How to register company in Poland ? Practical tips

Today we will walk you through the process of starting your own business in Poland. In one of the previous articles we have provided basic informations regarding types of companies that are available in Poland, so today we will provide practical informations that will help with understanding the procedures.

Have a look at our two steps guide:

Step one — PESEL number

First of all you need to get your own PESEL number. This is an unique combination of eleven digits. Initial six of them stands for the person’s date of birth (yy-mm-dd). PESEL contains also information about gender — even (including zero) stands for female, odd stands for male.

How to get it?

Polish law following the EU standards requires for foreigners who are staying longer than 3 months in Poland to register their stay. To do that it is needed to have passport or other ID with a photo, documents showing the reason why you are staying (possibilities to be hired, study etc).
Than you have to register your place of residence in local city council. There are two types of residence: temporary and permanent. Temporary lasts from 3 months to 5 years, permanent is over 5 years. You will need to prepare following documents: residence permit, ID or Passport, Lease in case of temporary registration and act of ownership of the flat in case of permanent one, plus appropriate forms.

After registering place of residence PESEL number is given automatically, Usually it takes one month for the city council to finish all needed procedures.
PESEL number is not only useful for those who wants to start their own business but also for managing everyday life (hospital cares, establishing bank accounts etc.)

Step two — it’s time to register company

According to Economic Freedom Act that came into force in 2004 foreigners can set up their business in Poland following regulations and fulfilling requirements that can’t be changed by administrative authorities. This Act gives a stability for future investors and show list of clear rules, which have to be followed in order to start company.

What is more, thanks to regulations mentioned above the procedure of registering a business entity is simpler: Council of Ministers’ Regulation provides special pattern and format of an application form for entrepreneurs.

Want to learn more about legal background? There is a shorter version of Economic Freedom Act available on website of polish information and foreign investment agency.


Choose your place to register company

There are two registers that can be used to set up company:

Central Register and Information on Business Activity (CEIDG) which is administered by municipality body and it is only applicable for entrepreneurs, who are natural persons.
National Court Register (KRS), which is administered by regional courts in Poland and is applicable for companies with legal personality so they can be defined by law as legal entities. This is register is also used by associations, foundations , public Health Care Institutions and debtors.

„One stop shop rule”

This facility gives a possibility to submit with an application for an entry into proper register all documents that are needed to obtain taxpayer identification number — NIP , statistical number — REGON and registration at Social Insurance Office — ZUS. This procedure is also used while there is a need to make a change in given data.