Vuukle goes Live on Miss Malini, India’s Biggest Bollywood and Fashion Blog

Vuukle, world’s fastest growing audience engagement and commenting platform, is now Live on Malini Agarwal, founder of Miss Malini, is widely regarded as India’s first and most famous celebrity blogger.

Founded in 2008 as a blog, grew rapidly and achieved widespread recognition. It is India’s favorite source for the latest Bollywood and Indian TV news, celebrity gossip, fashion trends, beauty tips and more.

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The seamless Vuukle Comment system, scanning for Spam even as I am still typing. Job of Moderators immensely simplified.

Miss Malini is India’s most popular celebrity gossip portal, both among Bollywood fans and celebrities. It is the source for many to get their source of daily dosage of the sneak peak into star lives.

Multiple MegaStars speak highly of Miss Malini

“Movies and celebrity gossip is a huge traffic puller in India and Miss Malini is on top of this game. I am sure that we will help Miss Malini reach new heights of user engagement in this fast moving user demography” — Ravi Mittal CEO, Vuukle

With its powerhouse of anti-spam, anti-troll technology- Vuukle already serves various mega publishers online. The classy engagement oriented design makes it super friendly for users and boosts average user session time. This directly impacts ad revenues.

Vuukle started working its magic as soon as it went live. Recommending relevant stories, eliminating spam, analyzing for hate speech all while the comment is still being typed. The user-friendly and smooth commenting system will surely boost engagement in days to come. We will keep you posted.

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