How To Get An Inspiration For Fiction Writing From Elite Actors

Ila Awate
Ila Awate
Feb 27, 2017 · 5 min read
Struggles of an Actor
Struggles of an Actor
The struggles of an actor, is a far greater story. Source: Daily Actor

What do we aspiring super writers can learn from these artists? All world’s a stage and we play our role.

These words by William H. Gass truly define what a writer is- an alchemist; changing the routine, mundane world, into something extraordinary. This might seem like a piece of cake to many of you, but, trust me it’s NOT. To play with words, you have to first learn to romance your soul, dance to the rhythm of your thoughts, embellish them. And then finally, frame them into words that touch hearts, move souls and change lives! Does that sound “easy” to you now? I bet it doesn’t!

Naturally, a writer is someone for whom writing is much more difficult and challenging than it is for the other people. A writer does so much more than just frame words. He puts his soul within the particular framework, sets his focus on his perspective and then moves on with writing.

Naturally, a writer is someone for whom writing is much more difficult and challenging than it is for the other… Click To Tweet

A writer has to be willing to be courageous enough and write in a way that scares him a little. A way which is beyond his comfort zone, a way that pushes his limit to a whole new level and discovers possibilities that he’d never thought existed in the first place.

A lot of introspection goes into the entire process of writing. If you thought it was only altering their words according to a situation, you’re wrong! It is not just the way they write, it’s the way they think that has to go through the changes as per the requirement of a particular theme. They have to transform themselves into some totally different individuals to get the actual feel of the characters.

Image for post
Image for post
Introspect and bring out the creator in you. Source: Huffington Post

Whereas a big majority of careers are built on concrete and solid substantiation and an apparent goal for every day, writers typically operate from a sort of murky, indistinct subliminal desire. Their goals are determined by a mysterious and more often inexplicable voice that sometimes chooses to speak to them and sometimes absolutely doesn’t.

Writers aren’t writers because they desire universal recognition and humongous amounts of wealth. They’re writers because they’re passionate about writing and because they have something they wish to say to the humankind.

While there’s almost everything that has the ability to inspire a writer, we would want to talk about some big-screen actors who totally nailed it. They nailed it when it came to getting into the skin of the character, and how they can be a big inspiration to the writers who want to create some magical pieces of work.

Baron Cohen is one such inspiration to all aspiring writers out there! Baron in the late 1990s was known for his enormous talent of seeping into the character as he portrayed a wide range of characters by using different guises and accents. Having taken clown training in Paris at the Ecole Philippe Gaulier, from master clown Philippe Gaulier, Baron was known to his master as a clown “full of spirit”. Wow! And, how did he made his first film appearance in ‘The jolly Boys’ last stand’ in which his performance was worth an applause! That’s something worth learning from, Folks!

“Why so serious?” We all know who comes to our mind when we say these three words. It’s none other than Heath Ledger. When Christopher Nolan offers a movie to an artist, the importance of the role enhances on its own! Thus, for Batman begins, Ledger had been offered the role of batman which he rejected stating that the role wasn’t of his kind. Impressed by Ledger’s performance in Brokeback Mountains, Nolan offered him the role of Joker in the Dark Knight to which he agreed saying he was determined and fully resolute to do it. That’s not all!

The Joker
The Joker
The Joker- the most loved villain of all time. Source: The Red Bulletin

Here comes the most intriguingly interesting part: Cheers!

To prepare himself for the role Ledger locked himself in a Hotel room for a month and maintained a “Joker” journal. He interpreted many voices, the voice that suited him best was psychopathic and it scared the hell out of his co-actors so much so that they forgot their lines when Heath performed! Dear ones here’s to creating the character from within!

We all know Sylvester Stallone for his sensational performances in Rambo! We couldn’t help but become a fan of his! But if you think his journey to stardom was a cake-walk, we’ll have to restructure some factoids for you. Stallone started school in Philadelphia where he had to struggle a lot before he was rendered upon with mainstream success. He got rejected by almost every casting agency when he moved to New York. He spent his time at the library reading books from writers like Edgar Allan Poe and Tolstoy. This gave him an extra edge in his endeavours of writing and so he went on to continue it with passion.

He would reject any other job opportunities that knocked his door. Soon, he went bankrupt and was evicted out of his apartment and had to spend his days on the streets.

All he wanted to do was acting. One day, he wrote a script for Rocky and that was for 24 hours straight! This was all after getting inspired by a fight he saw between Wepner and Ali on television. He had many film-makers interested in buying the script, but he insisted on playing ‘Rocky’- his first character as a wrestler. Despite all the rejections on acting in the movie, Stallone stuck with his determination to act even when he had absolutely no money. Finally, he received an offer of $25000 to which he agreed, which was much less than the price he was offered for the script alone.

Finally, Rocky was a huge success and got the best film award in 1976. Now, this is something that we do not get to hear every day! Stallone’s story just inspires us to be consistent in our efforts and how even the smallest things can move us, and inspire us to come up with something extremely sensational!

We believe good writing is supposed to stir up sensation in the reader- Not the fact that it is raining, but the feeling of being rained upon. So, go ahead! That’s some nice bunch of inspiration for you! Keep writing big! :)

We believe good writing is supposed to stir up sensation in the reader- Not the fact that it is raining, but the… Click To Tweet


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