Livefyre Extinguishes itself. Get Vuukle now!

It is not surprising that Livefyre announced shutdown of its community comments. Turned out that they are unable to support the “community” and would rather focus on the enterprise aka “paying customers”. This includes their WordPress plugin which will stop taking new comments on Feb 1, 2017 and will stop rendering on Mar 1, 2017. Imagine the horror! Who would have thought that a funded company will burn off all its investors’ money one day, get acquired and leave its users to fend for themselves!

No matter how horrible this sounds, things can only get better from here. We got two words for you.

Vuukle is a complete end-to-end user engagement SaaS and is a way smarter choice. But Why?

Firstly, Vuukle does not patronize its users by calling them “community”. Our product is free to use and we share revenue with you by showing relevant unobtrusive ads along with comments. Yes, you read that right! You get paid by using Vuukle. Of course, we know that you are already monetizing traffic on your site but a little extra never hurt nobody. Don’t want to enable ads? Vuukle WordPress plugin is still free.

Not only comments, Vuukle packs quite a powerful punch by providing you with the complete suite of features needed to amplify your news site or blog.

Need to add a little drama on every post and capture the emotional reactions of your readers? We got you covered with Emote.

Hate adding another plugin for sharing to social networks? Check. We got PowerBar, world’s fastest loading sharing bar widget, that will make your next post go viral.

Too lazy to log into Google Analytics every day? Double check. We give you the most powerful real-time analytics dashboard that captures every measurable data of interest.

The hyper sticky recommendation section (aka Talk of the Town), best-of-breed moderation panel, zero friction login, mobile-friendly, … we can go on and on about the product that has evolved over 5 years of development and powered 46 billion recommendations, 7.7 billion ad impressions for more than 3000 publishers worldwide. But we would rather let you do the talking.

How to migrate from Livefyre to Vuukle

If you are an existing Livefyre user, please export your comments. You will get a JSON and XML file, please send them as attachments to [email protected] with subject “Goodbye Livefyre” and we will import all your existing comments into Vuukle.

We are here to stay.

Livefyre Extinguishes itself. Get Vuukle now!

Originally published at on January 28, 2017.