Only a Tiny Minority of Bloggers Will Persevere in the Long Run, But We Can Greatly Improve Our Chances of Success

Oh, the embarrassment…

I have to admit, I was embarrassed more than once in the past, when I noticed I hadn’t written any blogpost for a long time.

After I had done some research online it dawned on me, however, that I wasn’t the only one — on the contrary — something similar happens to the vast majority of bloggers.

Teaming up with others can make a big difference

After I had stopped writing and started again, I was looking for ways to make perseverance easier.

I am glad I found the Blog Club in London Euston @Workhubs, I am now going almost every week on Wednesday mornings and it is great to learn something new each time, to exchange ideas with others and last but not least to tell each other what we have done on our own so far.

You can find groups online as well, but I know I am lucky, because for me personally, meeting up in person beats online encounters.

At the Blog Club, we do not have to agree on everything and different opinions can make you realize there are ways that you hadn’t thought of before and it is great to learn how others are dealing with challenges no matter whether it is with new blogs or reviving existing ones like me.

„31 Days to a Better Blog“

A while ago, we started working with ProBloggers programme 31 Days to a better blog, which I recommend. You can also follow the programme on your own and do not have to be part of a group.

Now we have a very specific topic each week — or you may even have one each day, if you are doing it on your own and want to move on faster.

Once we were, for example, writing list posts and we learned why they can be so beneficial, e.g. structuring ideas for the writing process and for readers at the same time.

Last week we talked about joining forums for our particular topics and needs and the week before the topic was social media, just to mention a few of the subjects.

Don’t be afraid of making LOTS of mistakes

There is something that I have found particularly helpful to keep going with my blogs: the willingness to experiment without expecting to get everything right the first time.

And as great as it can be to learn from others and from books and resources like “31 days to a better blog” — at the end of the day, everyone is an individual with a special personality and particular needs.

I still haven’t managed to establish the routine with my blogs that I am aiming at, but so what? I will get there eventually.

A nice insight has been the following: learn the rules first in order to break them properly later ;-)

There is also the necessity for me to keep an eye on my cashflow and sometimes I need to abandon my personal plans to do a last minute job, although I want to give up these types of jobs— one step at a time.

At the end of the day, it comes down to staying positive and focussing more on solutions than on problems.

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