that includes general partnership, limited liability partnership, limited partnership, limited joint-stock partnership,
  • civil partnership -an association of at least two entities for the purpose of conducting for-profit activity. In contrast to a corporation, a civil partnership is not a separate legal entity — only its partners have the position of separate legal entities.

Secondly Polish law provides such forms as:

  • representative offices of a foreign company,
  • branch offices of a foreign company,
  • individual business activity.

There is also a possibility to establish associations, foundations, cooperatives or quite new solution that came with EU development:

  • European Company or
  • the European Economic Interest Grouping.

Main rules

The most important principle that built modern face of business in Poland is an equal right for anyone to undertake business activity of their choosing — freedom of business activity. This rule is not giving people rights to form any kind of company, there are few restrictions regarding subject (who can undertake business activity) and the object (special requirements that have to be fulfilled for certain type of activity). More about those rules and restrictions you will find in our next article.

What are the most important informations that are possible to find?

First of all you can verify whether your business partner exist and his address and the registration number are correct. Then in provided report you can find informations about shareholders, representation, court, before which the cases may be handled, partners and connections, financial situation and what is the most importantly verify whether your partner is not facing bankruptcy, is not dealing with your competitor and his financial situation is stable.

The main goal of this research is to make sure that the entrepreneur that You are working with is trustworthy.

How to check your business partner?

Before starting your own company or cooperation with business partners it is crucial to make a good research in order to know, who are we dealing with. There are few possibilities for fact checking other side of a future deal. One of them is one of our products business information platform where you can find the company you are dealing with just by it’s legal name. After you find appropriate entrepreneur you can see, first of all, what kind of company he is having. Of course you can get the same information by API or traditional business information report (more about it on our English site: Transparent Data).

In Poland the most common types of activities are limited liability company and the general partnership. In accordance with Central Statistical Office of Poland, as at the end of 2012, limited liability companies accounted for approximately 83 per cent of all commercial companies, with general partnerships accounting for approximately 10 per cent.

After defining what is the form of our partner’s business we can find out more about relations between shareholders, liability, taxation.

It is crucial to know that every polish company must be registered in appropriate register. There are two main registers in Poland: KRS ( National Court Register) and CEIDG ( Central Record and Information about Economic Activity). Informations from those registered are provided by the website mentioned above.



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