Medium Bullet Points, Numbered Lists, and Custom Lists

How to add bulleted, numbered, and custom lists to a Medium story

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Creating Lists on Medium

Medium has two types of auto-formatting lists: bulleted lists and numbered lists.

Bulleted List— To begin a bulleted list, go to a new line, type in a dash (-) or asterisk (*), and press Space. Next, you start typing your first item. Once you hit Enter on your keyboard, the list will be reformatted for you automatically:

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Medium Bullet Points

Numbered List — To begin a numbered list, go to a new line, type in 1. (numeral one, period), and press the space bar on your keyboard. The list will automatically add subsequent numbers when you hit Enter on the keyboard.

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Medium Numbered List

Custom Lists — While not a built in function in Medium's toolbar editor, creating your own custom list can be a great way to add originality or style to a list, or a way to organize content in greater detail.

Some examples:

List A:

★ Point 1

★ Point 2

★ Point 3

List B

▹ Point 1

▹ Point 2

▹ Point 3

List C

✓ Point 1

✓ Point 2

✓ Point 3

Additional Notes About Medium Lists:

  • Numbered lists cannot be continued if you try to insert an image in the middle of them. Alternatively, you can create numbered lists without using Medium’s formatting (so that you can include images, for example) by excluding the space from after the period.


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