Blog Club: Distraction

We’ve been talking this morning about getting past the blank sheet of paper problem — how do you start if you’re feeling a bit blocked? The biggest form of resistance we came up with was “distraction” — in an 80:20 kind of way, for every minute of actual writing there are probably another four spent doing things that aren’t anything like the creative act of writing.

We covered a few strategies for dealing with this:

Deciding to just write

Not trying to do something else at the same time

Thinking about the things that you *don’t* want to do as motivation

Not spending too much time thinking about distraction, resistance and your other human failings.

Not listening too deeply to people’s conversations elsewhere in the office

Getting some stimulation from moving around (but don’t do too much of this, just enough to get you in front of the page)

Writing first thing in the morning before your resistant self has woken up

Recognising that the following are distraction and don’t really really need to be done *before* you start writing: Closing unused tabs on your browser; Reading other people’s feeds and social media streams; Eating (gotta keep your energy up); Having just one more cup of coffee

Stopping worrying about: money; people reading your stuff; people not reading your stuff; where you’re writing; which blogging platform you’re using; what tags you should be using; other people; other people’s problems; what time of day you should be writing at; whether you should be doing something else entirely with your life; whether you switched the iron off; whether you worry too much; whether your writing is derivative

But ultimately it comes down to firing up your blogging platform, listening for your inner voice and writing what it says, one word after another, one letter at a time, until you’ve finished and you’re ready to press “Publish”!

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