Why You Need To Stop Fearing Your Email List

Sarah Nderi
Nov 5, 2019 · 1 min read

Hi Friends,

I figured it’s been a long time since I updated my small publication, much less sent a letter to you. As you are aware, Medium has changed the way it pays writers, causing a huge hubbub in the writing communities.

I’m yet to speak about it as I watch it unravel, dramatically affecting my earnings. I will talk and write about it but for now, I focus on my small pub and growing my small blog.

While working to grow my blog, I have been trying a lot of things which I then share with my small pub and maybe you can learn a thing or two.

Here’s What You Might Have Missed.

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  3. Although Medium Has Made Some Changes, You Can Still Increase Your Site’s Domain Authority by using Medium.

Have a great week ahead and remember to crash your writing goals.


Blog. Write.Heal

Blogging our way through life and healing from what ails our souls.

    Sarah Nderi

    Written by

    Kenyan. BSc Economics and Statistics. Writer, Published by MumsVillage Kenya. Blogger at WP, Exploring Medium. Find me at nderisarah.com

    Blog. Write.Heal

    Blogging our way through life and healing from what ails our souls.

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