3 reasons to blog anonymously

Today I’m sitting around the table at Blog Club, a free Meetup group based in London. Blog Club is run by Bernie Mitchell directly out of @WorkHubs — a great coworking community just around the corner from Euston Station. First timer here at Blog Club but highly recommended!

A confession — I have yet to successfully complete a blog post and have been thinking about launching my website for the past 2 years. Taking part in today’s Blog Club was a great incentive to pick up the pen and get started. This first post was long overdue but here goes…

Blog Club format

The blogging session started with an ice-breaker and a short round of introductions. Next, we had to write down our 5-year plan for our personal blogs. It was a fun exercise and really got the creative juices flowing. After the brainstorming session, we went around the table and shared our ideas. And guess what? There was a common topic, which became the focus of our writing session:

Can I build a successful blog by remaining anonymous?

Having actually spent the last couple of weeks reading about blogging and anonymity, I was eager to start writing and my heart is set on the idea of starting out my blog with a degree of anonymity.

Here are my 3 reasons for launching a blog anonymously:

1. Keeping career and personal life separate

I work full-time as a consultant and that means working with multiple customers across a wide range of industries. Whenever I am staffed on a new project, my CV is sent to the customer and I can almost guarantee that someone will google me. It is common in the IT Industry and to be honest, I do the same thing too.

People can find me on Linked-in easily and if they really wanted to dig deeper, they could find my Facebook and Instagram profiles. I don’t like the idea of someone building a picture of who you are and what you’re about by piecing together information from your profiles.

I also plan on writing posts of a personal nature — including experiences within the workplace. I wouldn’t want my career and personal life to come together like that — in one google search! That might be a deal breaker in business and I wouldn’t want to jeopardise my career at this stage as it remains my primary source of Income and I am really happy with the consulting path that I am on.

2. More authenticity

By revealing personal information on my blog, I would struggle to reach the authenticity that I am striving for in my posts. I feel that by starting out anonymous, I can write without a filter and find my writing voice easier.

I want to share personal experiences, talk about certain struggles and even touch on taboo subjects. I feel that by hiding certain personal information, I can be more relaxed and free in my writing which in turn, will lead to more genuine and authentic posts.

3. Confident that I can be credible and build an audience

Some argue that it can be difficult to build an audience and maintain credibility when you’re hiding behind an alias. I disagree and really hope to prove the critics wrong!

By sharing personal experiences and writing emotional pieces, I hope to build rapport with my audience and become a credible writer.

I don’t plan on being completely off the radar and taking it as far as masking IP addresses or working through proxy servers but I do plan on hiding my name & location for the time being.

My blog will feature real stories, real places and real people and I don’t see how publishing my name and full personal profile will make a big difference and hinder any potential blog growth.

I firmly believe that you can get to know what I’m all about through a series of posts, just give me some time! And my ultimate goal is to be able to grow this blog from absolutely nothing!


So that’s it! First post out of the way and shared in the Blog Club group on Medium. And you know what? It feels great! Any feedback is welcomed on how I can improve my writing style, develop my writing voice and improve the readability and format of my posts!

Have you managed to build a successful blog by remaining anonymous?

I would love to hear your opinions on the subject!