10 Tips on Earning Your First $100 on Medium

Mayank Pamnani
Sep 14 · 4 min read

Earning your first $100 on Medium is easier than it seems if you follow the right tips to move ahead.

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There are many reasons people don’t understand the Medium Platform.

The simplest reason is the lack of authentic information on how to move ahead in this platform.

So here I will provide you with some of the tips which if you follow then you can cross that $100 mark in your first-month blogging.

1. Use High-Quality Content with Proper Formatting

Subscribers subscribe to any content writer primarily because the content they are reading provides tremendous value to them.

So the first question you should ask yourself — Am I providing value to the readers?

If the answer is no, then work on another idea or content.

Also in this competitive environment, you need to provide an elegant look and feel to the audience to provide better readability. Hence, the audience keeps coming back for more.

2. Content, Content, and More Content

Along with the quality of Content, quantity also matters.

If you only write 2–3 content a month, then your chances of getting noticed are very mild.

You need to publish at least 3–5 quality content per week and stay consistent on the course.

My best bet is to write one article every day. This keeps you on this rampage of the daily routine and you might stay away from procrastinating a lot.

So hustle and grind, and you will become an expert in very little time.

Once the quality of your content is very high, then it is very difficult to ignore your work by Medium Curators. Medium grows a platform when we grow.

3. Publish Your Stories in Publications

Once you have started writing quality content, then you can start publishing your stories in medium to large publications.

Because Publications already have the follower base, you can take this advantage to grow your initial followings.

If your story gets approved by a medium or large publication, then your journey becomes easy. But the only way to make it happen is to write quality content.

4. Get Your Stories Curated

Getting your stories curated means Medium starts featuring and promoting your stories in the Platform.

So if you are in Medium Partner Program and you publish stories, then a Medium Curator will review your stories against their standards and gets your story curated.

To get your stories curated, you need to publish quality content that provides a great value to the readers. And also proper formatting plays a very vital role in this as well.

5. Connect with Other Medium Writers

If you are serious about earning at Medium Platform then you need to connect with other Medium Writers and learn from them.

The greatest key to getting success in Medium is to learn from the Top Earners.

The more you learn the successful writers the faster you will grow.

There are many Medium Writers who are teaching on youtube on how to grown on Medium. You can learn from them too.

6. Consistency is the Key

Most of the Writers on Medium, just as 90% of people in the world are not consistent in writing content.

If you want to become a success in Medium, then you need to write content consistently. There is no exception here.

Setting up the right expectation is very important here because if you know what to expect for then you will be less fearful and more oriented towards your work.

7. Take Content Writing as a Business

If you treat writing on medium as a business then your chances of getting success here improve drastically. As we naturally focus on the quality of the product and remain consistent with it. This is human nature.

But if you treat this as a job, then you are more focused on getting the job done and get your time passed. If that’s the case, you are not going to become successful here for a long time.

8. Connect with the Audience

People come to the medium for genuine and authentic content. And the best way to show authenticity is to have a connection with the audience.

The best way to connect with the audience is to show a pinch of your personality in your content you are writing.

Providing value to the audience is equally important to succeed in the Medium Platform as a Writer.

9. Be Active on Social Media Platforms

Being active on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, and Twitter is very important to get the initial traffic.

While growing on Medium, you should grow on other platforms as well. This will emerge you as a brand in your Niche. And hence will help you build your following very fast.

10. Love What You Do

The journey seems very easy if you love what to do. Hence, choose topics that you love and at the same time are valuable to the audience.

You can easily generate love in what you do by having only one focus in mind i.e. to succeed in writing content and make it a full-time career because it gives you freedom of time, money, location.

Also, you can spend more time with your family with this.

When you have the “Why and How” clear in your mind, then you will start loving this as you can write about what you love to write here.

Final Conclusion:

It’s all about midset, there are many writers on a medium who are earning more than $10,000, and also there are many writers on Medium who are earning below $10.

It’s more about mindset and if you are willing to do what is necessary to succeed in this platform.

So, stay consistent, publish quality content, connect with other medium writers and get your stories curated.

If you can do this, then you are going to become successful in very little time.

Mayank Pamnani

Written by

Mindset Coach | Entrepreneur | Passionate Writer | Fitness Enthusiast | Lifelong Learner | Tedx Speaker |

Bloggers and Writers

Bloggers and Writers is a community of professional writers that helps you grow in writing career

Mayank Pamnani

Written by

Mindset Coach | Entrepreneur | Passionate Writer | Fitness Enthusiast | Lifelong Learner | Tedx Speaker |

Bloggers and Writers

Bloggers and Writers is a community of professional writers that helps you grow in writing career

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