Potty Poet

Well, here I am, finally I have listened to my nearest and dearest and decided to take launching a blog seriously. The concept has been brewing away in my brain for a long time, but I haven’t been ready to download my thoughts until now. Much to my dismay, this is partly due to the fact I am lazy, but also because self-belief has been in short supply. It often feels easier to keep delicate thoughts locked away but this is really a form of self-sabotage, because they are trying to teach me something, and whilst I deny them a voice, they will manifest, usually in the form of misery! I have found an emotional outlet in writing and words permit me to transform pain into pleasure; I like to describe it as a way of filling my heart with treasure! I am providing a platform for my thoughts so that they can sing their hearts out. Some songs I will want to hear again, may even be music to my ears, and others will be like the worst karaoke singers ever and activate my fears. However, without hearing their lyrics I will never know my true self and will spend my whole life pretending to be somebody else. I, like many others, am a master when it comes to wearing my masks of disguise, but this just creates a life of lies. Facing reality is not easy, but not facing it is harder and keeps us locked into the chain of pain!

Joining a blogger’s meet up group is a big breakthrough and the first step in transforming Potty Poet from fantasy to reality. I feel energised being in a group of people that all have a vision for their blogs, and although the genres are differing, we are all united in that we want to create a platform for our work. I am not sure the word ‘work’ is applicable to me as such, as I don’t have expectations of making money from my blog, although I do have a job to do, and that is to provide a soothing sanctuary for those that are suffering. My ambition is not to be enriched financially, but internally, and I hope that others struggling can seek some solace in the language I speak.

I have realised that blogs are really a big business nowadays and people use them for professional development, for me, I see it as personal pleasure, although the two go hand in hand. Our first task today was to create a timeline for our blog stating what we would have hoped to have achieved in one month, six months, one year, five years, etc. One lady expressed that in a year she would like to have accrued five million viewers, wow, my jaw dropped, I would be happy with five! Even receiving feedback from one person, although admittedly might be a little underwhelming, would still mean that I have accomplished my goal of reaching out to others! Of course, the more the merrier though, as it means maybe, and I mean just maybe, I am managing to spread some magic!

I find it hard to write about my visions for my blog without feeling as though I am sounding like a wannabe ‘Good Samaritan’, which is not my intention. It is simply that after years having been stuck in a cocoon of confusion, I am finally starting to find some clarity. I have been so busy being a disciple to the destructive voices within that I have programmed myself to believe I am ‘defective’ and ‘there is no hope for me’, but I am not defective, like everyone else in this world, I am just different! It is easy to hate ourselves, but hard to love ourselves. In the words of a true diva: ‘Learning to love ourselves, is the greatest love of all.’ (Whitney Houston).

We can spend our lives suffocating in the sandpit, or we can be big, brave and bold and face the world. It may be that we hate what we see, but without facing it, we will never realise our true beauty. It is easy to become defeatist as the task feels insurmountable, but it does not have to be rushed; it can be done slowly with kindness and compassion. Through tender nourishment we can appreciate our true nature and learn to cultivate our hearts of harmony!

Suffering is an inevitable part of life, some people will suffer far more than others, in ways that are incomprehensible, but one common ground we all share in this life is that we will all suffer! We don’t have to resign ourselves to a fate we resent though; we can learn to turn tears of pain into golden rain. I appreciate to those in the depths of despair, the prospect of seeing light at the end of the tunnel feels impossible. I can only speak from personal experience when I say ‘it is not’, but unfortunately I am unable to prescribe you a magic potion, because your uniqueness deserves a special sort of sweetness!

I hope Potty Poet shines some light into your lives and dazzles like a diamond in the dark sky! For me, it is a Lantern of Love!

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