Today is the first day …

The journey begins (Source:

Welcome! Today marks the first day that I have ever been interested in writing blogs.

The goal of this publication is to share and discuss about deep learning. Currently, there are a few things that I want to write about:

  • Classification with Tensorflow Slim. We will start by fine-tuning a pre-trained model on a new dataset.
  • Deep Captcha: We will create a simple network from scratch to perform recognizing the CAPTCHA.
  • Object Detection: We will explore some state-of-the-art network architectures such as YOLO, SSD, Faster RCNN and we will try to make a simple network to perform object detection from scratch.
  • Text Detection: We will use our knowledge from the above Object Detection to detect the object and use the model from Deep Captcha to recognize car license plate numbers.

Please let me know if you want something by commenting in this post or emailing me at . Also, please include any feedback that could help me to bring more value to the community.

Besides, if you want to write in the publication, feel free to contact me via email so we can discuss more.

Many thanks,

Quan Hua.